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Outspoken and independent, Lady Alexa Bingham enjoys the heady freedom of making all her own decisions, even though the challenges of overseeing her family's country estate are daunting. But when a chance encounter with London's most notorious rake awakens a secret longing for adventure, she accepts her aunt's invitation for a Season in Town . . . only to find that breakinOutspoken and independent, Lady Alexa Bingham enjoys the heady freedom of making all her own decisions, even though the challenges of overseeing her family's country estate are daunting. But when a chance encounter with London's most notorious rake awakens a secret longing for adventure, she accepts her aunt's invitation for a Season in Town . . . only to find that breaking the rules of the ton has serious consequences.The Earl of Killingworth uses his rakehell reputation to hide the fact that poverty has forced him to work for a living. As the owner of a gambling den and brothel, Connor has no time for glittering ballrooms or innocent young ladies. But after a reckless wager leaves him with a new business partner, he is forced to take a risky gamble . . . Will the cards fall in their favor? Alexa and Connor begin to play a dangerous game of intrigue and deception as they seek to outwit a cunning adversary who wants to put them permanently out of business. But if they are not careful, it is the flames of their own fiery attraction that may destroy them....

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Too Wicked to Wed Reviews

  • Juliana Philippa
    2019-04-25 04:33

    3.5 stars | C+This is the beginning of Cara Elliott’s new trilogy Lords of Midnight and one of the best things about this book was undoubtedly the aforementioned Lords. I loved the interactions between Connor, Cameron, and Gryff. They each have distinct personalities, which is sometimes a pitfall in these types of historical romance series. I’m most looking forward to Cameron’s story; he’s a mysterious chameleon and I’m very curious as to what his story is.Lady Alexa is an independent and unusual heroine—who actually was independent and unusual. She is very likeable and has the perfect balance of spitfire and common sense. For many years she was responsible for running the family estate and is much more comfortable in the countryside than in a London ballroom. In various different situations, we see both Alexa’s strength of character and her vulnerability and as I mentioned, she was very consistently written. Some might find her insecurities annoying, but they are all expressed internally, so we’re the only ones who know them; on the outside she remains calm and composed.I did have some problems with Connor. As a character, he definitely had his moments and there were a lot of times when I really liked him. I’m a fan of the working HR hero, which includes down-on-their-luck lords who have to come up with creative ways to support their family. My main issue was that while Alexa actually was as she was supposed to be, Elliott did not achieve the same authenticity with Connor. He is nicknamed Wolfhound and is supposed to be this grumpy and forbidding man, whom everyone is a little wary of. There were times when that description fit him to a “T”, but it was not done consistently. The “Wolf” thing is mentioned all the time, and while I was expecting someone like The Raven Prince’s Edward de Raaf or If You Deceive’s Ethan MacCarrick, we’re instead given a milquetoast version.The dynamic between Alexa and Connor was great and I really enjoyed their exchanges. The chemistry between them was well done, though I didn’t like the first love scene and found it far too corny. I love when standard romance setups are turned around, and that’s the case with Too Wicked to Wed, in which Alexa emerges as the pursuer and Connor the one being pursued. She puts herself out there several times, while Connor can’t seem to decide whether he wants to pull her in or push her away. Despite several situations that could have been turned into Big Misunderstandings, Elliott thankfully avoids those opportunities. Because of how the plot unfolds, Alexa and Connor end up having a lot of one-on-one time together, which I liked; unless characters know one another before the book starts, that is almost always necessary in order for me to believe there is a connection beyond lust.I enjoyed their developing respect and affection for one another, but it was overshadowed a little by the two major obstacles Elliott puts in their way. The interpersonal obstacle felt very contrived and I was never quite clear on why Connor objects the idea of marriage for so long. There are allusions to the standard hero-has-been-alone-and-was-hurt-and-can’t-trust-anyone, as well as he-wants-to-be-with-her-but-he’s-not-right-for-her-and-for-her-own-good-he-will-leave-her-alone, but nothing was fully fleshed out. That last one always drives me crazy, because it is so condescending to the heroine. The mystery plot obstacle was unbelievably ridiculous. The subplot of someone targeting Connor started off well, but the mystery of who is doing it and why did not make any sense and it ended up feeling like something of a farce.The book was an enjoyable read and despite my criticisms, I did find it hard to put down. Nonetheless, certain aspects could have benefitted from a little more tightening and refining, and were too bothersome to ignore. I like Elliott’s writing style and I always find her characters to have that little something different that keeps them interesting, which is much appreciated by a reader who has read hundreds of historical romances. I look forward to the other two books in the Lords of Midnight trilogy—Cameron’s in particular—and hope they don’t repeat Too Wicked to Wed’s mistakes.One of My Favorite Quotes:Honor be damned. At that moment, he was sorely tempted to follow her out of bed and do just that. Instead, he contented himself with a crooked grin.“You are tantalizingly lovely.”“You are dangerously delirious.”“Then perhaps you ought to come back to bed and minister to my dying needs.”Recommendations:If you like these character types and/or plot setup, you might like …Devil in Winter by Lisa KleypasDreaming of You by Lisa KleypasAnd Then He Kissed Her by Laura Lee GuhrkeDangerous by Amanda QuickA Notorious Love by Sabrina JeffriesOriginally reviewed for Fiction Vixen Book Reviews. This review is of an ARC provided by the author/publisher to FVBR.

  • Ruth
    2019-05-09 07:48

    I really rather enjoyed this opener of a new series, provided by netgalley. It has some nice touches which are unusual, and I liked the writing. Towards the end, the story began to fray a little, and it fell too easily into a more standard plot development, so I marked it down. The second half didn't live up to the first half, in my opinion.What I liked:- The heroine. OK, so maybe she isn't the most authentic heroine for the period, but I still loved her. She says the wrong thing, is far too curious for her own good, but isn't remotely dippy, is a wonderfully balanced individual and highly efficient and capable. I really liked this. Some women did run country estates for a variety of reasons (their husband died and they managed it for their sons, or they owned it in their own right, or they were just very good at it), and this book convincingly goes to the heart of the consensus that all Regencies seem to have that all women were useless. It really is a case of country v. town, and I loved that.- The hero. I do have a pathetic weakness for gruff, anti-social and generally unpleasant heroes in my romances, and this one fits that bill, but with a wonderful twist. I also like that he stays grumpy. He doesn't change into a kitten after he falls in lurve with the heroine - nope, he's still a grumpy old git. I also like that he has grey hair. Not sure why I like that, but I do.- The background. OK, I love, love, love that the hero owns a brothel. Sex was one of the biggest, if not THE biggest industry in England in this period of history. Check out The Secret History of Georgian London: How the Wages of Sin Shaped the Capital if you don't believe me. It was not considered particularly immoral until the Victorian era (and even then it wasn't really considered immoral by most people). I like that this book takes this fact and doesn't pass judgement on it. I was ambivalent about the hero being a "good" pimp - it wasn't necessary really.Things I wasn't so keen on:- As I said, the plot kinda fizzled out in the second half, after what was an excellent first half.- I didn't like the way the heroine was caught out by the baddie. I'm sorry, but I can't believe someone as reasonable as she would do something that stupid.- The hero deserved a bit of a pummeling at a couple of points in the books, and I was rather disappointed the heroine didn't deliver them. I have absolutely no doubt that she would have managed it.So, 3.5 stars, but I pushed it up to 4 because I loved the setting, and am really intrigued by what happens to the other naughty "lords".

