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Struggling writer Jack Dillon’s personal and professional life is falling apart…until he gets a lucrative gig writing the biography of TV comedy icon Walt Stuckey, who mysteriously walked away from Hollywood at the height of his popularity…and left his millions of fans wondering why for decades. Now Walt’s going to answer the tantalizing question, assuring that his biograpStruggling writer Jack Dillon’s personal and professional life is falling apart…until he gets a lucrative gig writing the biography of TV comedy icon Walt Stuckey, who mysteriously walked away from Hollywood at the height of his popularity…and left his millions of fans wondering why for decades. Now Walt’s going to answer the tantalizing question, assuring that his biography will become a massive bestseller and Jack’s salvation. But when Walt is finally ready to tell Jack his big secret, things go terribly, unpredictably wrong, pushing the desperate author into kidnapping…becoming a fugitive chased by the police, the FBI, the news media, a crazed assassin, and Walt’s talentless & psychopathic son…just to finish the book. It’s a brutally original, crazy ride through California, Death Valley and TV history as Jack tries to solve the mystery and craft a perfect finale that doesn’t end with him going to prison… or to his grave....

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  • Col
    2019-04-13 23:13

    Synopsis/blurb…….IMAGINE AN ELMORE LEONARD STORY, INSPIRED BY BOB HOPE AND DIRECTED BY QUENTIN TARANTINO. GOT THE PICTURE? NOW WE’RE OFF & RUNNING…Struggling writer Jack Dillon’s personal and professional life is falling apart…until he gets a lucrative gig writing the biography of TV comedy icon Walt Stuckey, who mysteriously walked away from Hollywood at the height of his popularity…and left his millions of fans wondering why for decades. Now Walt’s going to answer the tantalizing question, assuring that his biography will become a massive bestseller and Jack’s salvation. But when Walt is finally ready to tell Jack his big secret, things go terribly, unpredictably wrong, pushing the desperate author into kidnapping…becoming a fugitive chased by the police, the FBI, the news media, a crazed assassin, and Walt’s talentless & psychopathic son…just to finish the book. It’s a brutally original, crazy ride through California, Death Valley and TV history as Jack tries to solve the mystery and craft a perfect finale that doesn’t end with him going to prison… or to his grave."Philip Reed’s smartly written novel will have readers off and running from the first word and they won’t stop until the pages run out." Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times Bestselling author of Robert B. Parker’s Blind SpotSelected by Kings River Life Magazine as ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF 2015 - "This book is wacky, surprising, and a great read."-------------My take....Another one I read and enjoyed over a year ago and then never posted on. I seem to recall liking the first part of the book better than the second.A journalist has been hired to write a biography of one of America’s best loved TV hosts, one who is loved and remembered fondly by the public, but who mysteriously quit when at the top. There’s a really interesting set-up as our writer Jack Dillon gets to know his subject Walt Stuckey. There’s a real connection between Dillon and Stuckey and you sense that Jack can get the biography done and really turn his life around. Currently his finances are bleak and his personal relationship with his wife (or partner, can’t remember which) is rocky. Things go swimmingly until they don’t – Walt suffers a stroke.As a consequence, Walt’s idiot son Garrett gets involved in his care and exercises artistic control over Jack’s work in progress. Garrett really is a twisted individual and him and Jack clash. Jack gets the boot and with genuine concerns for Walt’s well-being and not just his book deal, career and relationship disappearing over the horizon - he kidnaps our stroke victim.Mayhem ensues, the police get involved. Jack and Walt are on the run. Jack aided by a strange women, Mary who may or may not have been a girlfriend of Walt’s. I really can’t remember, other than recalling she’s a bit of a strange fish. Garrett’s turns psychopath. And the inevitable media circus descends.A bit far-fetched and a suspension of disbelief is required, but it was a really enjoyable romp.Highlights were the connection between Jack and Walt and Walt and his public. Really heart-warming. Reed also does an excellent job in portraying Garrett as a larger-than-life villain with no redeeming features. You really bat for Jack and Walt and hope that the douche-bag doesn’t get to profit from his father’s (historic) success and continued celebrity.Plenty of humour and plenty of tension, especially when the hunt for the kidnapper and kidnappee is in full flow.4 from 5My first time reading Philip Reed but I have a few other offerings from him on the shelves – Bird Dog, Low Rider and The Marquis de Fraud.Philip Reed has his website here. in July, 2016Published – 2015Page count – 321Source – review copy from publisher Brash BooksFormat - Kindle

