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A Navy SEAL fights the most important battle of his life—love—in New York Times bestselling author Lindsay McKenna's Shadow Warriors miniseries In the mountains of Afghanistan, her daring rescues have made Medevac pilot Sarah Benson a legend. She loves taking her helicopter where others fear to fly—the danger, the adrenaline…and the distraction from thinking about her ownA Navy SEAL fights the most important battle of his life—love—in New York Times bestselling author Lindsay McKenna's Shadow Warriors miniseries In the mountains of Afghanistan, her daring rescues have made Medevac pilot Sarah Benson a legend. She loves taking her helicopter where others fear to fly—the danger, the adrenaline…and the distraction from thinking about her own hurt heart.U.S. Navy SEAL Ethan Quinn is man enough to prize Sarah's valor as well as her beauty. But his efforts to reach his beautiful colleague cannot pierce her armor. Can he prove that it's possible to find love in a war zone?...

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Risk Taker Reviews

  • Musing
    2019-04-13 20:40

    Before reading Risk Taker, I had never read any Lindsay McKenna before. But, I can assure you, I will be back for more. From the wonderful characters, carefully researched and believably described action scenes set in war-torn Afghanistan, and credible dialogue, this story is a must for any who love to read drama and romance. US Navy SEAL, Ethan Quinn was the sort of hero you couldn't help love. Not only was he strong, valiant and heroic in his actions, he was tender, thoughtful and kind in his care of Sarah; the woman who captured many a man's imagination, but never their heart. Ethan was cautious with this lonely woman, determined to offer her solace, friendship and even love if permitted.Daring and brave Medivac pilot, Sarah Benson, had seen much horror in war, but, the true experience of depravity came at the hands of those who had been entrusted with her care. Her scars were in her heart, which kept her guard up, and her isolation from friendship intact. The story paced well, shifting POV throughout, which gave terrific depth and understanding to the behaviour of the characters. Beware, their journey was heart-wrenching, sad, and may cause tears. (Yes, I am a sop!) It was also filled with hope.I eagerly await the next instalment, Degree of Risk.Thank you NetGalley for the provision of an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Claudia
    2019-04-07 21:34

    Risk Taker is my first book by Lindsay McKenna and I can assure you it certainly will not be my last. I have read military romances before, the story usually takes place in an exotic location and the plot revolves around international conspiracy or drugs or human trafficking. This book is the complete opposite. It takes place on an army base stationed in Afghanistan. It was refreshing to read about the harsh reality of the army life overseas and the still on-going conflict with the Taliban's. The army lingo also added to my enjoyment of the story.As for the romance, Ethan is a swoon-worthy hero. Sarah aka Blue Eyes, is an insecure and vulnerable women stuck in the body of a Top model. She is ogled and constantly hit on by all the men at the base. After being attacked and almost raped, she is rescued by Ethan and starts a fragile relationship with him. Ethan is attracted to Sarah but he doesn't know how to break the walls she has erected around herself. I must say, he finds a very original and effective way. Plus it's totally cute.Risk Taker is a very beautiful story. It ends on a happy note but it's not the end of their adventure yet. I can't wait to read the following book Degree of Risk and see them have their happily ever after. I really recommend you read it.

  • Harlequin Books
    2019-04-09 19:38

    "Genuine and moving, this romantic story set in the complex world of military ops grabs at the heart. Ethan and Sarah are down-to-earth, strong, sympathetic characters, and the chemistry between them sizzles." RT Book Reviews, rated 4 starsMiniseries: Shadow Warriors

  • Melissa
    2019-04-06 17:21

    Uhhhggg i couldnt finish it. Sarah went from being a badass chick to a total sap. The only love scene i finished was lukewarm at best. Also, was it just me or was the poetry nonsensical? Had to quit @ 57%.

  • Mareli
    2019-04-19 18:47

    Very very good. The story was interesting and full of suspence. I loved Sarah from the very start, she was strong and nice, she loved her work and she was ready to save lives, with no thought about being in danger herself. Great character!Her love story with Ethan is sweet.

