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He seemed determined to ruin her holidayStorm desperately needed a break from her high-pressure singing career. She sought refuge on the primitive Indonesian island where her engineer brother worked.As an escape, it proved decidedly disconcerting. For the island spelled trouble--political unrest, her sister-in-law's illness and the taunting presence of Luke Ballinger.StormHe seemed determined to ruin her holidayStorm desperately needed a break from her high-pressure singing career. She sought refuge on the primitive Indonesian island where her engineer brother worked.As an escape, it proved decidedly disconcerting. For the island spelled trouble--political unrest, her sister-in-law's illness and the taunting presence of Luke Ballinger.Storm detested Luke--the arrogant owner of the construction company her brother worked for--and yet she found his touch unnerving. And his apparent affair with a beautiful local girl filled her with dismay....

Title : Satan's Island
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ISBN : 9780373111657
Format Type : Paperback
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Satan's Island Reviews

  • boogenhagen
    2019-03-24 08:50

    Re Satan's Island - SW brings us jungle adventure when an imperious pop music princess takes a holiday on a remote Indonesian island and runs into a man who is just a tad more imperious and demanding than she is.The book opens with the h doing her very best Demanding Diva impersonation. She has been lurking around at some no name tiny airfield for hours, waiting for the pilot who is supposed to ferry her to the remote island where her brother is the site manager for a dam construction project. The brother and his newly pregger wife have been on the island for a while and it has been a long time since the h has had space from her very busy and demanding singing career to see them. The h is very nervy and really close to collapse. Her manager has been pressuring her for a more intimate relationship and wants to marry her, but she isn't that into him. The h needs a total break from work and her demanding fans and is using the brother's remote location as a reason for a low tech/low people holiday. When the pilot finally shows up, the h is at the end of her rope and needless to say the initial exchanges don't go well. This h can witch with the best of them and she makes Cruella DeVille look like an angel in comparison. Not to worry tho, the H is more than arrogant and demanding himself to keep pace with her. They get to the island and the h reunites with her brother, only to find out that the pilot isn't any old pilot, he is the owner of dam building company and the brother's boss. The h only says no wonder he was so arrogant and mean and gets herself settled in.Except she is really on edge and has to resort to sleeping pills to sleep. She has vivid nightmares and anxiety and things aren't helped when the H shows up for dinner the next evening and then her brother throws a cocktail party for the ex pat men building the dam right after. The air is really fetid and smokey and the men are demanding the h sing, she really isn't feeling well and the demands of the crowd are starting to really get to her. She angrily refuses to sing and storms off into the night. The H follows her and they verbally exchange some barbs. Then the roofie kisses start.The h and H part after a few more insults and the h explains that she is ill to her sister in law and apologizes for her refusal to sing. The sister in law is very understanding, and then confides that she is pretty ill and depressed herself. The h quickly discerns that the SIL is in very bad state, she is close to 30, it is her first pregnancy and the island doctor doesn't seem to be very competent. Yet the SIL doesn't want to leave cause it would mean that the h's brother has to leave too, and the dam is really close to completion. If the brother leaves now, the H would be in a bind in his dam project and that might harm the brother's career. Which the SIL is hesitant to jeopardize, the brother really loves his job, but she is also scared she is going to lose their child. The h devises a plan to get the SIL into an Australian hospital for a rest and recoup. Australia is only a couple of hours away by plane and the brother could visit on his days off. The h decides she will convince the H to talk the brother into the plan and let him think it was an order from his boss. The SIL is very relieved to get some assistance and the h is off to see the H. They fight some more when she finds him, but ultimately he agrees to get the SIL into a nursing home for respite, if the h will leave the island with her. Since this vacation is anything but restful and there rumors of riots and violence among the islanders, the h is happy to agree. The SIL and brother make it off the island, but the big plane is broken and there is no room for the h in the other. The h makes the brother promise to send a plane straight away to pick her up when he gets into Australia and settles into wait. Then the islanders revolt. The H and h escape, but the h has no clue about emergency island fleeing and is carrying a lot of unnecessary stuff. The H grumbles about the h and then the car breaks down. They have to hoof it through the jungle and rebels are everywhere. They get captured and the h is smacked in the face after the H is tied up. The group that captures them gets drunk and they are looking at the h like she is a juicy bone.The H got shot in the arm earlier and he isn't looking good. The h sings a bunch of songs and plays her guitar until the drunken rebels pass out. One is still awake and the H manages to get himself untied. He fights with the rebel, but the rebel is going for the guns when the h knocks him out with her precious first guitar she won't abandon for anything. The h and H make it away from the tied up rebels and trek thro the jungle some more.The inevitable jungle pool big lurve mojo scene is up next - after the h has to rescue the H from a very foul and polluted mud bog and loses her precious first guitar. They eventually make it to a doctor and some civilization. The H is very ill and his arm where he was shot is badly infected from being drenched in the polluted mud. The h sits by his side while he is ill and declares her very true love. She thinks they are going to marry and the H will follow her around in her career. The H rejects that idear with a big resounding Not even at the Heat Death of the Universe, real men earn the money and the ladies stay at home and do home engineering things. Then he tells the h she was a good fling and if he is ever in the mood for tart when he gets back to England, he will look her up. The h is hurt, heartbroken and really, really angry.She goes back to her life and her career is on the rise again. But she is lonely and sad and has some big mopey moments. Her manager is pushing for marriage and she is ready to quit the whole caboodle. Her brother's baby is born and the h is invited to be the baby's godmother. At the christening, the H is the other godparent and he corners the h to tell her that he thought he was going to lose his arm. The island doctor did not think he could save it and since the h wanted him to give up his career for hers, he couldn't handle being a kept man and an amputee to boot. So he blew her off with the tart comments. The H adds that he got to a specialty hospital in Australia and they saved his arm, he loves her too sorta, so she can chuck her career and go worship at his feet. The h gets her own ranty moment and totally tells him off and to go jump. She walks away. Then she has big concert for the English Royals, she decides that she is done with Pop showbiz and arranges to get the H into the auditorium where she will sing. She dedicates her last public song to the H and announces her retirement in favor of marriage and motherhood for the HEA.This one was very fast and both the H and h were a bit demanding and cranky. They were very well matched. I am not sure if this was an HEA or a HFN, there is no H response to her Grand Gesture, but there was not a lot romance between them with all the riots and jungle adventuring so I think they kinda each got what they deserved in each other. This one wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either and the h berating the H for casting her aside without explaining the arm situation was pretty well done. Don't seek this one out unless you are a die hard SW fan, but don't be afraid to read it either if you stumble across it in your HPlandia ventures either.

  • Diana
    2019-03-25 08:46

    My only complaint on this one is that the photo on the front does not fit the description of the guy in the book. He should be much broader. Otherwise, an exciting story with a lot of turns but the sadistic side of me wishes it kind of would have ended differently, I won't say how because it would be a spoiler.

  • Jenny
    2019-04-03 11:52

    Heroine was a hateful conceited snob and a bitch so I couldn't enjoy this book. Plus it wasn't even a romance. Read it if u like action and adventure.