  • Julie
    2019-04-19 22:12

    Off and Running by Philip Reed is a 2015 Brash Books publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I had no idea what to expect when I started this book, but I knew after the first chapter I was going to like it. Walt Stuckey was the fabulously funny star of a wildly popular television variety show until 1973, when his show was suddenly and without warning, canceled. Although Walt has been out of the spotlight for some years, he had decided it was time to tell his story. Enter Jack Dillion, a playwright and TV writer, who is down on his luck at the moment. His agent commissions him to write Walt's autobiography, which is the best thing to happen to Jack in a long while. But, his good luck runs out quickly when Walt has a debilitating stroke and his son, Garrett, takes over the estate, and the creative license over the book. Things go from bad to worse when Garrett decides Jack is off the project, forcing him to take drastic measures.... Set right on the cusp of the new millennium, this caper style novel is a nice, fast paced story, with many twist and surprises. I loved the style of writing, the nostalgic atmosphere, the poignancy, the wit, and satirical tone, and slight brush of dark humor, employed by the author. I couldn't help but laugh at Jack on occasion, when I could almost hear the wheels turning in his head. He is a writer first and foremost, (despite that part of his career being in the tanker for awhile), and will rationalize things any way he can to get this book deal, to get it finished , and see it published, because this opportunity will open the door for much more success later on. It will be his break through , he could become a household name. So, while the bond he forged with Walt is at the heart of his startling decisions, his author ego is lurking in the background, also playing a role in his choices, even if it's subconsciously. The relationship between Jack and Walt was interesting because they were kind of alike in many ways. “Jack turned off the tape and lay in the dark, thinking back over the past few months. He loved sitting around the coffee table in Walt's Hollywood Hills house talking about the show, bringing the memories alive in Walt's mind again. He remembered how he had begun writing the first chapters and found the words coming faster than he could get them on the page. He'd always remember the day Walt called him and said he liked the chapters. ' We're off and running, kid!' He had been on top of the world after that call. Now Walt was silent, and Jack was alone again.”While character analysis isn't necessarily the point of the story, I enjoyed drawing up the comparisons between these two ego driven men, with their large personalities. But, mostly this is a fun, action filled, caper with kidnappings, murder, suspense, a mean and nasty bad guy, old family secrets, and a shocking, conclusion you will never see coming. This story is highly entertaining, and I recommend it to those who enjoy a good action packed caper or enjoy mystery novels of any kind. 4 stars

  • Connie N.
    2019-03-29 20:14

    Thank you to NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Jack, a writer with a slow-moving career, gets a big break when a popular retired comic, Walt Stuckey, asks him to help write his memoir. Soon the men become friends. But when Walt becomes ill, his son takes over the project. Garrett is a loser who wants to sabotage the deal to his own benefit. But Jack has a plan and takes matters into his own hands. He says he just wants to help, but it's unclear if that's really true or if he's got his own agenda. The book's premise was interesting and the story moved forward well, but the writing seemed somewhat inconsistent, especially at the beginning. None of the characters were particularly likable, actually. But there was enough attraction to provide interest in their dilemma, while also repulsing me with their indecision and underlying sense of danger and deceit. Even having finished the book, there's a question in my mind about the motives of Jack and Mary. The cynical side of me expects that it was all self-serving and a set-up for their own gain. But the author did cause doubt in my mind, so I would call that a plus. Garrett, however, was too obvious to have hidden motives. That was disappointing, as I think that more subtlety would have made him a more believable villain. Not a bad read, by any means. I enjoyed it, but I didn't love it.