  • Heather
    2019-04-11 16:29

    Big Bag O' Fluff #8I always wondered if there was a tipping point, but suspected their wasn't. Well, darned if I haven't found it. I can't fall asleep if I don't read before bed, but anything that's too good will keep me awake. Ergo, fluff. Like a small shot of Novocaine to the brain. Just enough to feel pleasantly fuzzy. Just enough so I don't lie awake worrying about North Korea which I can't do anything about in bed at midnight. Or maybe in any place at any time.However, somewhere between book 5 and book 8 from the Big Bag O' Fluff, I stopped feeling pleasantly fuzzy and just started feeling bloated and queasy. Admittedly, this is pretty low quality fluff. Like the difference between a good hamburger and a Funyun. I have just eaten the book equivalent of 8 bags of Funyuns and I think I'm going to be sick.This is not the fault of this particular book, which is ridiculous but by no means the worst. It actually made me giggle because the hero is a SEAL and the bookstore owner (who sold me the Big Bag O' Fluff) and I had a very satisfying conversation about WHY so many romance novel heroes are Navy SEALs. You'd think they were a dime a dozen. You can't turn around in the romance aisle without bumping into a Navy SEAL (or, as I'm finding this week, a cowboy). Anyway, he's a Navy SEAL and he writes terrible poetry. It's supposed to be good. The poetry in romance novels is never any good. It's like a rule or something. And he talks about about the way of the SEALs, kind of like a hokey surf guru -- probably played on screen by Matthew McConaughey -- telling the young kid who he'll probably call "Pup" about being in harmony with the waves and the Tao of the seals and how all of nature is a family while they play the bongos together. None of that actually happens in the book. The book is set in Afghanistan and there aren't any real waves or seals. But every time the hero mentioned SEALs (and he does it A LOT), I pictured seals and it just got funnier and funnier. We'll call this the Funyun effect. And now I'm going to go read Moby Dick or something so my brain doesn't completely forget how brains are supposed to work.Maybes: 1 cowboy single father cook, 1 cowboy PI cook, 1 former Marine bodyguard, 1 cop, 1 sealDonations: 1 cowboy, 1 cowboy cop, 1 martial arts instructor bounty hunter

  • So, I Read This Book Today
    2019-04-20 23:36

    There is in every true woman’s heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity. Washington IrvingBecause I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes. They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes.” Clare Boothe Luce As we do at such times I turned on my automatic pilot and went through the motions of normalcy on the outside, so that I could concentrate all my powers on surviving the near-mortal wound inside.” Sonia JohnsonChief Warrant Officer Sarah Benson is a U.S. Army Medevac Black Hawk Pilot. She flies the skies of Afghanistan, rescuing wounded men and women, sometimes under heavy fire, ferrying them to safety. Fierce in her commitment to these brave soldiers, she risks everything, including her own life, to save them. She is a true hero. And yet, as a woman in a “man’s world” of the Army, she is disrespected and harassed at every turn, with no support from the other pilots of her squadron, and dismissive disrespect from her commander. You see and know all of this about Sarah from the start. And yet, there is no bemoaning her treatment. She is simply quiet, determined, and honorable, going about the business of saving the wounded, sometimes under the ‘lead curtain’ of gunfire and RPGs. It isn’t easy being a female in Afghanistan, where not only the Afghans are dismissive, cruel, and murderously violent against women. Even the military personnel Sarah works with, whose lives she saves, can be cruel and violent, seeing her and the other women in the squads as ‘less.’ It is a vicious truth that the military mentality can be incredibly stupid about women and their place in the world, a sad and idiotic truth to be sure. Sarah’s dignity, and the dignity of the other women pilots, both Black Hawk pilots and the Apache pilots, is written brilliantly. It was more than mildly interesting to learn the inner workings of medevac pilots in a war zone. Mckenna has done her homework, making the scenes ass realistic as possible, both within the Army, Air Force, and within the SEALS. And she has served herself in the U.S. Navy.This is, of course, not simply a book about a woman surviving within the boundaries of an FOB (Forward Operating Base). While that part of the book truly is fascinating to me, this is also a romance. Well, it is Harlequin, it has to be, right? And the actual ‘romance’ portion of the book is much more interesting than others of its ilk. Sarah has been devastated all her life by the cruelties of men. She trusts no man, holding herself separate while giving all of herself to saving those who need her. Ethan Quinn, the Navy Seal love interest is himself a very different man from the common warrior. A warrior in truth, but also a poet, Ethan sees the pain in the woman they call “Blue Eyes” the valiant pilot who holds herself aloof from those around her. A violent attack by an Army soldier against Sarah on the grounds of the base draws Ethan to her assistance, and begins a friendship with the shy Sarah. What is both interesting and touching about their relationship is the poetry that Ethan writes for her, beautiful stanzas, on beautiful blue papyrus, slipped under her tent flap in the darkness, there for her when she awakes. Though Sarah is terrified of men, for good reason, Ethan’s gentleness touches her, and his poetry (the actual poetry of Darius Gottlieb, Love Poems and Other Elixirs) helps to pull her out of her fear, allowing a relationship to slowly develop between them. Sarah appreciates both his strength and his gentleness, while Ethan is astounded not only by Sarah’s internal and external beauty, but by her bravery as he twice witnesses her flying in under the ‘iron curtain’ to rescue wounded soldiers. She holds her position while under heavy fire in both instances, taking life threatening wounds of her own and yet still saving those under her care. She is, in a word, a kick-ass heroine with a gentle, broken soul. One of my favorite heroines in a long time. Sarah and Ethan’s next exciting adventure in Afghanistan, Degree of Risk, will be out in March and I have already preordered it. As I rarely ever do that, you can be ascertained that I highly recommend this book to readers of military suspense/romance. This is another book which I received from Netgalley in return for an honest review. This in no way influences my review. All thoughts and comments are my own. I must say, though - it is definitely NOT one of the better covers out there. Instead of a woman and a Black Hawk, which would be appropriate, you get a picture of a guy in a T-shirt. Pffft. Sexist. By the time the book is published in February, I certainly hope it has a better cover!