  • Lindsay
    2019-05-15 03:27

    3.5 stars

  • Christine Seybolt
    2019-04-26 00:22

    There are books that come into you lives that as a reader you just want to be selfish and not share but in the end you have to be a good reviewer and give the masses what they demand. TOO WICKED TO WED by award-winning Regency romance author Cara Elliot is one of the most fascinatingly wicked read that will keep readers glued to their comfy couch as they devour each decadent word. Readers will be flipping the pages furiously to see what happens to Elliott’s fabulous Lords of Midnight. Get ready to indulge your senses with an exciting plot sustained by her unique characters sculpted to perfection by an author who indelible leaves readers with wanting more.Having had free reign to run her family’s estate Lady Alexa Hendrie is no meek little country mouse. Fiercely independent and out spoken Alexa arrives in London in search of her reckless brother, a chance encounter with one of London’s wickedest rakes sends Alexa on an adventure she has always longed for.Connor Linsley, the Earl of Killingworth has many secrets and uses his rakehell reputation to stay off marriage-minded-mammas of the ton and avoid young intoxicating innocent ladies. Yet even at his worse it does not dissuade Lady Alexa in her pursuit. From the moment their lips press against the others the fate is sealed.Thrown into the shadowy world of intrigue Connor and Alexa are consumed by an unquenchable passion, succumbing to passion wild beyond their imaginings. They will risk all they hold dear for a chance at love. But can they escape the imperilment that his biting at their feet or wick the blazing attraction will be their undoing. TOO WICKED TO WED is the first in Regency historical romance author Cara Elliot’s first installment in her brand spanking’ new series, Lords of Midnight. There are those books that resonate long after it is placed on the bed side table. TOO WICKED TO WED is one of those books with its fascinating prose of a destitute Earl owning and working one of London’s most lucrative gaming hells and brothel. Connor Linsley, the Earl of Killingworth is perfection personified. He is an alpha male to the tenth power and then some. He is rugged. He is handsome. And this Earl has charm that could scan the globe three times around. Quintessential, Connor Linsley…’is the man’. Linsley was one major draw to read this book with his seductively wicked wit Connors voice is so potent that it jumps of the page gripping readers by the toes. There will be no hollering to be let go. As a reader I enjoyed the give and take between Connor and Alexa and knew she was definitely the girl for Connor.Lady Alexa Herdie might be country bred but do not think this minx does not give as well as she gets. On the hunt for her rakehell brother Alexa comes in contact with Connor Linsley. The sparks between the two were instantaneously. Alexa is spunky and full of adventure. She will have readers smiling as they follow along and invest the time in her antics. From dressing as a man about town to enter a gambling hall, to black mailing Connor into helping her find her rakehell brother to befriending the people of Devonshire and helping Connor believe that he is much more than what he believes he is.This new series is a spin off of Elliott’s stunning Circle of Sin series. I knew I would become captivated by her Lords of Midnight just as I had been of all of her characters. Elliott writes with such precision that her characters feel like living breathing people with all of the emotional struggles and hurts that are expressed so classically and draws readers in. If there was one character that stood out it would be Gryffn (Gryff) Owain Dwight, The Marquess of Haddan, which causes most of the stress for Connor, who happens to also be Connors best friend. Gryff story is on its way in TOO TEMPTED TO KISS and cannot wait to get my hands. Okay, one reason I became a reviewer is because it gives me a chance to shout out loud about how fabulous I find books. That said, TOO WICKED TO WED is a must read. Readers need to run as fast as your feet can take them to their nearest book store and grab this book off the shelves. There are so many complimentary elements that as a reviewer I could spend the day writing about. My favorite element or part takes place after Connor is wounded and the two go into hiding while Connor heels. They settle in on Connor’s run-down country estate in Devonshire so that they can let the Lord heal and put their heads together about whom or who would like to see Lord Killingworth ruined. This particular setting is pivotal in the making of this couple. Here they learn so much about one another and about their own strengths and weaknesses. The most adorable element of TOO WICKED TO WED is while Lady Alexa is out for a walk she thinks she hears bleating from behind a tree. Low and behold, a young brother and sister walk out from behind the tree with their dirty faces with a coat clearing up the rear. Readers will actually see the sparkle and twinkle in her inquisitive eyes. Elliott has a way of creating an emotional stir with few words that are in the perfect place.I am a full fledge hard core fan of historical romance so it will come as no surprise that I am singing Elliott’s praises. The fact that the author transports me to a world I will never know, leaving me to participate with characters who are supremely crafted that it allows me to be an intermittent part of the story is one read I will come back to time and again.Yes, Conner and Alexa are pure fiction but the truth of their story will ring true with readers. Connor Linsley perfect portrayal of the English elite going working class was the main reason as a reviewer I picked up this book. I adore the element that Connor now has to work for his supper. In the end Earl Killingworth comes to appreciate the memories of his past and of the new ones he is making with Alexa. Connor had a lot to work on, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. Following Connor and Alex was one of the best times I have had as a reviewer in a long time. I adored unraveling all the twist and turns in this relationship that by the end I felt I had struggled and loved right along with them.TOO WICKED TO WED is one of those wicked pleasures that has characters that charms your socks off with creative witty dialogue; a plush plot and lush and scintillating love scenes that will ignite the spark in even the hardest of hearts that will convert the non-romance reader into a full fledge romance aficionado.

  • Cecilia
    2019-04-30 06:33

    Many ladies dream of receiving their first kiss – stolen in a moonlit garden, seduced during a waltz, somewhere definitely romantic. The least romantic would be inside a notorious brothel, yet that is exactly where Lady Alexa gives up her first kiss to the Wolfhound in exchange for the whereabouts of her brother. A harmless bargain really that should not have mattered one bit to the Wolfhound, but little did Connor Linsley know that the kiss would bind him to this unconventional lady. Which is most unfortunate since someone seems to be on the hunt to destroying all that Connor holds dear – and an ill-timed melting of his heart does not bode well for survival for both him and Alexa.Too Wicked To Wed seemed very promising in the beginning. Alexa had so much potential – country-bred, outspoken, determined, and altogether curious about things no genteel lady should ever think about – and I wanted to like her. I do like her, but I just didn’t love her to bits and pieces. I typically gauge a romance by how well I can feel the steam rising from the pages, especially during the out-of-bed moments. I look forward to the chase, the denials, the fights, the heartbreaks, the declaration of love. Alexa and Connor may have had those moments, but I found myself not invested in their relationship. Even when they nearly died at the end! Others may find that magical spark hidden within these pages, but for me, Too Wicked To Wed did not give me a decent cup of tea.