  • Trina
    2019-04-17 19:33

    I received this arc from Netgalley. This was an okay read. It moves along fairly well with a few exciting bits thrown in. I didn't really care for the way that the book ended. Overall a passable read.

  • Ian Wood
    2019-03-22 23:15

    This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three-fifths worth reading! The only reason I've relented and started putting stars up there is to credit the good ones, which were being unfairly uncredited. So, all you'll ever see from me is a five-star or a one-star (since no stars isn't a rating, unfortunately).I rated this book WORTHY!WARNING: THERE MAY BE UNHIDDEN SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!Set towards the end of 1999 (for reasons unclear to me), this novel began with a very short prologue which I skipped as I always do. The first problem I ran into was that there was a character named Jack - the most clichéd of all character names. I took a vow a while back never to read another novel which has a main character named Jack (in this case, Jack Dillon, can you believe?!) and that vow is the most pathetic one I ever made, because I have somehow managed to saddle myself with several such novels since then. This one looked interesting from the blurb, so once again I swallowed my pride, integrity, and commitment, and decided to try it out. I sincerely hoped that this author wouldn't make me regret it! He didn't.Jack is undertaking (I may be employing that term advisedly given Walt's age!) to write a bio for a renowned comedian of yester-year, Walt Stuckey. Nobody does this kind of show any more, but Walt had a well-regarded TV comedy and variety show running from 1967 to 1973, when it was abruptly and mysteriously canceled.Jack begins meeting with Walt regularly, and the two of them get along like pants on fire until Walt is stricken by a stroke and his eldest son Garrett (which in this story is evidently an acronym for Gloating, Arrogant, Ridiculously Retarded, Expletive-Terminated Twat), muscles in and takes over. He's a officious little jerk who happens to be the executor of Walt's will, and who rapidly pisses everyone off, including Walt's girlfriend, Mary, who has no power in this situation because Walt never married her, so she would inherit nothing if Walt dies. He also fires Walt's nurse.It's at this point that Jack starts drawing close to Mary, which is rather a surprise, because up to this point we've been given no idea whatsoever that anything is wrong with Jack's marriage, and now it seems like there are issues galore with it. That seemed way too jarring because no hint had been given of this to begin with.What this felt like to me was that Mary was manipulating Jack somehow for some purpose of her own, or perhaps in collaboration with Garret. I certainly didn't trust her, but jack throws his lot in with Mary after Garret fires him from the book-writing project and they end up kidnapping Walt! That's all the story I'm going to give you.One thing which seemed a bit anachronistic, even for 1999, was the use of tapes by Jack to record his interviews with Walt. Maybe he was old fashioned, but even in 1999 it was becoming hard to find recording tape, which was antiquated by then, even in digital form! There were several issues of this nature which others may or may not notice let alone find irksome, but fortunately, the overall story was compelling enough that I decided to overlook them as reasons to reject he story.It was a bit of a kick in the pants to see Garret muscling in on Jack's turf as soon as Walt was disabled, but Jack's agent evidently screwed him. This is why we self publish, folks! It would have been nice to have had a few more details earlier so we understood this when it happened, but when Jack fully grasps how poor of a grasp on this biography he really has, and that he doesn't even have ownership of his own tapes, this certainly gives him (he believes) a good reason to kidnap Walt so they can finish the book, although given that Walt is largely incoherent at that point, I don't see what advantage this gives him.So Jack, Mary, and Walt head off to Mount Whitney. Let's hope Whitney's up for it.. That was a Walt Stuckey style joke. One thing the local police do not understand is the California Penal Code section 207(a)! The police chief claims it depends on how far the victim is taken, but it really doesn't: Every person who forcibly, or by any other means of instilling fear, steals or takes, or holds, detains, or arrests any person in this state, and carries the person into another country, state, or county, or into another part of the same county, is guilty of kidnapping.You'd think a police chief would be more up on the codes than that, but this is a small town. That said, the chief actually doesn't know whether Walt consented to go or not, so he's a bit limited in what he can do without more information, and he is a lot sharper than that idiot Garret credits him for.The story dragged a bit - it ought to have been shorter I felt, and for a while I went back and forth on whether this was a worthy read, because some of it made little sense (for example, where did Slade manage to find himself a camper trailer on the mountain - in a national park?! He didn't have one earlier), and some of the motivation seemed off, but overall I liked the story and the characters. It made me want to read to the end even as I skipped a bit here and there, so it was really that which made me decide this was indeed a worthy read, and I'd recommend it with the above-mentioned caveats in mind.

