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*Parts of the previous eBook edition of The Golden Cage have been removed from this edition and will be re-released in the fourth book in The Ballad of Benfro series: The Broken World* There's a new fantasy phenomenon for 2014 - The Golden Cage is the third enchanting tale in J. D. Oswald's epic fantasy series, The Ballad of Sir Benfro Queen Beulah is determined to have he*Parts of the previous eBook edition of The Golden Cage have been removed from this edition and will be re-released in the fourth book in The Ballad of Benfro series: The Broken World* There's a new fantasy phenomenon for 2014 - The Golden Cage is the third enchanting tale in J. D. Oswald's epic fantasy series, The Ballad of Sir Benfro Queen Beulah is determined to have her war, despatching Inquisitor Melyn north, through the ancient forest to cross unseen into the land of her enemies. Battling the ever growing influence of Magog, Benfro struggles to resist the treacherous orders of the long dead Dragon Mage, a task made yet more difficult by the arrival of Errol in his forest refuge. His body broken, Errol is tormented by dreams of his beloved Martha, imprisoned in a Golden Cage. He has escaped from King Ballah's torture chamber but remains powerless to help her. Yet fate has united these two. Errol holds the key to halting Magog's influence, and Benfro has the skill to heal broken bones. Working together they might survive. Apart, they will surely perish, and all Gwlad with them. The Ballad of Sir Benfro is an utterly compelling and beautifully written new fantasy series from J.D. Oswald. Fans of the Inheritance Series and readers hooked to the world of George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones series will love the magic of the Twin Kingdoms. The Golden Cage is the third book in the series, following Dreamwalker and The Rose Cord, which are also published as Penguin eBooks. *Please note that parts of the previous eBook edition of The Golden Cage have been removed from this edition and will be re-released in the fourth book in The Ballad of Benfro series: The Broken World* J. D. Oswald is the author of the epic fantasy series, The Ballad of Sir Benfro. Currently, Dreamwalker, The Rose Cord and The Golden Cage are all available as Penguin ebooks. He is also the author of the Detective Inspector McLean series of crime novels under the name James Oswald. In his spare time James runs a 350-acre livestock farm in North East Fife, where he raises pedigree Highland Cattle and New Zealand Romney Sheep.

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The Golden Cage Reviews

  • Dan
    2019-05-20 05:53

    3.5 stars, an enjoyable read, if somewhat slower than the 2nd book in the series, but still faster than the first. Worth reading for sure.

  • Line Bookaholic
    2019-05-21 07:55

    I finally finished this book ! it took me a while to read it, not because it was bad, far from it! But I had not a lot of time to read... it made it even better because I did not rushed it. I really enjoyed this book. And the ending just makes me want to read the next one so badly !!

  • Serena
    2019-04-29 13:00

    I don't know if it's just me but I feel like there weren't any mayor events in this books. To me it felt like one big build up to the next and last book. So I've got high expectations for that one. Because I missed a little excitement in this book, I got a bit bored and that made it kind of a slow read. This wasn't my favorite book of the Balled of Sir Benfro series. The first book gave me the same feeling as this book gave me and I loved the second book, couldn't stop reading. So I'm hoping the same is going to happen with this one and the last book. It's a great story and I love it, don't get me wrong. I just think it wasn't necessary to write 4 books. It keeps me reading though and I keep wanting to get to know more about the things in this world and adventures of Benfro and Errol in perticular, so although this book wasn't my favorite of the series, I'm excited to start the next one.

  • Justin
    2019-05-10 10:49

    I thought this was the last book in a trilogy, but no. And I'm more than happy about that as the story deepens and deepens, driving you to read more and more and emphasising more with characters. This is fantastic stuff, fantasy of the highest calibre. The only negative is waiting for the author to finish the next instalment!

  • Vicii
    2019-04-23 09:10

    amazing, but straight onto the next one as I can't leave the story with that ending...

  • Bas Groesen
    2019-05-16 08:58

    If not for the incredible 'letdown' at the end, I'd have surely given this book 5 stars. Everything just felt so unjustified in the end, I couldn't help but to fuss for a while even after closing the book. Although it is refreshing to have such a large plot suddenly taking a turn, book 3 of the Ballad does feel like there's not a lot of character development. Momentarily I lost all motivation to continue reading the series, up until I realized what the events of Golden Cage may lead to. Book 4 is bound to satisfy some of my expectations regarding the storyline.