  • Jess the Romanceaholic
    2019-04-23 07:33

    This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Release Date: November 1, 2011Publisher: Grand Central PublishingImprint: ForeverAuthor’s Website: Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: Lords of Midnight, Book 1Series Best Read In Order: N/ASteam Level: SteamyLady Alexa Bingham is tired of the double standard that holds women to a different standard than men. While publicly bowing to society’s dictates, she secretly enjoys scandalous behaviors such as brazenly entering a brothel in search of her brother, and of dressing like a man to indulge in a night of gambling.When one such evening results in her winning half of the ownership of a notorious brothel, she does not immediately just turn the deed back over from the man who rightfully lost it to her, simply because had she truly been a man, no one would have dared suggest that she should do so.Now she finds herself paired with the ruthless Earl of Killingworth, a man whose reputation as a rake matches his behavior towards Alexa. Determined to prove that she can bring value to the business, using her experience in running her family estates to improve the finances of the brothel she now owns an interest in, Alexa doesn’t realize that she’s also placing herself in grave danger.An unknown enemy of Connor’s is determined to ruin him, and has begun to resort to violence as well as theft. When the Earl is injured, Alexa must take initiative that sparks off a series of events that lead to much more than her potential ruination in the eyes of society — her life and her heart are both in danger.This is my first Cara Elliott novel. I was lucky enough to snag this book off of Netgalley on a whim, and I’m incredibly glad that I did.Alexa was wonderful — an unapologetic bluestocking, she nonetheless decided to partake of a Season in London despite the fact that she knew she was too plain and sensible to ever blend in with the brainless debutantes of the marriage mart.I loved that Connor was against a typical loveless society marriage, and instead had actually lowered himself to trade, albeit secretly. Despite his own wicked ways (which of course we learned were not quite as wicked as rumor would have you believe), he quickly became a favorite hero of mine.Overall, this was a very enjoyable read. Connor’s reluctance to admit he was falling for Alexa, and Alexa’s strong beliefs that no one would be attracted to her due to her inexperience, unconventional looks, bad behavior, and tendency to flaunt societal conventions all made them both characters that were easy for me to fall in love with.Recommended for fans of hoyden heroines whose tenacity more than makes up for their recklessness, for jaded yet secretly honorable heroes whose bad reputation is greatly exaggerated, and of discovering that even marriages brought about by a desire to avoid scandal can result in a deep and abidingly love.4.5/5 Stars.

  • Alycia
    2019-05-22 00:39

    Alexa Hendrie came to London for a season, more at home in the country learning and keeping the family estate running, she feels out of place in glittering ballrooms even though she conducts herself well. I always love a good strong heroine who isn't annoying, and Alexa is such. She may be a little head strong in her decisions like entering a brothel and gaming hell to find her brother. Where she meets our future hero, Connor Linsley. An earl, a rake, and the secret owner behind The Wolf's Lair. Nicknamed the Wolfhound, Connor is all bark and some bite. He doesn't care for his world being turned upside down by Alexa and a mystery villain who targets his business, himself, and eventually Alexa.When Connor becomes wounded and saved by Alexa they head to his family's estate. A place that holds much sadness from his childhood, his past has shaped his distance and aloofness with relationships. I liked Connor too, he was a strong character who could hold his own as an ex-soldier and businessman. Being thrown together in a situation that forces the two to pose at a married couple, ultimately ends up with a special marriage license. Alexa discovers passion with her new husband, and quickly falls in love. She wastes no time in setting his estate to rights and starts a profitable agricultural venture. Connor is more reluctant in his relationship with Alexa, but he comes around and realizes that he truly loves her. Just as he realizes he could have lost her forever.I loved the supporting characters,Gryff and especially Cameron. The three gentlemen make up the Hellhounds, an infamous group of rakes, but there is more there than meets the eye to each gentleman. These two also have hound nicknames. I was hoping Cameron's book would be next, but the ending of this book set up book two perfectly, Gryff's book. I would recommend reading this series in order. As the beginning of book two will pick up where book 1 left off.The villain is not what I had originally guessed, it was clever, but I felt a little cheated as the climatic mystery was rushed. I did however, like that the focus was on Connor and Alexa, the villain being a secondary story. Overall, I did enjoy this book and recommend it to other fans of historical romance.

  • Kati
    2019-05-11 02:23

    ***original review posted at Romancing Rakes***Holy carp! Lady Alexa Hendrie is my favorite heroine of the week. She's got fire running through her veins, isn't afraid to tell it like it is and can hold her own against the scariest (to most, except his nearest and dearest) rake in all of London, Connor Linsley, the Earl of Killingworth.Connor Linsley, typical man that he is, tends to push others away when they get close. He's guarded and protected his heart (sorry Casey from The Bachelor for stealing your catchphrase) for so long, he doesn't know how to let his barriers down until a hellion and a proper lady at that, storms into his gaming hell to find her brother.Their first kiss sparks something inside both of them. Of course, Connor was trying to teach her a lesson but he might have gotten schooled a little. Alexa doesn't understand her reaction to Connor's kiss and tries to push thoughts of him away.Connor gets robbed, not only at the gaming tables but all the money in the safe. He is short of funds so his friend Gryff loans him the money. In turn, Connor writes an note making Gryff half owner of The Wolf's Lair. And thus the adventure begins... Alexa goes out, dressed like a man, with her cousin, back to Connor's gaming hell. She's got a knack for cards and wins quite a bit of blunt. Gryff is playing at her table and totally soused. He wants to win back what he's lost and the only thing he's got left is the note. Alexa, with Lady Luck on her side, wins the hand. She's not part owner of The Wolf's Lair.Between Connor getting shot, Alexa insisting on taking him to Linsley Close to recover, pretending like they're newlyweds and trying to discover who wants to kill Connor, the sparks fly. Their chemistry is explosive, their passion sizzles off the pages and their banter is off the charts hilarious. Alexa isn't afraid to stand up to Connor who is absolutely taken aback by her fiery spirit. With the help of Gryff and Cam, Connor tracks down the person trying to kill him. Alexa tries not to fall in love with her faux husband yet in the end yields to her feelings. It takes Alexa being kidnapped for Connor to realize she's the one (pfft. Typical man!).FAVORITE QUOTE: "She was an inexperienced young lady and he was a world-weary rake. Despite his many faults, he had never preyed on innocents.And yet...Just how innocent could she be? She had dared to disguise herself as a man, she had dared gamble with rakish gamesters. What other rules had she flaunted? What other risks had she taken? He was still sure she hadn't much experience in being kissed. But that didn't necessarily mean she hadn't much experience with men." (***quote subject to change in finished copy***)OVERALL: To borrow a phrase from Connor, Ye God! What an excitingly fast paced start to a series. The Lords of Midnight (Connor, Gryff and Cam) are deliciously wicked, charming and play off each other like the Three Stooges (only a jillion times more good looking). From the moment Alexa storms into the gaming hell Connor owns, to Linsley Close in the country, back to the rumor filled ballrooms of London, there's a spark waiting to be ignited at every turn, at every touch, at every look and at every word exchanged between the two. Action, adventure, a shot in the dark, a passionate love story, betrayal and kissing (lots of kissing). I am looking forward to what Ms. Elliott has next in store for us aka Gryff's story.***review copy provided by Jihan Antoine at Hatchette Books***