  • Donna Davis
    2019-04-10 20:28

    Off and Running is a comic caper set around Y2K. Jack is a writer looking for his lucky break; Walt is an old man, a beloved American icon who hasn't published a memoir yet. Garrett is Walt's ill-begotten, bad-tempered adult son, the worst celebrity brat imaginable. Reed tosses them all into his literary blender and what comes out is both hilarious and at times, genuinely suspenseful as well. Thank you once more to Brash Books and Net Galley for permitting me a sneak peek; this amusing tale will be for sale in August.Jack has had one project after another not work out. His wife, Sarah, has had it with him, and wants him to go out and get a real job. Every day she schleps out to her full time job, coming home tired and ill tempered, and she doesn't want to hear anymore about how Jack's latest book proposal will make money for sure. She has a change of heart when Jack's agent sends him out to see the venerated, universally loved comedian, Walt Stuckey. Walt is choosey about who he sees and what he talks about, but over time, Jack builds a genuine rapport with him. They become friends, and Jack is accepted as Walt's biographer. Just as Walt invites Jack and Sarah to come stay the weekend with him and his girlfriend, Mary, the unthinkable happens: Walt has a stroke. The son-from-hell Walt loves but has been unable to develop a positive relationship with takes charge. Walt is held virtually a prisoner, and it soon becomes clear that Garrett does not really want Walt to recover. He wants Walt's financial empire, and he will be the executor of Walt's estate when he goes.So the first thing Garrett does is to isolate Walt. Since his own memoir is the one thing Walt is truly excited about and could give him reason to live, Garrett uses his power-of-attorney privilege to fire Jack and cancel the memoir. Mary isn't having any of it, and once he thinks about it, neither is Jack. Jack is determined to finish this book. It's what Walt wants, too. And most of all, Jack wants to know why the reference to Bebe Rebozo in Walt's comedy routine caused his over the top hit comedy show, which was "funnier 'n hell", to be cancelled without a moment's warning. He'll find out, or die trying. So Jack and Mary launch a rescue mission to free Walt from his rotten son-turned-captor, and the result is alternately suspenseful and hilarious. There are several events in the book that strain credulity, but it's okay, because this is not literary fiction; this is a caper. I couldn't wait to see how it ended, and I was sorry when it did. A considerable portion of the story is set in Death Valley, and the heat, the inescapable sun, the gritty sand were all so palpable that I nearly resolved never to leave my cool damp domicile again.We all need something ridiculous in our lives now and then. Humor relaxes us and puts our own worries into perspective. Do yourself a favor and order this book when it comes out digitally August 4. Then, you'll be off and running!