  • Alice
    2019-05-21 08:03

    Another exciting installment from Oswald! The tone/pace of this book felt a little different to The Rose Cord (I felt like it had more in common with Dreamwalker) - I didn't rattle through it with as much urgency as The Rose Cord, but it still kept me riveted. I found Benfro and Errol's developing relationship - now that they have finally, properly met! - fascinating, especially the nuances caused by Benfro's prejudice against men.I really enjoyed the uncomfortable development of Melyn and Frecknock's relationship: the fact that we get it entirely from his side (with a brief flashes from other points of view, such as Benfro, but never anything from Frecknock herself) leaves so many questions about her motives and reasoning. I always find Melyn's sections really enjoyable and gripping to read, much as I detest the man and his actions. Which is a testament to Oswald.I also liked how skillfully a new thread was woven in, as we got to see events unfolding in Llanwennog through the eyes of Prince Dafydd. These bits could easily have been dull in comparison to the sections focused on characters we already know and like (or love to hate), but they really didn't come across that way for me. We were eased in, and the addition of Usel (and the question/revelation of his true allegiance!) helped with that I think.Once again, Oswald's cliffhangers are killer - and none more so than on the final page!

  • Clio
    2019-05-07 08:11

    I really was into the story from the start. I've been waiting for the two main characters to come together for a book and a half, and since they have, the pace has gone up tremendously. It even motivated me to wake up early just so that I could read a chapter before going to work.I had already read somewhere that the ending would make me want to immediately start the next one and ... that is in fact what I'll be doing. "The Broken World": here I come!

  • Buchdrache
    2019-05-16 06:17

    Manchmal müssen Feinde zu Freunden werden, wenn sie von demselben Feind verfolgt werden. Im dritten Teil der Dreamwalker-Reihe von James D. Oswald muss Benfro lernen, dass Errol, obgleich ein Mensch, nicht sein Feind ist und sie nur gemeinsam gegen Melyn bestehen können.Magogs Einfluss auf Benfro wird immer mächtiger, was Benfro immer unberechenbarer macht. Wann ist er noch er selbst und wann gewinnt der Geist des bösen Drachenmagiers die Überhand über ihn? Es fällt ihm schwer sich einzugestehen, dass Errol in der Tat der einzige ist, der ihm jetzt noch helfen kann, besonders dann, als Corwen der Magie Magogs erliegt. Inquisitor Melyn ist ihnen immer dichter auf den Fersen, als auf einmal ein wilder Drache erscheint, ein wahres Ungetüm, wie es die Welt seit Jahrhunderten nicht mehr gesehen hat. Es scheint, dass er aus der Parallelwelt Gogs stammt, die Benfros Vater gesucht hatte. Ebenjene Welt scheint auch die einzige Rettung für die letzten Drachen zu sein.Sehr rasch fällt ins Auge, dass das Lektorat hier keine gute Arbeit leistete. Bereits in den ersten Bänden fielen gelegentlich kleine Fehler auf, hier jedoch häufen sie sich so sehr, dass sie störend wirken. Da werden immer wieder Kommata oder Anführungszeichen vergessen, ganze Wortgruppen wiederholen sich direkt hintereinander und Namen werden vertauscht. Für ein Buch, das bei einem namhaften Verlag erschienen ist, ist das keine Glanzleistung.Inhaltlich ist dieses Mal jedoch nichts auszusetzen. Da jetzt auch noch eine zweite Welt ins Spiel kommt, trägt sie einiges zum Worldbuilding bei, das so wesentlich interessanter wird als noch in den Vorgängerteilen. Plötzlich sind Drachen in der Tat wieder eine Bedrohung sowohl für die Menschen als auch die letzten Drachen. Man fragt sich, wieso sie plötzlich auftauchen und wo sie her kommen. Das Buch wirft damit allerhand Fragen für die kommenden Bände auf und macht viel Lust auf sie.Auch charakterlich tut sich einiges. Nachdem Beulah am Anfang der Reihe vor allem als skrupellose Königin gezeichnet wurde, die in erster Linie an ihrer eigenen Macht und weniger am Wohlergehen anderer interessiert ist, wandelt sich das zunehmend mit ihrer Liebe zu Clun. Er stammt eigentlich aus einfachen Verhältnissen, sie jedoch riskiert eine Menge, als sie ihn in den Adelsstand erhebt und ihn heiratet. Sie zeigt ihm gegenüber sogar sehr romantische Attitüden, was ihr mehr Vielschichtigkeit verleiht und sie als Charakter interessanter macht.Auch mit Benfro und Errol geht es vor allem in der zweiten Hälfte des Buches spannend weiter. Magogs Einfluss auf Benfro wird immer dramatischer, gleichzeitig muss er aber lernen, Errol als Verbündeten anzusehen. Für sie gilt es herauszufinden, was es mit den fremden Drachen und der Welt, als der sie stammen, auf sich hat, da das womöglich ihre einzige Rettung ist. Dabei werde sie noch immer von Inquisitor Melyn verfolgt und sehen sich zahlreichen neuen Gefahren gegenüber. Das Buch endet vergleichbar mit Band eins mit einem gelungenen Cliffhanger, der dazu verleitet, sich sogleich Band 4 anzuschaffen.Nachdem Band 1 und 2 durchaus gute, wenn auch nicht die allerbeste Unterhaltungsliteratur war, weist Band 3 eine deutliche Richtung nach oben auf. Er lässt die leichte Ernüchterung nach dem zweiten Teil rasch wieder vergessen und darauf hoffen, dass die Reihe sich einem packenden Finale entgegenneigt.Mehr von mir auf meinem Blog:

