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Welcome to Axane.Where the monsters are real and wicked has already come this way.1x01 — PilotAurore Duval never thought she would be foolish enough to fall into a trap, let alone one constructed by humans. She’s a witch, but she was careless. Now she and Matthias Levitt are caught up in something more dangerous than anything they ever could have expected… and may just cauWelcome to Axane.Where the monsters are real and wicked has already come this way.1x01 — PilotAurore Duval never thought she would be foolish enough to fall into a trap, let alone one constructed by humans. She’s a witch, but she was careless. Now she and Matthias Levitt are caught up in something more dangerous than anything they ever could have expected… and may just cause the unravelling of a world she thought she knew.1x02 — PapercutsStill recovering from her previous adventure with Matthias, Aurore is plunged into another mystery. The Paranormal Crime Division are stumped by the bodies arriving in the morgue. Something that seemingly kills without a motive — or remorse — is on the loose, and differences must be set aside to solve the case.But while the deaths seem random, Aurore is forced to admit to herself that the monster may not be unfamiliar and there’s a chance she’s the next victim on the list.Join Aurore and Matthias as they team up to solve paranormal mysteries and discover that not all monsters hide in the dark.Sometimes the worst monsters are the ones that live inside us....

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monster monstre Reviews

  • Melissa
    2019-05-09 08:12

    This is a novel I have been wanting to read for some time. I was so excited by the concept of 'episodes' and I was not disappointed! Episode 1The Author has done a beautiful job of introducing the main characters in a way that makes it feel like you are catching up with old friends. Some books tend to spend so much time introducing characters, but with Monster Monstre, I immediately felt as though I knew Aurore and Matthias already. We are thrown into the excitement and the world of magic in Axane. By the end of this episode, you are left wanting to know more about Aurore's mysterious past and the extent of her powers.Episode 2I love that more mystery is added to Aurore's past! Not knowing everything about her straight away and gradually learning about her dark past and the things she is running from leaves me so keen to read more. The introduction of Darius left me crazy happy. I love a grumpy, rule stickler Detective dude. The relationship between Aurore and Matthias is so refreshing. There's love there, and while I would totally ship it should it ever happen in the future, right now I am loving their dynamic friendship and their fun interactions together. They fear losing one another, but there's still so much they keep from each other and I can't wait for some of these things to come to light, so their bond can hopefully become stronger.I certainly hope to see more of Darius and Aurore's interactions too. They seem to always be misunderstanding one another, and I love that they are learning to look past their prejudices and develop a relatively stable alliance. Overall, this novel was such a fun, engaging read. I can't wait for the next episode of Monster Monstre. It was beautifully written and the world building is amazing. I would love to live in Axane! I would highly recommend this novel.

  • Luna
    2019-04-26 06:24

    *Uploaded late due to technical difficulties*I am done. I am so done with everything. This book has effed me up bad. Mira, I love you and all but why? Why did you do this to me? Monster Monstre is the second book by the amazing Mira Toria. I didn't realise how much I had missed this girl until I started reading this book. I had read Almost Loved previously and I loved it and ever since then I've been waiting and waiting for Mira to publish another book. And one day, when I was minding my own business, I received a message. I screamed for flipping joy when Mira asked me to be an ARC reader. Of course I said yes. I would have been stupid not to. Then began the binge reading. This book is told like a TV show. A concept I have not come across before and I have to say I love it. I'm going to start off with episode 1. Episode 1: PilotF*ck me I am in love. I'm not usually a fan of the pilot episodes of shows (except TVD because Damon), it normally takes me 2 or 3 episodes to decided if I actually like something. But this only took me three paragraphs. We meet Aurore, a very powerful witch who runs a shop that sells potions and trinkets and the like. Along with Matthias, her shadow master best friend and my future husband, she is caught up in the world of witch hunters. I was very very scared for my precious loves. What Aurore goes through in this episode put my stomach in knots. I felt sick at times. *shudders* The end of the episode is my absolute favourite part. You get to see Aurore in action. She is a blooming powerful witch. And when I say powerful, I mean powerful. She kicks ass! Episode 2: Papercuts In this episode we see our heroes, along with a supernatural Agent, go after a monster that is killing the residents of Axane. But this isn't the focus. We learn a lot about Aurore and her past and how powerful she actually is. She does have a dark past, perhaps the darkest I've seen when it comes to a character like this. *if you can't tell, I'm trying not to give spoilers. It's hard.*My opinion of her shifted when I learnt all this information. I don't like her all that much right now. _______________________________________________I don't quite know what the overall plot of this "season" is but I do think it's about Aurore and what she has done in her past. Mira is careful in what she reveals to us readers and all I know is that I really need episodes 3&4. Like right now. I need to know more.

  • Kristy
    2019-05-03 06:02

    I received an ARC of 'Monster Monstre' from Mira Toria, in exchange for an honest review.I've been sitting on this review for a few days, I know it shouldn't have taken me this long, but for some reason I've found it hard to come up with the words. I orginally read the episodes 1 & 2 of 'Monster Monstre' in the Malice Vault, when it was a story being written for a Holloween special they had. I loved every intense second of them then, so I was very exctited & honored when Mira offered me an ARC to read & review. Also I wondered what changes Mira would make, if any to the episodes, I can honestly say I can't remember if there were any. In episode 1, Pilot... We first met with Aurore in her shop where the contents of her potion have just exploded, when Matthias arrives & talks her into having some fun at a supernatural bar. When a bet is struck between them, a simple bet that takes a turn for the worse.... In episode 2, Papercuts... Matthias has taken an assignment with the Paranormal Crime Division & somehow Aurore finds herself helping Matthias discover the link between the recent random killings of paranormals in Axane....Even though I'd previously read these 2 episodes, I devoured them, the minute I re-imersed myself into the stories. The suspense as Aurore & Matthias go through the bet that turns into a nightmare for them in episode 1.... then trying to figure out who was killing all the paranormals in episode 2... had me gripping the edge of my seat, holding my breathe until they had finished. I truly hope that the 'Monster Monstre: Season 1, Episodes 1 & 2' is a hint from Mira that there is more to come from Aurore & Matthias.