  • David
    2019-03-28 23:04

    I read off and running as a bargain purchase suggested by my bookbub emails. I wasn't disappointed. Off and Running was the tagline (sort of like the "And away we goooo!" of Jackie Gleason) for comic Walt Stuckey. The aging and retired comic hires Jack to write his biography. Jack is thrilled with the book offer and the promise of writing a bestselling biography with one of America's most beloved entertainers. But after starting, Walt suffers a stroke and his son, Garrett, takes charge of his father's affairs. Garrett is a pain in the you know what, but Jack figures that if he gets to write the book then so what. It soon becomes apparent that Garrett's hopes of becoming a beloved comic like his father is the only thing he can see. With Walt's speech improving, Jack soon discovers that Garrett is hiding some dark secret-- specifically--why Walt's show was suddenly canceled. Convinced that Walt is being mistreated, Jack and Walt's lady friend, Mary, secretly remove Walt from the house and go into hiding to finish the book. Soon, the manhunt is on as everyone is convinced that Jack is a madman who has kidnapped a national treasure.The writing is pretty good.. though I spotted one error.. The author spoke of giving something a wide "birth" when he probably meant berth. Still, the author manages to get us tangled up and rooting for Jack to finish the book and find out what the dark secret is. The characterization of the writer, trying to write something really good, and struggling to maintain control of his own work is very well done. When Jack talks to himself it is in a realistic fashion. Mary is an interesting character and Garrett is well-developed as an egomaniac and a villain. The action is strong and the reader is compelled to just keep reading... This was a really good read. A thriller that threatens life and limb and has a darn good conclusion. I was impressed with the final act as being realistic and well within the realm of possibility. Off and Running is a fun book-- if you don't read it you might be off your rocker.

  • Kath
    2019-03-23 23:12

    Walter Stuckey was a famous comedian, then one day, he left his high rated show and walked away without a word. Fast forward a fair few years and he wants to tell his story. He enlists Jack Dillon, a down on his luck author, to write it with him and at first things are going great, Walter loves what Jack is writing, even sharing it with his girlfriend Mary, and Jack starts to believe that this could be the spark that ignites his own career.And then Walter suffers a stroke and things get weird. What is the motivation behind Walter's son Garrett's actions? Why does he want full control over the book? Jack resists him, gets fired and then, determined to finish the book, kidnaps Walter.What happens next is a mixture of action and farce. Garrett's misdirection to the police and FBI lead them to flounder whilst he himself takes things into his own hands.Garrett is a brilliant baddie. He is slimy, conniving, calculating and a downright bad egg! Conversely, Jack is a great hero, being down on his luck, you really want him to succeed and his grit and determination make you think that it might just turn out OK. Mary is a strange one. I wasn't really always convinced about her motivation but that kept me a bit on my toes.I loved the relationship and rapport between Jack and Walter. I really began to think of them as father and son - Jack would definitely be the son I would prefer to Garrett!There are a few things in the action that I had to suspend belief for but, in the context of the book, it was totally acceptable to do so and I felt that nothing was lost from the narrative by doing so. Also, in the midst of the action, there are some great descriptions, especially of Death Valley. The writing itself was also tight and description and action perfectly balanced.All in all, I found this a good, solid, escapism read and I would definitely read more by this author.I received a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kevin Bergeron
    2019-04-08 21:15

    For six years, until its abrupt cancellation in 1973, The Walt Stuckey Hour was the most popular comedy/variety show on American television. Twenty-seven years later, the elderly, reclusive and all but forgotten host of the show, Walt Stuckey, hires struggling novelist Jack Dillon to help write his autobiography. I can’t really describe the the story that follows without giving away too much of it, only to say it takes the reader on a wild ride involving kidnapping, various mysteries, at least one murder, other crimes and dark secrets, lots of action and suspense, with some shady and fascinating characters, all tightly woven together around the main mystery: why was Walt’s show cancelled at the height of its popularity? The title comes from the sentence Stuckey used to introduce the main part of his show every week: “Get ready, folks, ‘cause we’re off and running!” Like Stuckey’s show, the book gets “off and running” quickly and keeps a quick and steady pace throughout. The chapters are short, description and expository narration are kept to a minimum, and the story with all its twists and turns flows as though it’s telling itself. As good as this story is, it is Walt’s larger-than-life yet vulnerable character (by turns energetic and doddering, egotistic and self-sacrificing) that really brings the story to life. Also, there’s a nice “chemistry” in the relationship of Walt and Jack that I think probably comes from some Freudian psychological dynamics, though I hesitate to mention that because it’s not something that I was consciously aware of as I was reading, only that I was drawn and held by the characters.Although there are a lot of characters and action in this book, it’s easy to follow so that I never lost track, and it all ties together with a surprising and satisfying ending.Thanks to Netgalley and Brash books for an advance copy of the e-book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Nancy
    2019-04-15 17:24

