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Gary Compton's the Fourth Reich...

The Return of the SS

The Return of the SS, a novel by Gary Compton, is the first book in the trilogy "the Fourth Reich."

After faking his own suicide in 1945, Adolph Hitler escapes to Argentina on a U-Boat, thought lost, off the  Moroccan coast.

Hitler, and his generals scheme for their return.  Using billions of Reich marks stolen from the German people, they lay down their plans to re-establish the Fourth Reich.

While they make their plans, Mossad follow the Fuhrer's trail.

It takes ten years to find him. They want to bring him to justice. Churchill gets a briefing and wants to get involved so a joint mission with the British and the Israelis is planned and executed.

Hitler's bodyguard, the Schutzstaffell, defend the Fuhrer. The Waffen SS fought with a feracity that would make their forefathers proud. All the British and Israeli agents were killed.

Unfortunately, a stray bullet kills Hitler.

The Pope and his Cardinals worry that his grave will  become a Mecca for Neo-Nazis. The Fuhrer's remains are  stolen and incarcerated in catacombs below Vatican City.

For over 50 years, Hitler' soul remained trapped until his occultist scholars from the Thule Society found a way to release him. The Fuhrer' communicates from beyond the grave to shape its future.

Armageddon is released  from an abandoned base in Antarctica where the next generation is nurtured; thousands of pure Aryans are trained with the dedication and drive that had served them so well during World War 11.

The Fourth Reich - a 21st century reality...

Read the Prologue and First Chapter...

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Heinrich Himmler

Coming soon, a terrible insight into the mind of Himmler, who was probably the most ruthless Nazi


Herman Goering

Goering, a man who lived the high life and loved beautiful art. So much so he tried to steal


Adolph Eichmann

Mossad got Eichmann in the end but why didn't they capture more of the elite Nazis?



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