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-04-25 03:24

    Quite some time ago I acquired this from the library, but at the time I hadn't time to read this, so when I saw it on the shelf once more I decided I needed to try it out, just to see if its as good as the reviews of this story I have read recently. This is the first time I have had a chance to read from this author, and I expected it to be a slow, hard to get into story....I do love it when I am proven wrong. From the first few pages, this story sinked its claws into me and wouldn't let go until the end.We begin with Alexa stepping into a gaming hell trying to rescue her brother from his foolishness but comes across a dangerous man called the "Irish Wolfhound", who is the Earl of Killingsworth, has built up this business on his own but keeps it a secret from the Ton, since they would eat him alive if they ever found out. Alexa and Connor share a sensual embrace with plenty of steamy kisses and *sigh* makes me want to swoon kind of moment. Then we jump to four months later, we see Connor playing in a card game and trying to prove that a fellow man he is playing cards with is cheating, but in the end loses the game (which is practically unheard of for Connor). Then later that night he finds someone has broken in his safe and stolen all of his money, now he is in trouble. He suspects that something foul is going on, and needs to investigate it. Alexa is in need of something more out of her dull life in London, and seeks it in a gaming hell dressed as a man. Where she ends up winning half of the gaming hell in card game, and is forced to deal with Connor and the wicked delights his gaze promises. She ends up by his side in a whirl of danger and suspense and sensual passion. There is such a primal and intense connection between these two from the first, and I loved seeing these two almost battle it out, and in the end---was perfect, and totally satisfied me, and didn't leave me hanging or was too fast paced, I felt like it was wrapped up pretty nicely.Connor is a very cynical man, dangerous at times, and hides who he truly is to everyone except for those closest to him. He is the type of hero who just want to melt at the sight of. The really sensual yet dangerous and exciting type, that gets the blood pumping. I felt energized when first seeing him on the pages. I couldn't help but just want to take him all in, he has the kind of personality that makes you want more of him. Now Alexa can be a endearing character for the most part. There wasn't any big issue I had with her as a character. I enjoyed seeing how see isn't afraid of Connor like most are. She is the fiery and passionate type of heroine, very independent and doesn't shy away from any danger. She can be bold at times, and I couldn't help but like that about her, even if at times a bit naive, but she was still a fun character that pushed Connor's buttons and I do love a heroine that brings the hero down a peg or two.Overall I found Too Wicked To Wed a steamy and an exhilarating romance, full of danger and intrigue that is balanced out perfectly with the charming love story that is set out. I do love the suspense element that was put in the story, and only captivated this reader. With plenty of steamy scenes, stimulating characters, and a plot to arouse your senses. Loved this fun tale that made me ache for more from this author, and can't wait to read Gryff's story.

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-05-07 08:49

    Lady Alexa finds the life of a proper lady of the ton both boring and constrictive. But she finds ways to bring a little excitement into her life. Like dressing up in a man's clothes for a poker game among gentlemen. It's there she wins half of Connor's brothel from his drunk friend. Alexa and Connor have met before... shared a couple of fiery kisses. And now with her winnings, she is thrust into his orbit in a way neither ever expected.Connor is having a string of bad luck. His brothel has been robbed --someone is targeting him and his business. Someone even takes a shot at him, and it's only because of Alexa's presence and quick thinking that he survives. The two escape to his country home for safety and it's there that their mutual attraction begins to grow into something more.Alexa is a great heroine. She is smart, capable, and she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Connor needs a little work in the hero department. He fights his feelings for Alexa tooth and nail --and even when it's clear that he's in love with her, he can't bring himself to admit it. But the two of them make a good match.Despite the fact that it took Connor a while to come around, I enjoyed the romance. I especially liked watching Alexa break down Connor's walls. The passion between the two of them was pretty good as well. There is plenty of action and mystery surrounding the plot against Connor and his business. (Though I think the villain reveal --and especially the motivation-- was pretty weak. It was probably the only part of the book I didn't like.) 4 stars. *ARC Provided by NetGalley

  • ɑƨħŵɑɡ ♥Team Magnus Damora FOREVER♥
    2019-05-21 00:37

    What I enjoyed mostly about Too Wicked to Wed is the romance..Connor and Alexa's relationship is how they contradict each other; Alexa is a very innocent country girl with a very unlady-like mouth. While The Earl of Killingworth Connor Linsley is an aloof and notorious man. And what I loved about this is how Alexa is no dummy except for the matters of the heart and that is what makes her the Earl's equal in intellect and wit. I loved their banter and it was easy to imagine the two of them together for a long time.As for the plot, I found that I wasn't completely into it as I'd liked but a few things were interesting.. one was when (view spoiler)[Alexa managed to wear men's clothing and go into a brothel and win half of Connor's Lair, which is his most valued asset (hide spoiler)]. Also, the whole pretend-marriage thing was fun. And those make-out scenes HOT!!The end, why does a woman in these novels have to be in danger for the guy to realize he loves her??!!!Favorite line:"I have taken a great many gambles in my life, but I would never risk losing you."overall, it was really fun but wasn't too interested in the story..

  • Rebecca
    2019-04-24 01:45

    You can also read this review at Reflections on Reading Romance Rating: 3.75 out of 5Ms. Elliott is an author I’ve never read before, and when I saw that Too Wicked To Wed was the first in a new series, I thought this would be the perfect time to check out her books. Although I had a few issues with some of the nicknames for the male characters (more on that later), I thought this was an engaging read with intriguing characters and steamy romance. Lady Alexa Hendrie[ii] has always managed her father’s estate, but now that her brother Sebastian is married, she will be relinquishing that job. She therefore decides to head to London and attempts to find a husband on the marriage mart, but her years of study and work on the estate have left her outspoken and intelligent, a dangerous combination in a lady competing with simpering misses. Her impetuous ways have gotten her into trouble before, most notably when she entered the notorious gaming hell and brothel, The Wolf’s Lair, to search for her brother. The owner of the Wolf’s Lair, Connor Linsley, Earl of Killingworth, kissed her silly, and she’s never been able to forget the experience. Connor Linsley, or the Irish Wolfhound as society likes to call him, is undergoing a run of bad luck. He’s forced to borrow money from his friend Gryffin Dwight to cover his losses at the tables. Unfortunately, during a night of heavy play at the card tables, Gryff writes an IOU on the back of the slip of paper granting him half ownership of the Wolf’s Lair. To compound his error, Gryff’s lost to none other than Lady Alexa, disguised as a Norwegian youth. Suddenly Connor Linsley and Lady Alexa find themselves co-owners of a disreputable gaming hell and the focus of a vicious attack. When the two escape to Linsley Close so Connor can recover from his wounds, they must find a way to fight their attraction to each other, for he is Too Wicked To Wed a young lady like Alexa.I always enjoy heroines who are intelligent and outspoken, and Lady Alexa is no exception. I like that she’s well-educated in spite of society’s strictures and has experience running an estate, which comes in handy when she arrives at the nearly abandoned Linsley Close. In fact, the time that the hero and heroine spend at Linsley Close is my favorite, because we witness Alexa winning over both Connor and his people. Alexa works hard to restore the manor, and I really enjoyed both her competent manner and upbeat personality.Connor Linsley is one of the grumpier heroes I’ve read in a while, in addition to being quite the hottie. Nothing says sexy like a bad-boy hero, and you don’t get much worse than a notorious rake who’s secretly running a brothel and a gaming hell. Of course, we learn later that he’s quite the “softie,” as he pays fair wages and protects the women who work for him, even going so far as to help them realize their dreams after they retire. But he can’t resist Alexa’s innocent passion, and frankly he doesn’t put up much of a fight. I only have two complaints about the novel, the first of which drove me batty while reading. When I read the prologue and several later comments made by Alexa concerning her brother, I was under the impression that they were characters from another book. Sebastian is well-known to the other male characters and apparently has a history with them, since Connor references a favor Sebastian grudgingly owes him. However, when I searched Ms. Elliott’s webpage, I couldn’t find any mention of Sebastian. It’s very possible that I was looking in the wrong place, but the way the action unfolds in the prologue led me to believe that I had started reading in the middle of the series, which is not the case. In fact, Too Wicked to Wed is the beginning of a new trilogy. My other issue with the novel has to do with the dog-related nicknames for the three male leads featured in the trilogy. Connor is the Irish Wolfhound, his friend Gryff is the Deerhound, and their mysterious friend Cameron is the Bloodhound. Frankly, all the dog references got old quickly. I was a little surprised that the trilogy is entitled Lords of Midnight, because I’m not sure how that title plays into their nicknames. It was a bit odd, and I’m not convinced that Gryff would be the Deerhound just because he runs after women. Cameron’s name, the Bloodhound, seems more appropriate, given his tendency to hunt down and acquire objects for himself and others. Still, it felt forced. However, the romance was steamy and the heroine spirited, and I really enjoyed their time in the middle of the novel at Linsley Close the most. Since I usually get bored around the halfway point, this was a huge selling point for me. And despite the canine nicknames, the secondary characters were really interesting, and I will without a doubt check out Gryff’s book when it releases. I received this book for review from the Publisher through NetGalley.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------[i] Just FYI, the mass market paperback version of this book was available last Tuesday, but for some reason the eBook version wasn’t available until today. I’m not sure why that is, because I haven’t seen that sort of delay in releasing an ebook in nearly a year. In fact, just a few weeks ago you could purchase the ebook of Elizabeth Hoyt’s Scandalous Desires a week earlier than the paperback, which also seems odd. Anyway, as of November 1 you should be able to purchase Cara Elliott’s Too Wicked To Wed in either paper or electronic form. [ii] In the synopsis on Amazon and Goodreads, she’s referred to as Lady Alexa Bingham, but the ARC and other reviews have called her Alexa Hendrie.