    A Biographer and His Subject on the LamJack Dillon needs a good writing assignment. His work isn't selling, and his wife thinks he's a failure. Then miraculously he meets with Walt Stuckey, a famous TV comedian. Walt has a secret. He left his show suddenly and no one knows why. Now he wants to tell the story, and he chooses Jack to do it. Since childhood, Jack has been a fan of Stuckey. They're both from Jersey, and as the work progresses, that bond turns into friendship. Tragedy strikes when Walt suffers a stroke. His greedy son, Garrett, tries to take over the biography project and mold the book to suit his ideas, but Jack isn't having it. He can't let Walt down even if helping him means doing something illegal. The opening of the book moves slowly as Jack and Walt get to know each other. However, after Walt's stroke and Jack's decision to get him away from Garrett, the story devolves into a chase scene. Here the pace picks up substantially. However, much of what happens is hard to believe. I found Jack a rather flat character. He does some heroic things, but he seems to remain the potential failure of the first section of the book. Walt is an interesting character, but plays a smaller role than Jack. Garrett is a stereotype of the greedy son. If you enjoy mysteries that are primarily a chase scene, you may enjoy this one. It's not one of my favorite plots so I can't recommend it highly. The first section is boring, and after that almost too much is happening. I reviewed this book for Net Galley.

  • Lilian Flesher
    2019-03-31 20:04

    Jack Dillion is a writer, not a famous one rather down on his luck actually, but he is hired to write a story, a story about a famous comedian, who at the height of his TV career, just upped and left his extremely popular show, without an explanation to anyone, not even his adoring public.So you would think meeting the comedian Walt Stuckey would be a simple thing, chatting to him, and writing the story? Wrong, nothing seems to be simple at all, Walt has a rather spoilt brat of a son named Garrett. Jack and Walt become good friends during their chats, and Walt invites Jack and his wife for the weekend which turns out to be the start of the trouble. Walt has a stroke, Garrett the brat sacks Jack, the memoir of Walt's life is canceled, and Walt is kept like a prisoner by the horrible son!!Jack wants to finish the story, and he decides he will finish it, to do that he kidnaps Walt and takes off with him so that they can continue the memoirs. You may think that would be simple, but you would be WRONG things go from bad to worse, the story really picks up the pace. There are attempted murders, kidnapping, murders, comedy, laughs, it is such a diverse story that you cannot help but chuckle at timesI received a copy of this story from Brash Books via NetGalley, (thanks to both for a great read).

  • Cheryl
    2019-03-28 22:06

    The mysteries behind a great TV comedy starIt is 1999 and Jack Dillon, a down-and-out writer, is hired to write the autobiography of Walt Stuckey, a famous TV comedian who left his popular variety show in 1973 at the height of his career - with no explanation to his adoring public.This is a mystery but it also is a character study of Jack and Walt as they work together closely to get this book written. I enjoyed this aspect of the book as much, if not more, than the mystery. The biggest mystery - that is a thread throughout the whole book - is 'why did Walt Stuckey leave his show.' And the question pops up often in the story.There are murders and attempted murders, a kidnapping, good guys, bad guys, romance, L.A., Death Valley, local law enforcement and the FBI. This is a quick read and I enjoyed the characters and the storyline and didn't have to put too much thought into the reading and that was fine with me. It was just what I needed.NOTE: I received this book from Brash Books through Net Galley in exchange for my honest review.