  • Monica Cardoza
    2019-04-01 16:44

    Sarah is very good at something and that is hiding only that Ethan can see right through her. The only thing is that he is going to have to take it slow with her because she is a little skittish. She has to see that she is not damaged that she is a beautiful person not only on the outside but in the inside where it counts the most. When I read Down Range I was totally hooked on this series. I love reading stories about military people whether it’s about women or men. I love to see the different terrains that they are in the different military branches that are out there. This story was one that will be with me for a very long time because of what Sarah went through in her childhood but also what she went through while being a Medevac pilot in the military. I could not believe how childish some of these military men were, how they could belittle her so much just because she is a woman in the military. She is just like them; she is there to save the men and women in the military that are giving their lives to protect us. Sarah did not deserve the treatment that she got from her CO but believe me I loved the end where she ended up getting around 39 brothers and a father figure to help her when ever she needed it especially when one special man couldn’t be there for her.Sarah Benson is a Medevac pilot and she loves what she does. She is out there just like the rest of the military personnel but in her position she is out their flying into the combat zone and flying out the wounded and taking them to the hospital. She is there trying to save their lives. She had a horrible childhood but thankfully a wonderful family adopted her at the age of 12 years old. That is when her adoptive father taught her what he knew and from that point on she knew what she wanted to be. Now here in the middle of Afghanistan she has to make sure that she never shows weakness because the moment that you do it seems that some men are ready to pounce. Sarah has not been successful in relationships but it seems that things may change for her.Ethan Quinn is a U.S. Navy SEAL and from the moment that he heard of blue eyes and saw her he saw the sadness in her eyes. He knew that something bad had happened. He wants to get to know her but doesn’t know how to approach her but one day he does save her life. When he saw that she was hurt and another military man was trying to take advantage of her he knew that he needed to do something. He was able to save her and from that moment forward something sparked between them. Ethan was so sweet and supportive. I could not believe what he was doing to win her heart. The poems that he was leaving for at her tent were breaking her walls and it was only a matter of time before he would be able to hold her, kiss her and maybe love her.Just when things are going great between Ethan and Sarah it seems that something spooks her, she is not able to keep going in their newfound relationship. Ethan can’t believe it he loves her and he knew that he pushed her too soon and now she left him. Sarah knows that she is not good enough for him and she needs to end it now before it goes any further. Only that when she realizes that she loves him and she made a mistake it might be a little to late or maybe he will not forgive her.Risk Taker was worth every minute that I stayed up reading and losing sleep over it. It’s a beautifully, tightly written, well thought out story. This has been my second book by this author and I have to say that I love her writing. The characters are well developed and I love that I am able to connect with them. The flow of the storyline is wonderful and Ms. McKenna has a way with her words. The pace of this story is perfect. This was an emotional read, I was able to feel the sadness, the fear, happiness the love that both of these characters felt. I know that at times I wanted to shake Sarah but she had a reason to be the way she was but I wanted to see her happy and to tell her that she was not damaged. I wanted for her to let Ethan in and to trust in him that he was not using her. The chemistry between these two characters was sensual, passionate. I definitely recommend this book to readers who like military details with their romance. I know that I look forward in reading Degree of Risk the continuation of Ethan and Sarah’s journey at happily ever after.

