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Wyl Thirsk has witnessed his best friend horrifically murdered by his King. All those close to Wyl have been traumatised in some way, and now Wyl's sister is being ruthlessly hunted down. Celimus will stop at nothing, it seems, to destroy the Thirsk dynasty.The king has also turned his attention to the neighbouring realm of Briavel - and the woman Wyl loves. Wyl is desperaWyl Thirsk has witnessed his best friend horrifically murdered by his King. All those close to Wyl have been traumatised in some way, and now Wyl's sister is being ruthlessly hunted down. Celimus will stop at nothing, it seems, to destroy the Thirsk dynasty.The king has also turned his attention to the neighbouring realm of Briavel - and the woman Wyl loves. Wyl is desperate to return to Valentyna and prevent her marriage to Celimus, but fate has other plans. Trapped by Myrren's sinister goft of magic, Wyl must first track down the elusive Manwitch - the only person who can help him solve the Quickening....

Title : Blood and Memory
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Blood and Memory Reviews

  • Kylie
    2019-05-01 09:18

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series, but this was a step down. The total trusting of complete strangers and the coincidental things that kept happening were so much more unbelievable than what occurred in the first book. And the same things kept getting shoved down our throats again and again. Hopefully the third book will be more enjoyable. 3 stars.

  • Lowed
    2019-04-24 06:08

    This was way better than I have anticipated. I gave this a four for killing the SISTER! THE DAMN SISTER who became a victim of the quickening. Well, half goes to the sister. And half goes to that hideous father of Myrren. Am emotionally distraught right now. But am still willing to read the last book to find out about Celimus. May his soul rot in hell!. =)

  • Carolynn
    2019-04-24 10:49

    It's books like this that make me enjoy reading so much. I don't think I wanted to put it down from the beginning. It was not your typical second part of a trilogy. There was plenty of action along with exposition. I just started the final book and can't wait to see how the story ends.

  • Shayne
    2019-05-16 10:11

    If you liked the first book of this series, Myrrens Gift, then you know you felt obligated to buy this almost immediately after. Fiona Macintosh keeps surprises hidden for what's either best or worse to come. I thoroughly enjoyed how easily it picked up from the first book as well rather than the usual explaining of what happened in the first book for the first 50 something odd pages. She took no hesitation as to jumping straight back into the seriousness of the series.I had a hard time putting this book down at all when I first started reading it simply for the thrill of wanting to know what was going to happen next. I was very upset with the incident that happened at felrawthy (spoiler alert) since Ylena and Pil had to watch almost every good man that was of religious faith get slaughtered down by mercenaries. I liked the character of Ferryl almost more than Romem because it made me fathom the thought of being a woman and how true some of his actions were that I would make the same if put into those shoes. I almost wished that the character had been hold on to more and learn about the history of her rather than suddenly changing bodies into his beloved sister.The story is bound to make it's readers say"Wtf! No!" several times through moments of the book which actually made me more excited to continue reading and made it so hard to put this book down. I immediately started reading it the day after I finished Myrrens Gift because not knowing what was going to be coming next of random events. I give this one less star than I did Myrrens Gift because I thought the book didn't share the same passion as it did in the first one, the details and shocks were promising as expected from reading the first book, but didn't seem as intertwined as it ought to be. Over all the second edition in the quickening series is a very good addition to the trio making you bite your tongue in some anxiousness as to know what characters are doing at all times. -sag

  • Naomy
    2019-05-02 12:57

    I was very disappointed. The simple style of writing in the first book was fine, the suspense was intense and it flowed nicely. But in this book, the intrigue is highly superficial, I skipped a lot of sentences. Too many cliches, too many repetitions (you have the same sentences on three following pages), the characters aren't interesting... too much words (and often those annoying repetitions) to say something without interest or repeat feelings. See how annoying it is ? Well the whole book is like that. I had already bought the third book, so I might read it out of boredom.