  • Mary Gramlich
    2019-05-14 05:36

    How close do I have to get to the fire before I am burned?Lady Alexa Hendrie is a country-bred woman that is destined she believes for spinsterhood. She may flirt with the idea of a season in London but the reality of trying to be a tame, controlled woman of society is not going to happen. Connor Linsley, the Earl of Killingworth affectionately known to his Hellhound friends as the Irish Wolfhound. He runs a brothel and gaming hall and is a menace to proper society. Connor wants to run his business, not have Alexa interfering with it but a determined woman can always overrun a snarly man.Alexa and Connor are connected through her brother but only remotely but enough to give Connor a headache over her requests. He has problems of his own with a mysterious someone trying to ruin his business at best and kill him as a bonus. But a tender kiss and sweet caress is going to be the undoing of Connor too great a temptation for Alexa. Connor has to keep his head in the game to avoid losing everything he cares about but when he starts to care about Alexa the stakes may be too high even for a man who loves to take a chance.A near fatal accident leads to time secluded for Alexa and Connor where they discover the strength they have together is more powerful than they could have ever imagined. It is more than facts, figures, or business forecasting that has Alexa it is about taking chances and rolling with the circumstances. But the lives of many are being threatened and the mysterious shadow lurking in the background trying to eliminate Connor and all he cares about is drawing closer. Connor may have enemies but not enough to create this situation so solving the problem quickly will put everything to right even his relationship with Alexa.Commitment may have been a problem for Connor in the past but now his decisions are going to be based on the future even if he is not sure where this will lead.Cara Elliott writes what every historical romance reader wants – romance with a side of intrigue. Her stories are so rich with character depth and filled with that hint of mystery that make it the perfect complement to every reader’s heart. I look forward to every Cara Elliott book because they are always fascinating and remind you of how timeless true love is.

  • KarenF
    2019-04-30 03:51

    This was a good historical romance with one annoying issue. I'm sucker for a good unusual heroine and the rake story and this one is no exception. I enjoyed both Connor and Alexa and liked watching their romance blossom. I loved Alexa and her struggle with trying to lead a more interesting life than was allowed to most ladies. In some ways she reminded me of Callie from Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake, which is a good thing in my book. Connor is pretty typical rake material but it doesn't take long to find his gooey center.My issue was with the conceit of the "hellhounds" and the nicknames and allusions to it throughout. Connor is referred to as the "Irish Wolfhound" and that part makes a bit of sense as he is Irish and has silvery hair. But, he is sometimes referred to as a wolf or as a predator. I'm not sure if something got switched but a Wolfhound and a wolf are very different. I know that Wolfhounds used to be fearsome creatures but the current breed are docile, sweet tempered lugs. So that was a little hard to reconcile, knowing an Irish Wolfhound who's most fearsome quality is that he may lean on you until your fall over. And the dog allusions continue throughout the book, pups, curs, flanks, paws, it's all there. And it's a shame because I felt like it would take me out of the story and detracted from what was otherwise a nice romance. Still, when Connor and Alexa were interacting most of this fell away and I was definitely enjoying their story. And since I'm also a sucker for a series I'll check out the next one as well.

  • Angelc
    2019-05-12 00:46

    I think this is the start of a great new historical romance series. I love the three "Lords of Midnight" that the author has introduced. All three characters are definitely different from your run of the mill historical romance rogue. Connor might have been a little grouchy for my tastes, but he meant well, I think, so he was okay. But I loved Gryff and Cameron, the other two Lords of Midnight. I think Cameron will be especially fun to read about in his own story.I also really liked the heroine, Alexa. She had a lot of spunk, and not in an annoying over-the-top way. I would have loved to have seen her traipsing around town with her cousin even more. They made a great pair, but after their infamous card game, he kind of disappeared.I liked all of the gambling references and I almost wanted to see some type of card-playing in the title or on the cover. It could have tied in well with the book.Overall, this is a great start to a new series and we get to meet a while cast of fun and exciting new characters.ARC sent by publisher in exchange for honest reviewreviewed for

  • Bree T
    2019-04-29 03:48

    Lady Alexa Bingham hasn’t been raised in quite the same way as other ladies of noble birth. She enjoys independence and plain-speaking. She has also seen to much of the family’s country estate and is practical and knowledgeable, having received an education that would be similar to the one a boy would. Needing to find the whereabouts of her brother, Lady Alexa ventures into a brothel and gaming house, owned by the notorious Earl of Killingworth, aka The Irish Wolfhound.An unreformed rake, the Wolfhound agrees to help her locate her brother in return for a kiss and Lady Alexa is surprised that the only man who has ever interested her is a man such as he. In Town for a season, she finds the young men boring and insipid and isn’t surprised when they aren’t interested in her either. After all, she’s not one to quietly sit and simper and hold her tongue. But the Wolfhound is different – although titled he’s also impoverished and has turned to replenishing the family fortune by way of peddling debauchery. When the Earl of Killingworth is taken for a ride and a large amount of his cash is stolen he is forced to take a loan from a friend. A proud man, he stakes half his business on the loan, which his friend promptly then loses in a card came….to Lady Alexa Bingham.Now business partners, Lady Alexa and the Wolfhound are together when someone makes an attempt on his life. They know Lady Alexa’s identity too and it is decided that for the safety of them both, they will retreat to the Earl of Killingworth’s entailed estate for him to recuperate and while his close friends investigate in Town. This of course, places Lady Alexa in a very dangerous position. If anyone were to know that she had been secluded away with him, she would be ruined.However, being ruined is starting to look like a very attractive option…So recently my eldest son was struck down with a terrible form of the flu. It took the rest of us down brutally, especially my youngest son and for a while, sleep was scarce and life was a never-ending cycle of taking temperatures, distributing medicine (my eldest will take anything but the oral steroids the doctor prescribed made him nauseous so I had to hide them, my youngest views most medicine as evil being sent to destroy him and I basically have to ram it down his throat) and feeling like utter crap. Because of that, I couldn’t really concentrate much on reading so I tried to pick lighter books, ones that didn’t require a huge amount of my attention and that I could put down if I need to attend to one of the kids (which was often). I found this one on my kindle – I probably requested it a couple of years ago, if the publication date is anything to go by, and never got around to reading it. I was in the mood for a historical romance and decided to give it a go and for the most part it delivered exactly what I wanted it to.Both Lady Alexa and Connor, the Earl of Killingworth, aka the Irish Wolfhound are quite different to others in the Ton in that Lady Alexa has had a less than conventional upbringing and Connor has needed to secretly resort to trade in order to replenish the family fortune that his father gambled away. He had a deeply miserable childhood (don’t they all?) and hasn’t returned to his country estate which is entailed and could not, therefore, be gambled away, in many years and in fact never intended to return to it ever again. However circumstances beyond his control lead to him being taken there by Lady Alexa after consultation with one of the Earl’s friends after he is shot. It’s very remote and no one will know where they are, which will allow him to recuperate in safety and also keep Alexa safe too, as they know her identity. Although the Earl is very unhappy to be back in his childhood home, he slowly comes to be very impressed by the ideas and enthusiasm Lady Alexa has for it. It need not be shut up and crumbling into a ruin, with a bit of care and attention it could become a thriving estate and a way for him to earn back some of the money he needs. And if he’s willing to let it, it could also become a home for him, with Lady Alexa.I quite enjoyed the developing attraction between the Earl and Lady Alexa from their first encounter up until they’re bascially living as a married couple at his estate. Because they’re both quite different from their social group, with Lady Alexa being outspoken and educated to run an estate and oversee all of its capacities, and the Earl having to engage in trade, which is a big no-no among the titled, they are both looking for someone to accept them as they are. Although the Earl has not had exposure to many positive marriages and seems uninterested in entering one himself….until he realises just what damage he will cause Alexa by having her with him. It’s secluded but there’s always the possibility of word escaping. The sexual attraction between the two of them is off the charts for both of them and he begins to feel as though he might be able to make it work, given the right amount of effort.However despite enjoying their relationship and their sparring with each other, there’s no denying that the story lags in the middle and goes no where for a while. What should be interesting as they’re cooped up in the Earl’s family home isn’t anywhere near as much as it could and should be. Also, the ending is really weak and didn’t really seem motivation enough for the crimes that were being committed and the culprit was kind of funny but not really all that believable. It kind of took away from the mystery element of the story which dragged down the overall experience a bit. However the two characters that make up books 2 and 3 of this series were really interesting in their little snippets and I’d be interested in following it on and seeing what happens to them and maybe getting a glimpse or two of Connor and Alexa in the future.