  • L M
    2019-04-05 00:39

    Having read Lindsay McKenna books for many years I have always found them to be relevant, realistic, gut wrenching but at the same time endearing, emotional and heartwarming. This is no exception and may just be one of her best ever! Chief Warrant Officer 4 Sarah Benson, US ARMY, is known for her arresting eyes, thus she garnered the nickname “Blue Eyes”. The soldiers who surround her at Camp Bravo do not look past her beauty. They see her only as a woman they want to bed and harass her incessantly. US Navy SEAL Ethan Quinn first sees Sarah sitting alone at a table in a bustling canteen. His SEAL senses hone in on a depth of sadness in those haunted eyes. This somehow touches his core and he wants to learn know more about Sarah, the person. Almost immediately Ethan becomes her knight in shining armor when he stumbles upon an enlisted Army sergeant attempting to rape Sarah. He thwarts off the attacker and takes her for medical care. A bond begins to grow between them. Ethan eventually learns of Sarah’s painful past. She was given up by a mother she never knew and left in a dumpster only to be found by winos. She was placed in the “snake pit” of a foster home with a couple of alcoholics who only wanted the money they could get for taking her in. The husband repeatedly sexually abused her setting up a pattern of justified distrust, a sense of worthlessness and abandonment. No one ever came to rescue her. She vows that no man will ever take a piece of her soul again. Ethan understands Sarah’s wariness. He works at gaining her trust by writing her poems daily. He verbally paints a picture of her as he sees her which is not how she sees herself. Sarah loves rainbows and butterflies but needs to be in the rain to wash way the chaos and dirt she feels inside. Ethan has the desire and patience to watch her grow, gain confidence in herself as a woman. Sarah is a risk taker and expertly flies helicopters into hot zones where others won’t. This does not set well with her commander Major Donaldson. She rescues the wounded so that no one is left behind. It’s been said that she’s a ballsy broad, gutsy, and a solid kamikaze medevac pilot. As a woman she is the complete opposite, withdrawn and hiding. Understandably her personal history is the foundation for this. It’s a tough hurdle to overcome, but Ethan is up to the task. He knows she’s worth it. Known in his SEAL family as “The Hawk” Ethan has witnessed firsthand Sarah’s stellar capabilities. Her reputation spread thru the SEAL community when she rescued 2 of their brothers against all odds. They appreciate her and adopt her into their fold. There is no stigma within their ranks. They recognize that courage is not predicated on gender. Sarah is recommended for the Bronze Star and a V for valor by the Navy. Her own CO Donaldson refused to do this but bent under SEAL pressure not to object. Sarah finally experiences the positive side of respect. SEALS protect their own. She’s now a part of them. Navy Master Chief Gil Hunter gladly accepts her as a “daughter” in his platoon. He’s also a father to his SEALS who all readily become her big brothers. In order to fully and thoroughly explore Sarah and Ethan’s developing relationship and story, a pivotal sequel has been written. DEGREE OF RISK, will be released in HRS, March 2014. I anxiously await reading more about these endearing characters of the Shadow Warriors Series.