  • Karen
    2019-05-01 09:01

    this series just keeps getting better.also, I love feeling vindicated. I'd suspected since book one that the shepherd was really just a dragon's memories, and this book made it pretty clear that's the case (even if it's not stated explicitly - I reckon that comes in the next book). everything is getting more intense. what's going on with dafydd? we haven't heard from him for at least a hundred pages. usel and his motivations were so puzzling until all was revealed with a single expletive - that was wonderfully done! and wouldn't have been successful if not for the strategically placed infodumps throughout (by which i mean: the excerpts of academic and other writing by men and dragons alike, at the beginning of each chapter. I'm not quite sure I'm into that kind of handling infodumps, but there's no denying that it works (they're pretty cleverly disguised), and in this book they were placed well (in the previous two some could've been moved to better positions). honestly, the skill with which these books are written just keeps getting better, especially compared with the first book which was clunky and ham handed in comparison. I find it especially enjoyable that melyn, who was genuinely terrifying in the first book, is proving to be an ignorant fool. still not somebody to be underestimated, but now there's a cloud above his head of impending doom that he doesn't see because of his ignorance. It delights me to no end. (for the record, I have a feeling frecknock isn't as compliant as she appears to be. I'm 99% certain that she's working melyn to her own advantage and that is also something that tickles me. excellent.)ERROL. WHY SO STUPID. LOOK. YOU HAVE WORKED IT OUT. SURELY YOU HAVE. WHY. WHY WOULD YOU GO BY BALCH IN LLANWENNOG? THIS IS GOING TO BACKFIRE ON YOU. BADLY.

  • Shelley
    2019-05-05 13:48

    Benfro and Errol must continue their quest, but fate continues to intervene, parting them so that they must follow separate paths in the hope of achieving the same end.Benfro continues to want revenge for his mother's death, and Errol hopes to find Martha, confused by his dreams of her fate. Politics, evil and desire for power continue to thwart their plans and magic plays its part in confusing their lives, diverting their attention and continuing to cause mayhem as they learn the hard way how to use the gifts they have been given. Mr Oswald's books have held my interest to the end. When I realised that book 3 is not the last of a trilogy, I was frustrated; not because I want the story to end, but because I fear that it will drag on like George RR Martin's. Both authors' tales are superb, but I dislike the wait between books and as far as I can see, the fourth book of Mr Oswald's series (The Broken World) has not yet been published. I gave up on Mr Martin's story for this reason. I do hope the fourth book will not be too long in arrving!