  • Marjorie
    2019-04-17 22:19

    Given To Me For An Honest ReviewOff and Running by Philip Reed is a page turner. Before you open the book, make sure that you have your seatbelt on because you are going ona crazy fun ride that you won't forget. When you open the book, it will grab you, hold you down tightly and you'll watch the pages turn and turn and turn some more until you get to the last page. Walt Stucky walked away from his career in Hollywood without warning or announcement to anyone. He was an iconic comedian and his fans could not imagine why he disappeared. Twenty five years later he is now ready to tell his story to Jack Dillon, a writer. Jack really needs this interview. But, something goes wrong. What happened to the interview? Does Jack solve the mystery? I just loved reading this book. Once you finish reading it, you may find yourself re-reading it again and maybe again and again. I gave this book 5 stars but wish I could have given it more. I highly recommend this book to everyone. I look for more from Philip Reed.

  • Kayla Gallagher
    2019-03-31 01:12

    I received a free copy of Off and Running in exchange for my honest review of the book.I'm going to have to re-read this book due to no problem with the book. I had to stop reading for over a week and I would like to read this book in 1 or 2 sittings. The book is a fun read. The plot moves along at a pace. I dont want to spoil the story for you but safe to say the main character is a part-time/off and on private investigator who takes on a client that he has connection with having watched him on tv as a child. In fact, the client is beloved by everyone except his greedy children. After a health crisis, the client is in need of more than a PI. He needs a friend. Our PI steps in to the position and thats when the story takes off. You meet a cast of characters that keep this story rolling in a tender but fun way. Good plot, good story, enjoyable characters, all with a wonderful flow. Can't ask for more than that.

  • Susan
    2019-04-06 22:25

    Jack Dillon is a struggling writer. He is given the assignment to write Walt Stuckey's autobiography who was well known from his tv show. Jack and Walt hit it off and are working on the autobiography when Walt has a stroke. To finish the book, Jack ends up kidnapping Walt from his son Garrett. Why does Jack kidnap Walt? Is it just so he can finish the book? The local police, Garrett, FBI and media are searching for Jack. Will they find Jack with Walt? What will happen?An excellent mystery that goes on a wild ride with some unexpected twists and turns. The author does an excellent job of writing this novel.Disclaimer: I received an arc of this book free from the author/publisher from Netgalley. I was not obliged to write a favorable review, or even any review at all. The opinions expressed are strictly my own.

  • Doug Phillips
    2019-04-14 17:07

    In short, I quite liked Philip Reed's "Off and Running" thriller. It was the first history-break read that took me in to fiction for a few titles. The story has exciting elements, but was lacking the humorous elements that are used by some to categorize the book. For a good escape story, this one fills the bill. You are not going to learn about forensic science or criminal profiling here. Instead, what is delivered are relatively plausible characters and a pace that crescendos at the end of the story. It is very easy to understand how this work could translate to a television movie. I challenge you to work your way through the character development without thinking of the perfect actor or actress to play that particular part.

  • Sara
    2019-04-14 21:13

    This is a story of kidnapping, murder, attempted murder, romance, humor, and TV networks. The story starts off with Jack Dillon writing the autobiography of a popular TV host from the 70's, Walt Stucky. No one knows why Walt walked away from his successful show. On the road to finding out that answer you also are trying to guess if Walk will recover from his stroke, if the FBI will catch the kidnappers, what will Walt's son do next, and what will happen to Jack?This is a very engaging book with lots of twists and turns.(Note: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.)

  • Jay Williams
    2019-04-06 00:19

    An unusual and compelling thriller. The story involves family, friendship, psychosis, and greed. Each character is described in depth and the reader learns through their actions as well, The book is an easy read, but still acts as a stimulus to thought. The suspense keeps you reading as confrontation follows confrontation. The ending ha high impact.

  • Betty
    2019-04-05 17:28