  • Susan
    2019-03-28 16:40

    Fantastic book, with an excellent balance between the action and the romance. Both main characters are portrayed with incredible depth. Sarah is medevac pilot in Afghanistan who has pulled off some daring rescues. When she isn't flying she holds herself apart from others, especially men. Ethan is a SEAL who is drawn to her beauty and the sadness he sees in her eyes. Sarah is a daring pilot whose early childhood has created a deep distrust of men. That distrust is augmented by the treatment she receives from the other men on base. We first see her as she is approached by a man who does not take his rejection well. Ethan is drawn to her from the moment he sees her. He senses a deep sadness in her and would like to get to know her. Later that day he rescues her from an assault and has the chance to get to know her a little.Ethan is a different kind of SEAL. Outside of his profession he is a kind and sensitive man. He has a side of him that his SEAL brothers are unaware of - he writes poetry. He uses his writing to deal with the things he has seen and the emotions they cause. From the moment he rescues Sarah he feels a deep connection to her. That connection allows him to see the vulnerability behind the walls she puts up. I loved seeing the patience that Ethan had in getting to know Sarah. Everything he learned about her only made him care even more. I loved the way that he used his poetry to show her how special he thought she was. Sarah's fears run deep, but there is something about Ethan that she finds easy to trust. She tells him things that she has never told anyone else and is surprised by how much she wants to know about him. The poetry that he writes for her touches her deeply, but her insecurities have her pushing him away.I loved that Ethan gave her the space that she asked for, but wasn't going to give up on his feelings for her. The time that they spent together showed him that she did care, but he could see that she had trouble believing in what they could have.I loved the action sequences and the additional depth they gave to the story. What they do is such an important part of who Sarah and Ethan are. I loved seeing the confidence Sarah has in herself and her abilities as a pilot. She also has a bone deep need to make sure she gives her all to the rescue of the injured. The descriptions of her flights are so good that I could almost feel the way the chopper moved during the explosions and feel the tension as she tried to get in and out safely. I could feel her fear when she knew that Ethan was one of those on the ground as she flew in. I liked seeing those same sequences from Ethan's point of view. His immense respect for Sarah and what she does was obvious. I could also feel his fear for her as she flew into the battle to evacuate his wounded brethren.One of my favorite parts of the book came at the end, as Ethan takes her to meet his fellow SEALs. The respect that they all showed to Sarah was incredibly moving. I also loved the way that Ethan's boss showed her the kind of respect and appreciation that her own did not. Even better was the demonstration that, as an honorary member of the SEAL family, they had her back. The description of just what that entailed was very satisfying. I am looking forward to the continuation of their story in the next book.

  • Katherine
    2019-04-17 00:43

    *** Title provided by Netgalley.comTitle: Risk TakerAuthor: Lindsay McKennaSeries: Shadow Warriors, #3Publisher: HarlequinRelease Date: 02/04/2014Lenght: 228 pagesRating: 3.5 StarsSynopsis: Risk Taker is the story of SEAL Ethan Quinn, and MEDEVAC pilot, Sarah Benson.Sarah is one of few females on a very male enviroment. Her being good at her job at rescuing wounded soldiers and considered one of the most beautiful women on camp, Sarah finds herself almost always alone. She both loves her job and fear the men. There isn't a day when she isn't hit on and wanted by almost all of them.Ethan knows that trying some line with Sarah just won't do. It's not enough to conquer her attention and her heart. He also knows that a relationship with her is pretty close to impossible, and still he goes after her.After saving Sarah from an attack, Ethan finds a way to her heart with poetry. He writes her everyday, making her heart sigh with the beautiful words. Sarah is shy with people, but she goes from beauty to beast inside her helicopter when there's people in need of rescue.Ethan is a proud Navy SEAL who protects those who need protection and those he loves. He's a fierce, loyal man. ***Personal Thoughts: Military books with both hero and heroine are a must read for me, and that's why I couldn't take the chance of not reading this book. Ethan and Sarah's story is not easy and light. She has a troubled past, and Ethan can't help but want to know Sarah inside and out.At times the story was a bit slow. I'm not sure if it's because personally, I'm not a poetry fan or not. I really liked the action and drama moments, mostly the parts when they are kicking asses, taking names and helping the woundeds.The romance/sex parts were a little slow to heat and few. I understand the reason why there weren't many more.I also think the whole "we're SEALs, we're the good guys" was a bit too much. The emphasis the writter put on them felt like pushing. I like things subtle and it was a bit over the top for me.In overal, Risk Taker was a nice read. It started great, got a little slow in some points and ended with the promise for more. I'll be reading the next and the previous in the series.Rating: 3.5