  • Jane
    2019-05-14 11:16

    I happened to read a copy where apparently parts of it had been removed to be republished in the fourth book in the series which is yet to be published. I have no idea why the author or the publishing house or whoever decided to do that, but I guess it's nice to know that the story continues and some poor souls who happened to purchase an ebook copy of it earlier, get to read parts of it again? Anyways, I really liked the third book in the series as well and although I may have ...My full review for The Golden Cage can be found on my book blog. So can my review for the first book in the Ballad of Sir Benfro series and my review for the second book in the Ballad of Sir Benfro series.

  • Fabrice V
    2019-04-23 13:58

    Just a little note to the author, but also a kinda review for the books until this far:Just finished part 3 of the Ballad of Sir Benfro. Just.... You.... Why?! Aargh! That's all i can think about. Any rate, the things i just wanna say is, keep up the work! The reasons why i love those books is quite simple. Life is hard, there is always some holding you back to do something, sometimes you're lucky, and sometimes, you're not so much, but it's all about going on for what you believe like Benfro and Errol are doing. It's not simply a romantic story where suddenly everything goes right, it's like it should be. The other reason is, when you think it's going that way, but it isn't, half the times i read books i just know what's going to happen, but not with those series, everything is a surprise.

  • Angharad Truelove
    2019-05-12 12:52

    This is the third book in the series and has certainly lived up to my expectations. Faster paced than The Rose Cord, the character insights provided throughout the book help give further depth to characters you thought you already knew. The story keeps gracefully turning, just as you start to think you can see where the path is taking you.Unlike some of the epic fantasy sagas, good as they are, I like the faster pace and smaller pool of key characters within Sir Benfro's tale - I don't find myself looking back in a 'who's this again?' way. Due to this, I'd recommend the series to all readers, not just fans of this genre.My only disappointment is having to wait over a month for the next installment!!

  • Deanna_morley
    2019-05-19 13:53

    In which the main character is repeatedly knocked unconscious to progress the plot.~Aww poor Errol. He really does suffer. The Golden Cage is the third book in the series and from what I can tell the launch pad for the next book in the series. Finally Errol and Benfro's storyline is progressing and we get thrown a whole load of questions. Who are these new dragons? Where's Benfro's father? Is Gog still around? And I really hope we get answers in the next book.Again I found that the villains have the stronger story arc and it's almost as if they're no longer the villains. Very interesting.

  • Manisha
    2019-05-18 14:08

    If I hadn't already bought this book when I'd finished the second book, I wouldn't have continued with the series. It moves very slowly and the two main characters are a bit dull (the villains are far more interesting). But the plot picks up in this book and now I'm curious about Gog's world, the evolving relationship between Frecknock and the Inquisitor and I'd like to see if my theories about the 'Shepherd' and Benfro's father are confirmed.

  • Amy Jennings
    2019-05-13 10:02

    An enjoyable series, I've feverishly read the first three books in this series. I was a little sad to find this wasn't a trilogy, as I'd originally believed, as I was really looking forwards to seeing how it all turned out. However, I must admit I don't think the story could have really finished so soon.Very much enjoying the series, which has adventure and politics without getting bogged down with following too many characters. Looking forwards to the next installment.

  • Nadi Shahid
    2019-05-13 05:56

    *3.5Sooooo - I've been pretty inactive here and I've been reading this book for ages now! Now that I've finally finished it, I'm quite relieved - especially the first half was hard to get through! Review coming soon on the blog!

  • Alice
    2019-04-30 06:11

    I wish E and B would get a break and I'm getting worried about book four. The way I see it now, it's either not the last book and I'm in for a waiting time, or Oswald will get hasty and sloppy.Either way, once again, good book.

  • Maren
    2019-05-08 14:02


  • Felisha
    2019-05-17 13:06

    More Sir Benfro and Erol Please!?!?

  • Pat Stearman
    2019-05-20 08:56

    Took a bit to get into this one and don't think it's as good as the previous ones but still not a bad read.

  • Katie
    2019-05-17 11:50

    A great continuation of the series, I can't wait to read the next one!

  • Marjolein
    2019-05-23 13:59

    This book grabbed me and held me down until I finished it. While book two almost made me quit this series, this book made up for it. Now I have to wait till September for the fourth book. God damn.

  • Andy
    2019-05-20 12:16

    can't wait for the final part , they just keep getting better..