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Title : 9 Don'ts To Success
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9789381841419
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 150 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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9 Don'ts To Success Reviews

  • Jaideep Khanduja
    2019-04-12 21:18

    http://pebbleinthestillwaters.blogspo...Book Review: 9 Don'ts To Success by Abhinav Pandey: Interesting Stuff But Losing Curve9 Don'ts To Success because the DOs don't work by Abhinav Pandey could be treated as a villain centric movie if seen in that aspect. As far as writing style is concerned, it is quite interesting. Abhinav has the art to engage his readers while reading his book and keep them intact and hooked to the content they are reading. But at the current juncture he will have to focus on bringing more depth if he intends to increase his vertical bandwidth of readership. A book has certain measures to its success which can be - its cover page, title, content, writing style, story, beginning, flow and ending. As far as the cover page is concerned it is drawing attention and so is the title. Regarding content and writing style - Content seems to be selected randomly with no deep introspection in the subject. At places it seems to be deviating from the core subject. It becomes more philosophical and subjective thereby losing its objectivity and intensity. Writing style is fine and that is where Abhinav Pandey can take it forward as his core strength. Regarding the start and ending, it needs more attention for his forthcoming books. Story though is negative but interestingly placed. The traits taken in the book seem to be taken from management books. Introduction and reference of trait is subjective - not related to real characters making it more fictional. The same further do not gel well with the chapter content on the same trait. It is ok to read this book but don't follow the traits as it would lead to more negative side of life...The book is from Grapevine India and is priced at Rs 125. Overall rating would be 3 out of 5.

  • Vaibhav
    2019-03-29 23:36

    Not liked it much. Only a good time pass. All the things written in 150 pages can be written in 5 pages. It's only written in elongated form.

  • Kritika Narula
    2019-03-23 23:34

    The book presents to you 9 don'ts to success, because, it claims, the do's don't work. And no matter how skeptic you might feel about the content and philosophy of the book, you cannot help but admire the dexterity with which it is written. This book here is a pioneer of a new era in the genre of self-help. The book is about doing what you are asked not to do, and dear prospective reader, let me dispel your doubts and suspicion, it is not a collection of rants of some unsuccessful person who considers himself a victim of the ideal self-help and takes revenge by penning down a book that defies all the wisdom that they offer, rather this is a sensible take on the gargantuan volumes of self-help we have been reading till now. The last words you utter after reading this book are, “This is revolutionary stuff, man”.The reason you should read it is because it is a repository of some really catchy witty phrases. Wit also emanates from the examples, comparisons and the metaphors that the author uses. They are so well thought out and presented. You know, when something is written with a lot of effort, it can be read effortlessly. The oxymorons couldnt get any betterso, the author prevents us from becoming the fastest car in town not reaching its destination in time due to a wrong route map and tells us that 'a person cannot decide on the total number of gears to shift during a lifetime, but he atleast has the option of not driving on the same gears ever again.'What makes the author worthy of extraordinary commendation and appreciation is the extraordinarily remarkable effort that has gone into each chapter. Since this is altogether different from the ordinarily self-help stuff, the author has included, at the end of each chapter some tips and suggestions about applying these don'ts with caution, because he is cognizant of the fact that these don't are prone to misuse, or misinterpretation. It is so refreshing to see a first time author fully aware of what he is writing and what its repercussions are likely to beConsidering the radical perspective from which the author views the don'ts, it seems that these were things we were waiting to be told. Best lines: there are quite a few actually, the book is replete with memorable lines.the limits are no more a challenge but an excuse to underperform.Learn to distinguish between opportunities and temptations used as baits.

  • Amit Gupta
    2019-04-03 21:35

    9 Don'ts to success because the Dos don't work by Abhinav Paney take the 'so called 9 rules' of life to be successful and turn them into don'ts to avoid them completely. So, the book ask you to be Fake at times, not real. Be Arrogant and not always polite. Be a show-off and not always humble. Be manipulative to your best intentions and don't be fair to people always. And so on.The writing style is simple yet filled with urban lingo and someone most of the young generation can relate to. It helps that the author keeps things simple by not overpraising or justifying things. Instead, it has a distinctively 'just-do-it' feel to it which helps reiterating the basic model points the book is trying to convey to its readers. What is missing from the book is solid core content - I was not at all impressed by the examples given at the start of each chapter which seem to be more out of imagination than author researching and working hard to get the characters right for illustrating the points mentioned by him.The book is a one time quick read but definitely not a kind of self-help or non-fiction book you would like to go back again on your bookshelf. A more deeper diagnosis to help your 9 points would have surely helped.