  • Kimberly Rocha~ Book Obsessed Chicks
    2019-04-12 19:48

    Nicknamed "Blue Eyes" by all the soldiers on base in Afghanishtan, Medevac pilot, Chief Warrant Officer, Sarah Benson shoots down every man who makes unsubtle attempts to hit on her. This feisty lady has to work twice as hard as her male counterparts and still gets razzed by most of them, even though she consistently flies a Black Hawk into dangerous combat territory to rescue injured soldiers and bring them to safety. Sarah steers clear of men due to her troubled past and has difficulty trusting letting anyone in. Petty Officer, Ethan Quinn is a Navy SEAL. When he first sets his eyes on Blue Eyes she is sitting alone at a table across from him in the canteen. She captivates him immediately and he wonders how he can show her he's not like the other vulgar men surrounding her. When Ethan stumbles upon Sarah attempting to fight off and attacker bent on assault and rape, Ethan bursts into action by knocking the soldier unconscious and taking Sarah for medical attention, thus becoming her hero and giving Ethan an open to getting to know her.Sarah begins to realize that Ethan Quinn is not your standard issue SEAL. There is a depth to him that she wants to delve into even though she's skittish. Every morning when Sarah awakens, she finds letters from Ethan filled with beautiful poetry, which makes her yearn to have what she thinks she can't have. Ethan worms his way into her heart as smoothly as he possibly can and almost breaks through the wall Sarah has built around herself, but that devil on her shoulder always tries to remind her that she isn't good enough even when Ethan is certain that Sarah is his angel.Risk Taker by Lindsay McKenna is a wonderful story teeming with action and budding romance. Outwardly strong Sarah has her inner pain that the true hero, Ethan will do anything to heal. Ethan is the most honorable and understanding character, I adore him. Sarah's turmoil is deep, but through it all the officer in her takes over and gets done what needs to be done. This is my first venture into reading a Lindsay McKenna book but I have already clicked that pre-order button for the next story involving Sarah and Ethan because Risk Taker was just that good.~KIMBERLY~

  • Kim
    2019-03-27 23:47

    4.5 starsThis is the first story I have read by this author and it will not be the last! Risk Taker was an unexpected but pleasant surprise for me and I look forward to reading the next book in the series that is coming out in March.Stories about Navy SEALs are always on my favorites list, likely because the type of man in that uniform is confident, cool in the face of danger, the ultimate protector and places family in all forms at the top of their priority list. Ethan Quinn aka Hawk definitely meets all those requirements but is also very different than other SEALs I have read about. Risk Taker showcases an artistic and creative side of Ethan along with an intense emotional depth that normally isn't revealed behind the badass alpha exteriors. Sarah "Blue Eyes" Benson is a tough as nails warrior and Medevac copter pilot trying to survive in the overwhelmingly male dominated FOB Camp Bravo in the middle of the desert war. Under the tough shell, Ethan recognizes a deep sadness in her; he wants to get to know her but after seeing and hearing how she puts the men who approach her in their place, he is unsure how to accomplish it without being shot down unconditionally out of the gate. An unfortunate encounter provides him with an opening but he recognizes the need to tread lightly. Sarah has never had a positive male influence in her life and has no idea how to handle the way that Ethan treats her or makes her feel, but she comes to view her time with him as an oasis in the chaos of their daily lives with the war raging around them.Above all, Risk Taker is a love story and it was a beautiful one at that. Degree of Risk will be part two of their story but there is no cliffhanger. They still have a journey before them but they have a support system in place to get there- I loved the last few chapters as Ethan's team welcomed Sarah into their family and I look forward to Degree of Risk. Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!

  • Rhonda
    2019-03-31 16:19

    4 STARS Risk Taker is very well told drama. Their is so much action, drama, romance in this story. I really enjoyed the ending. The characters are really likeable and heroes. There is a lot of poetry in this book that I liked but am not a good judge of poetry. There were a few love scenes that I skipped over. Sarah Benson is a Medevac pilot that takes some risks to save soldiers hurt in battle. Even when she is warned to stay away by her commander till it is more safer to go into rescue the wounded men. Sarah on one hand is brave and courageous. She turns away any man from her because she has learned not to trust them. Ethan is a navy Seal who risks his life all the time. He has hidden side to himself he writes poetry. He is attracted to Sarah like most men in the bar. When four men try to harass her he steps in. Then later rescues her again. He knows she is careful around men. So he decides to sneak poetry to her tent each morning that he can. The drama catches what it might be over in Afghanistan. It was believable to me. How men and woman are doing their best but there are always a few bad bunch in any group.I can't wait to read Degree of Risk the other book that features Sarah and Ethan that will be out in March 2014. The setting for this book is Afghanistan. 02/04/2014 PUB Harlequin Romantic Suspense ISBN 9780373278572 I was given this ebook to read and in return asked to give honest review of it by Netgalley and Harlequin