  • Tracy
    2019-05-09 08:42

    ~* 3.5 Stars *~A Debut with Several Good PointsThings aren't going so well for the Irish Wolfhound Connor Linsley. As the Earl of Killingworth, he is known as a gambler and a rake, but few know he owns The Wolf's Lair. It's positively unseemly for a man of his station to actually work for a living, after all, let alone own a notorious gaming hell and brothel. Still, it's been a lucrative business...until he's cheated at cards and his office is robbed. Suddenly, his pockets are dangerously light, and he's forced to reluctantly accept some financial assistance from a good friend, putting up half of The Lair as collateral for a loan. It's a decision that doesn't sit well with the independent Connor.He should have listened to his gut.Strangled by the constraints of society, the unconventional Lady Alexa Hendrie stirs trouble nearly everywhere she goes. Now she's in London for the season, and it's not exactly going well...not that she expected any different. In part to cheer herself up and in part because she's just that reckless, she accepts her cousin's radical suggestion for a night's entertainment. She dresses up as a man and, with her cousin's help, gets into a high stakes card game. And wins. It's the most fun she's had since she came to London.It's also how a lady of her standing came to own half of a gaming hell and brothel known as The Wolf's Lair.Linsley is incensed by his friend's actions, actions that have put half of his business into the hands of the lovely and oh-so-stubborn Lady Alexa. He has every intention of doing whatever is necessary to get it back, though every encounter with the blasted woman gets his temper throbbing as fast and hard as his pulse. Before he gets a chance to charm her into handing him back his business, though, he and Lady Alexa are attacked and he gets shot.It's clear by that point that someone is out to bring down the Irish Wolfhound using the most heinous measures. Lady Alexa, unconventional woman that she is, has decided not to let them. Especially considering how alive she feels since meeting her rakish Earl.~*~Cara Elliott's Lords of Midnight series debut offers up a pleasant historical romance, but there were a few elements of the story and characters that kept it from being a totally solid read for me. Though strong female lead characters are always a preference of mine, and Alexa certainly fit the bill with her no nonsense air, quick mind, and country lass upbringing, I'm tired of the virginal almost-spinster type in the subgenre.Actually, that's a part of a larger issue I have with historical romances. The character archetypes are so limited for female protagonists that it doesn't breed a lot of variety. Maybe that's a product of an attempt for historical accuracy, but it bothers me, none the less. In the case of this book, I was also a little surprised by the lack of surrounding family in Alexa's life. Other than the trouble-making cousin of hers at the beginning, readers don't actually see anyone - family, friend, or guardian, who is in any way close to Alexa or responsible for her safety, reputation, social season...nothing. That struck me as so odd for a young woman, even one who is feeling constrained by her social standing, that I ended up perplexed by the absence. We don't even hear from her brother, who is oft mentioned yet never seen.And that brings up another issue I had with the book. Though it's marked as a series debut, it doesn't exactly read that way. The prologue was odd, and the mentions of the mysterious Seb and his new bride lent an air of previous story that I've missed. I can deal with that when I'm entering an existing series somewhere other than the beginning, but it bugs me in a book that's marked as the first.Lord Killingworth was a nice enough male lead. I liked Connor. I don't know that I totally bought him as the Irish Wolfhound, though. For all his supposed reputation, he got shot and nearly ruined at various points in the book and didn't have many of his actions bear fruit. I liked him with Alexa, though. I wish the evolution of his feelings for her had been a little more clearly delineated, but their romance was the high point of the book for me and the two of them were quite nice together.Story elements caused me some grief throughout the book. Connor owning the Wolf's Lair is supposed to be a big secret, if I understand correctly, but given that every character in the book knows he does, it didn't seem a very well kept secret. And the external conflict, the plot threads of the Bad Guy moving against Connor with increasing deadly intent wasn't woven together with as much detail necessary to seem a legitimate threat and a plausible crisis. The motives that are revealed, the impetus that stirred the pot and started it all, seemed...oddly anticlimactic and a bit disappointing. I was hoping for a more complex conspiracy.And there's the rub. The heart of the matter. Overall none of the elements of the story or the characters who inhabit it struck me as particularly complex. Everything seemed fairly linear and too straightforward. The story was well written enough that the romance between Alexa and Connor had appeal, and I did truly enjoy their time at his family estate, but the beginning chapters seemed awkward to me, the final few chapters lost me once the antagonist's identity and motive was revealed, and the overall story lacked a level of complexity to really elevate this into a book I truly enjoyed. It was almost there. Just not quite.Disclosure: An ARC of this book was provided to me by Forever publisher Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley. This rating, review, and all included thoughts and comment are my own.~*~*~*~Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-05-17 05:26