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-04-16 16:32

    Daniella‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review4.5 STARSThis was a fantastic read!!! I was in love with this couple before they were one. Lindsay McKenna drops you right into the middle of the action with so much detail and explains so much to you, you never are confused. I could feel the grittiness and was able to visualize Chief Warrant Officer Sarah Benson and U.S. Navy SEAL Ethan Quinn from the moment he sees her in the canteen at their base in Afghanistan through the harrowing craziness of firefights and the downtime. But the only downtime was what occurred in the book because there was nothing “down” about this book. He was a SEAL who was not written like some like to write about SEALs – he was more then one dimensional, they aren’t all “caveman-esque”. And Sarah was a chopper pilot that I want fighting on my side!!!! Beautifully, colorfully written and I cannot wait tip the next book about them.

  • Judyrudy
    2019-04-03 17:23

    No one writes a military romance like Lindsay McKenna. Risk Taker is a fabulous story about Medevac Pilot Sarah Benson and Navy Seal Ethan Quinn. Sarah has no fear when it comes to flying into harm’s way to evacuate an injured soldier while her personal life is another story. She was raised throughout the foster care system and endured some horrible situations. Ethan is a true Seal. He is fierce in combat but has a softer side as he keeps a journal and writes poetry. An incident brings Ethan into Sarah’s world. Over time, he breaks down her barriers and teaches her how to trust and love someone. Risk Taker also re-introduced us to Emma and Khalid Shaheem whom we’ve seen in Ms. McKenna’s Black Jaguar Squadron series. Risk Taker is a two-part book that concludes with Degree of Risk. Ms. McKenna writes combat scenes like no other. One feels like they are present as the battles are fought. I would highly recommend this novel and look forward to the conclusion of Risk Taker.

  • Kacii
    2019-04-11 16:29

    Such a sweet romance.Ethan woos Sarah in a way I have never seen in a book, or in real life. He gives her the respect she deserves, and gives her the space a strong woman needs. But he also protects her and keeps her close. Sara is a medevac pilot and Ethan a SEAL. It's so heartbreakingly sweet.The only thing I think this book lacked was conflict. There's all kinds of conflict, and without going back to 9th grade English and pointing out the person versus person, person versus self, person versus nature and all of the rest of those, I think I can explain that this book lacked a little person to person conflict. There was some, but I think I would've liked to see more.I think this book was great. The love was believable, the story was achingly adorable, and the characters were fabulous. Overall an awesome book.

  • N. Kuhn
    2019-04-02 22:37

    I really enjoyed this story. Though I wish there had been a little more combat involved, what was in this book was great. I love the in depth look that the author gives you not only into deployment, but also into the life of SEAL's. This wasn't just "Hey, he's a SEAL." There was so much more to it. I enjoyed both characters. Bringing to life "attempted rape" on a base was perfect in this story. I like seeing real issues brought about in a book. The romance was sweet and well built upon. Having a hard man like Ethan who could be a softie was done very well. Sarah is also a good character. She's not the weak woman that military men are always rescuing in other Military Romances I've read. She was strong, stubborn, smart and courageous. If you're looking for a good Military Romance, grab this. It's really good!

  • Janet
    2019-04-18 23:46

    Let me preface this by telling you I enjoy Ms. McKenna's writing. I love her attention to detail and realism.If you like Contemporary Military Suspense Romance, you can't go wrong here. This book is heavy on the military action and very detailed. The characters however are so likeable that you are caught up in their success and interested in their actions. Ms McKenna strikes a good balance between action and romance, and I like that she writes strong women and men unafraid to express their vulnerability and emotions. This was a fast paced, action oriented read that could stand alone well, but I recommend the series. The hero and heroine's story continues in the next installment degree of risk. i can't wait!*I received my copy from in exchange for an honest review.