    Originally posted at: http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.c...The hero and heroine’s compelling primal attraction to each other, their strong personalities, their unique verbal communication, and their sizzling, breath-taking love encounters propel the story along with urgency.The strictures of Polite Society are like a cage for independent, intelligent Alexa Hendrie. Reared by a father who allowed her to study mathematics and agriculture, Alexa had put her knowledge to use to salvage the neglected family estate in Yorkshire after her father’s death. Consequently, when her brother Sebastian returned from the Peninsula Wars, he had a prosperous estate to bring a wife to, leaving Alexa feeling as if she was homeless. Even though she was welcome to stay, she felt that the newlyweds did not need her around.Off to London she goes to stay with Aunt Adelaide to try a Season in Town thinking she’d check out the marriage market for one Season before settling into spinsterhood. The insipid parties, teas, soirees, and endless dances with foppish men bored the country-bred Alexa. The simpering, giggly, porcelain-skinned “young ladies’ seeking husbands made her feel like a total misfit.Then Alexa’s cousin Henry offers to take her on a risqué night into the less-than-proper part of London. She dresses in disguise and has fun but stirs up a hornet’s nest when she wins at cards and ends up with a vowel for half ownership of a brothel “The Wolf’s Lair” owned by the Irish Wolfhound, Connor Linsley, Earl of Kettlingsworth—a hard-bitten ex-soldier who had chosen to work for money rather than marry for money and consequently disgraced himself with the Ton. Connor Linsley lives up (or down) to his nickname with his tendency to snarl, be ill-tempered and dangerous if crossed or challenged. Few have knowledge of his philanthropic deeds and no one dares to delve into his past—a past that strongly influences his present attitudes. However, during the Peninsula Wars, he forged relationships with comrades that cemented loyalties that will last a lifetime.The cynical Cameron Daggett with a wicked sense of humor, known as Bloodhound and rich Gryffin Owain Dwight, marquess of Hadhan, known as Deerhound, are dependable and steadfast friends. They too have intriguing lives, but rally to Connor’s defense at first sign of danger.The secondary character that is behind all the efforts to bring the prosperous Irish Wolfhound down is a mystery. Connor’s friends and associates, both reputable and disreputable, work to ferret out information while Connor and Alexa are secluded at his dilapidated estate after escaping a trap where he was shot. Their time on the coast is captivating reading.What seemed an ugly business partnership metamorphoses into an incredibly beautiful love partnership, but not without a struggle through a tough cocoon of hurts, misgivings, and self-doubts that impedes the development at times.Cara Elloitt’s characters radiate an aliveness charged with strong emotions and energy. Their flaws and foibles are very evident, but they are overshadowed by the determined, “can-do” attitude that creates actions that sweep the reader into a plot full of scary, dangerous scenes, Polite Society party scenes, and scenes full of desperation and determination, plus love scenes that range from near violent to sweet ecstasy.Ms. Elliott writes about a historical era that is familiar, but her characters and their unique situations are fresh and compelling. Too Wicked to Wed is a page-turner with some twists near the end that keep the adrenaline racing through the veins—then concludes with a denouement that brings a sigh and satisfies the heart.

  • paperysoul
    2019-05-23 04:32

    Too Wicked To Wed is the first book I read written by Cara Elliott. The story is very interesting and intriguing. I couldn't stop flipping the page and stayed awake to finish the last remain of the story. The book's a love story with some bits of mystery between Connor and Alexa. Connor Linsley, the Earl of Killingworth or also known as Irish Wolfhound - is a very well-known notorious rake, one of the Hellhounds, owned a gambling and brothel called The Wolf's Lair, very handsome but deadly and dangerous, and he's a husband to Lady Alexa Hendrie or Lady Killingworth now. As for Lady Alexa, she's a plain country girl with admirable curiosity and knowledge, straightforward, high-spirited, and kind.I enjoyed their romance immensely. They are sweet and passionate with each other. I also enjoyed their banter and it was fun reading about Alexa tried to break the wall between them. I saluted her effort to get to know her husband and her determination to do anything to show her love. Lord Killingworth is just one lucky man. I totally agreed with Cameron Daggett or Bloodhound (also one of the Hellhounds) that Connor should be grateful to have a wife like Alexa. Besides, I liked the mystery. One of the reasons I managed to read this book till end despite dull at some parts of the story. However, I wasn't that impressed with the reason the Earl's life in danger. I was expecting something more challenging. I expected something to do with competition, rivalry or vengeance.Anyway, I'm very interested to keep pursuing this series and I'm looking forward for the next installment! Okay, that's all. Au revoir!

  • Christie
    2019-05-09 02:26

    Loved it! Too Wicked to Wed starts Cara Elliott's new series off amazingly. Main characters Connor and Alexa meet in a brothel where they engage in a steamy kiss up against a very erotic painting. With the story starting out on such an intense note I was worried the author would be hard pressed to continue the momentum. I had no reason to worry. They had a chemistry that was palpable from page one, and it just kept getting better and better. I couldn't get enough of them together. Alexa was so sassy and brave. She is exactly the type of character I hope to encounter when picking up a historical romance novel. Connor was also unbelievably sexy. Wow, wow, wow! He had me swooning. It was easy to see why Alexa became so easily smitten with the man aptly nicknamed "The Irish Wolfhound".Too Wicked to Wed also offers a healthy dose of suspense. Someone is out to get Connor, and Alexa is eager to help him solve the mystery much to his dismay. I was flipping through the pages of Too Wicked to Wed at a rapid pace eager to discover the "bad guys" as well as to witness more steamy (and a few heartwarming) moments between Alexa and Connor. We also meet Connor's closest friends, Cameron and Gryff. I think it is safe to assume we will get to know them better as this series continues. I for one can't wait! This was a superb start to a brand new series. Cara Elliott did a great job of creating an engaging story that will leave readers pining for more.

  • The_Book_Queen
    2019-04-27 05:21

    4.5 Stars. The review that follows is a partial review. To read the full review, please visit: http://tbqspersonalbookpalace.blogspo...When Lady Alexa Hendrie walks into one of London's infamous brothels, The Wolf's Lair, she had no idea that she would be staking more than just her reputation by being seen in there. She might very well be risking her heart...Connor Linsley, the Earl of Killingworth, is the owner of The Wolf's Lair, though his identity is kept secret from most people. Honestly, he couldn't give a fig about what the ton thinks of him, but despite what they seem to think about his character he has not sunk nearly as low as they think; he still respects some of their rules.... But when a lady with fire in her blood barges into his office, his usual biting remarks and sarcastic barbs are stunned into silence (if only temporarily). Instead, he finds himself thoroughly intrigued by Alexa, and when she asks for help in locating her brother, whom she believes to be in his club somewhere, he agrees—but only if she agrees to his cost. The price? A kiss. But neither one of them were prepared for the hot flames of desire to engulf both of them in it's snares after only a taste........~*~*~This review is property of

  • Kat ~ Forever Book Lover ♥
    2019-05-10 05:47

    You can find my full review at Forever Book LoverI received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.What a thrilling start to a new series (Lord of Midnight) from Cara Elliott . 'Too Wicked To Wed' is the first book. We are introduced to three men who have become friends while fighting in Portugal. They have made a name for themselves, they are known simply as the Hellhounds. Connor is the Irish Wolfhound, Gryff is known as Deerhound, and Cam Daggett's is Bloodhound.Connor, the Earl of Killingworth, owns the Wolf's Lair, a gaming hell and brothel. Someone is out to financially ruin Wolf's Lair. From the beginning you knew Lady Alexa Hendrie was not your typical young lady of the ton awaiting yet another season...

  • Gaby
    2019-05-14 02:44

    Too Wicked to Wed (Lords of Midnight) introduces us Alexa Hendrics, a smart, business savvy heiress. Alexa isn't looking for a husband, but she's drawn to the incorrigible Connor Lindsley (a.k.a. the Irish Wolfhound). It's clear to everyone around them that this can only bring heartbreak and scandal. Certainly, no one expects Lindsley to fall in love with the beautiful, naive heiress.Alexa's in love with dangerous rake. But she doesn't resort to the usual feminine wiles. Instead, she approaches him and his problems with a straightforward, carefully thought out approach. And wins Connor's respect and love. The couple faces problems both large and small. Light, fun, and a romantic escape, Cara Elliott delivers once again!