  • Allison
    2019-04-18 23:27

    I haven't read this author before and I am glad I got a chance to. It was full of a couple of great action scenes and then a very tender relationship between two tough people, Sara and Ethan of very different backgrounds. Ethan grew up in a very loving home while Sara had to fight to survive and is still haunted by it.The only quibble I would have is that early on in the book the author introduced a female friend of Sara and then she disappears along with a group of female pilots that are said to be supportive of her but it is never shown. I hope she appears in later books because I know I will be reading more books in this series. Galley courtesy of publisher and Netgalley.

  • Merle
    2019-03-30 18:32

    Another Shadow Warriors story by Lindsay McKenna. This one involves SEAL Ethan Quinn and "Blue Eyes", the men's name for a quiet, solitary Medevac pilot. Ethan comes to her aid and finds out that her name is Sarah Benson. She is a Chief Warrant Officer while he is a Petty Officer, therefore enlisted. Fraternization is forbidden between officers and enlisted. They don't care. There are worse things hanging over their heads.Their story is beautiful and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.Their love story is continued in Degree of Risk, next review.

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-14 23:38

    Received ARC for reviewThis is the third book by Ms. McKenna I've read. The first one I DNF. The second one was much better and made me go back and read the last 4-5 chapters of the previous one. This book....Oh My Word....LOVED IT. Action, drama, love, hot sex, blood, more drama, more action all this good stuff. I think my favorite scene was with the cake. I got choked up.Now I have to wait till March for the conclusion of Ethan and Sarah's story. GGGRRRRRR. I knew there was more to the story cause her CO got off way too light.

  • Pam
    2019-03-30 20:33

    When Ethan Quinn sees Sarah Benson in the bar on a base in Afghanistan, he sees someone he would like to know better. Before he makes his move, a friend tells him she is immune to men. She drinks alone or with the other women pilots but does not spend time with men otherwise. Can he make her break her rules? Can he make her see they can have a life beyond this base in spite of their differences in rank? Ethan is off to try.

  • Christine
    2019-04-14 21:19

    Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the review copy of this book.This is a new author for me and one who knows how to get romantic suspense just right. I do love a good romantic suspense story with a military theme. With Sarah and Ethan, we got strong characters in a backdrop of Afghanistan. This is one story that was worked and was particularly well written. I liked the action side, as much as the romantic one.

  • Ann
    2019-04-19 18:35

    I love military romances, especially when the leading lady character is in the military. Lindsay McKenna writes wonderful military characters in her love stories. This is book three in the Shadow Warrior Series and Ethan and Sarah will continue their love story in the next installment. Sarah is an Army medivac helicopter pilot and Ethan is a Navy Seal. They meet in Afghanistan and Ethan helps her through some difficult times and they discover they have much in common. A heartfelt love story.

  • Dana
    2019-04-07 18:20

    Sappy with terrible poetry. I made myself finish reading it because I'll read anything. I would find myself almost liking it and then there'd be another terrible stanza. The military action scenes were pretty good. I wish it had been a special ops thriller instead a "romance" because that had potential. Maybe Ethan was a too perfect savior-type for me. That just doesn't appeal to me at all in storylines or real life. The poetry sent me over the edge.

  • Marjorie
    2019-04-13 22:33

    Risk Taker has you wondering at the end who is the biggest risk taker? Medevac pilot Sarah Benson for going in under fire to rescue wounded soldiers or Navy Seal Ethan Quinn who goes into dangerous situations? Or is the biggest risk the one they take with their hearts when they find each other? This book was so good I bought the next one as soon as it came out.

  • Sonia Root
    2019-03-26 18:27

    This is my first Lindsay McKenna book and I am so hooked! I love the military romance genre and she is by far one of the best I have read.Can't wait for the next in series so we can continue to find out what happens with this story.Raw, explosive and intense. Just the way I like it!Highly recommend this and any other Lindsay McKenna novel.Regards,Sonia Root, Book Junkie

  • Bonnie Drummond
    2019-03-24 00:36

    A Romantic Suspense story that is a fast action packed story that will have you realign to have a small look in what goes on in Combat. From the High Risk of flying in a hot zone to laying down gun fire from Seals to protect their own and the Medevac from harm. And the way bonds are formed in war zones and see what it takes to keep them strong.

  • Rinou
    2019-03-26 23:40

    I didn't like the overemotional characters. I can believe it from Sara discovering all men are not assholes, but from an entire platoon of SEALs I'm more skeptical. The action parts were well written and enjoyable.