  • Samantha
    2019-05-06 06:36

    I will not be continuing this series. The leading lady was supposed to be a unique and unconventional woman. Strong and independent. Yet, the slightest thing could set her off into a spiral of oh I'm ugly and no one likes me. The leading man was a dick 98% of the time, and jesus the dog innuendos... Just stop. I get it, stop bashing me over the head with it. The banter sucked, the supporting cast was boring, and I only finished it to see if it would get better (it didn't).

  • Victoria
    2019-05-17 02:34


  • Iza
    2019-05-11 01:29

    A fun and delightful story, the bickering between both main characters was a pleasure to read !

  • Geo Marcovici
    2019-04-29 07:28

    Pur si simplu frumoasa! Am ras, am plâns, am iubit și am fost fericita odată cu personajele!

  • Karen
    2019-04-30 07:22

    Whoo... there's QUITE a bit of chemistry in this one. Connor Linsley, Earl of Killingworth, is better known to much of the Ton as the "Irish Wolfhound." (Actually, all his friends have dog nicknames... I really wonder why they went with a bland series title like "Lords of Midnight" instad of sticking with the "Hellhounds" nickname Society has given them.) He and his friends-- fellow veterans of the Napoleonic Wars-- prowl the dark edge of good Society, barely accepted because of their rank but warily avoided by the marriage-minded set because of their dangerous reputations. (Not so, the knowing widows. ;) ) All of them participate in fairly shady dealings. Connor would likely be shunned outright if the high sticklers knew that he dabbled in *trade*-- as owner of a brothel and gaming den, no less. But it's a business, or trapping some unfortunate heiress in a marriage neither of them would want in order to restore the family fortunes-- and he saw enough unhappiness in his parents' marriage to avoid that route like the plague.Lady Alexa, however, cares nothing for his dangerous reputation... all she cares about is seeing his family safe. She has her first run-in with the Wolfhound when she races to London from their country estate to save one of her brothers from himself. But Connor is not all bark and no bite (and I have to say, the running "dog" puns in this could easily have fallen into triteness, but they were so well-done they continued to delight to the end). Intending to teach her a lesson for her brashness, Connor forces a kiss on her as "payment" for his information, and Alexa feels... not quite as outraged as she's supposed to be about the matter. Not that the rakish dog meant anything by it, really. Of course. And she'd never be seeing him again anyway, right?But that, of course, is not the end of it. Alexa's been content in the country, running the family estate, but now her eldest brother's married, and she's becoming restless. She decides to have her Season in London at last, and winds up running into the Wolfhound again. But even as Alexa's attraction to this most unsuitable gentleman is ratcheting higher and higher, Connor's affairs (NOT those affairs, the business ones!) are getting considerably more complicated. Someone seems out to ruin him, and he doesn't know who or why... and the last thing he needs is some innocent miss getting tangled up in the middle of it. (Which, of course, she does.)Connor is admittedly a bit of a cliche-- the dangerous-loner-wounded-rake-with-a-loyal-heart-- but I happen to quite like that cliche, even though I want to bonk him over his idiot head a time or two. Alexa, though, is a fantastic, complex character: brave, daring, intelligent, practical, passionate, insightful, but in many ways still very insecure about herself. The chemistry between her and Connor is just... whooooo. The mystery of Connor's hidden enemy is very well done, also, with just enough clues to keep you guessing, and just enough revealed at the right time to make the reader positively sick with tension. The endgame had me *literally* biting my nails.Definitely looking forward to the next one (which will be Connor's friend Gryff) and even more, the one after that (his other friend, Cameron, whom I REALLY liked in this book).

  • Pj Ausdenmore
    2019-04-29 00:30

    The product of an unconventional country upbringing, twenty-two year old Lady Alexa Hendrie, more comfortable with agriculture, mathematics and card playing than London society, doesn't give a thought to the risk in which she places her reputation by bearding the notorious Irish Wolfhound in his brothel and gambling den in her desperate search for her brother. Four months later, Alexa is doing plenty of second guessing as she returns to London for a season, finding herself a fish out of water amidst the silly young debutantes, bored by the bland gentlemen of the ton and unable to get a life-altering kiss with a wicked Wolfhound out of her mind.Connor Linsley, Earl of Killingworth, secret owner of The Wolf's Lair and known throughout London as the Irish Wolfhound knew Alexa Hendrie would be trouble the minute she opened her mouth. The kiss he demanded in exchange for information about her brother was meant to send the much-too-clever miss running back to her family's country estate. It was never meant to linger in Connor's mind for months after the fact. Now she's back in London, just as Connor's world seems to be falling apart. Someone is playing a deadly game, with Connor and The Wolf's Lair in their sights. He doesn't have time for Alexa, with her clever mind and saucy mouth yet circumstances keep bringing them together with sparks flying each time they meet.Connor is determined to steer clear of this woman he can't stop thinking about but fate has other ideas. Now they're both involved in the danger threatening The Wolf's Lair with their very lives hanging in the balance but, if they can manage to outwit his unknown enemy, Connor and Alexa just may end up with everything their hearts desire but never thought they could have.I like Cara Elliott's writing more with each book she publishes. Her characters in Too Wicked to Wed are engaging and the story moves along quickly, holding my attention from beginning to end - and keeping me reading late into the night. Secondary characters, in particular Connor's two friends (future heroes of the next two books), are not just window dressing but vital elements of the story and have me eagerly anticipating their own stories. Alexa is an intelligent, independent, but vulnerable, heroine who I liked immensely and who more than holds her own with the man who steals her heart and Connor... What can I say about Connor? He's a man who is much more than his reputation would have you believe and I thoroughly enjoyed traveling his journey to unexpected love with him.

  • Jaime
    2019-04-24 05:22

    Review from www.FreshFiction.comIn a time when ladies are to be seen, not heard, Lady Alexa Hendrie breaks the mold. Not afraid to tell other what she thinks, your family is not surprised she has not been able to entice someone to marry her. When her brother’s actions force the well bred lady to venture into a gambling establishment, the rules change due to a chance meeting with the dashing rake Connor Linsley, Earl of Killingworth. The Earl lives in two worlds. In one, he is one of society, respected by the gentlemen and gossiped about by the ladies. In the other, he is owner of a house of ill repute. A gentleman must do what is necessary to rebuild the family estate. Since the off chance meeting with the outspoken Lady Alexa, he has found it difficult to think of any other lady. When circumstances out of his control leads to them working together to solve a mystery occur, will his control be strong enough to resist the siren call he hears when he lays eyes on her?TOO WICKED TO WED is a story filled with suspense and passion. The mystery is delivered wonderfully and will have you guessing up to the big reveal. I fell in love with the band of male friends who are trying to discover who is trying to sabotage Connor and why. The wit that flows between them in hilarious and down right charming. Our leading lady is filled with fire and does not fall behind any man. Her strength and stubbornness is a driving force that leads the story down many winding roads. Some end in hilarity while others bring suspense and turmoil. The romance element will have the reader on the edge of their seat. Both leading characters know they shouldn’t pursue their hearts desire but for each reason why they shouldn’t they discover a reason why they should. The mental tennis match heightens the all too present romantic chemistry to the point that it seems to jump off the page. One thing I loved was how realistic the doubt each of the characters felt when it came to the other’s true feelings even though all the signs pointed to desire in the fullest. As the first book in the Lords of Midnight series, I think Cara Elliott did a magnificent job setting up the world and characters to be seen throughout the adventure. If TO WICKED TO WED is an example of what we are too expect, this will be a series loved by many!