  • Ruth
    2019-04-27 06:52

    c2005. Oddly, for a second book of a series, quite a lot happened whilst setting up for the forthcoming book. Had some unusual twists that I was not expecting. The style of writing was even better than the first book. Loving it......Poor old Wyl (and Faryl and Ylena) and what about Lothryn? Fynch and Knave - a wonderful partnership and the new character of Aremys (reminiscent of The Three Musketeers) Who would have thought something like this could have happened to Lothryn? ? All the characters are great even the bad ones. Roll on the next one! "The news from Morgravia is extraordinary" is indeed!

  • Drake
    2019-05-15 10:08

    The first book really should have ended the series; there was a point at which the plot converged so strongly towards a resolution that it almost feels that the story was damaged to prevent it from ending. This book introduces a number of new elements that almost feel as if they belonged in a different series.Again, worth borrowing, but not buying.

  • Heather S
    2019-04-29 11:55

    I think that trilogies run the risk of having nothing important happen in the middle book, as it becomes just a bridge between the set up and the climax.NOT THIS ONE, though. the weird magic mounts. adventures are had, there's love and probably sex and it's vibrant throughout

  • Inyriljace
    2019-05-21 10:54

    Rather disappointing after the first book which I enjoyed so much. This had the potential to be so good but opted for terrible tropes and unrealistic character reactions.

  • Blackfriar
    2019-05-16 05:58

    Претендует на экранизацию. Не плохо

  • Swiftsea
    2019-05-18 14:14

    If you've read the first book of the Quickening, Myrren's Gift, you would indefinitely proceed with reading Blood and Memory. The 2nd book of the Quickening definitely tests the capability of readers with withstanding the cruel tortures of innocents and near impression of the insignificance of human lives. Myrren's Gift was a chariot ride in comparison, with far less innocent deaths than in Blood and Memory; although most would already presume this was the case from the title of the novel. Fynch and Knave (the awesome Scooby Doo pup)'s journey to find the manwitch holds itself independently throughout the whole novel, though they still remain intricately linked with this well-told tale. All I'm thankful for is that they remain the safest out of all the characters. Valentya is still in a much, I see no progress in her position against Celimus. This novel felt like a polar circle. When it feels as though things are about to turn up bright for a character, the path laid before it is pulled to misery and inevitably, death. If I've ever thought a character would survive through character development and build up of emotional experiences; oh boy, did Fiona Mcintosh prove me wrong. Efforts become equivalent to nothing. Even the poor child, Jhorn couldn't escape Celimus' wrath. Damn him. To be honest, it felt like nothing really happens in this novel other than Wyl attaining a new admiring ally. This novel lifts your spirits and extinguishes it in the same manner. Just when you think new characters can finally get involved and cause an uprising against Celimus, they're eliminated. Easy enough. The basic concept is: We'll try doing something --this leads to--> we die so nothing happens. On the up side, I still enjoyed the novel. The one star reduction is because none of the mercernaries have done a bloody thing or have even whipped out a blade to knock the brains out of Celimus! His character, as obvious as it can get, has shown no development. This is the same case for Cailech and Rashlyn. Gosh, if you all know your kingdoms are doomed, why not get rid of the problem already? I know he's royalty and you have to be wary but if the rumors have already been floating about, that king of yours is clearly the problem. Save us the torment of having Will, somehow adapting relatively well to his female bodies, run about searching for answers and tragically even killing one of the only people left of his bloodline. Why hasn't anyone been running about screaming, "Foul Play!" when it's clear you King has been conspiring amongst his own. In addition, when did mercenaries become so bloody loyal? I'm certain it's not just the pay. Another question, where are the royal guards?

  • Kirstie Bowers
    2019-04-27 08:53

    I love this trilogy - I think I have just read it for the fourth time ;0)

  • Aelvana
    2019-05-07 07:59

    Having discovered Myrren's gift keeps on giving, Wyl is determined to get some answers. Now a woman, he finds the world a stranger place than he imagined---and like before, he ends up crossing Celimus. Wyl is desperate to protect Ylena and Vanlentyna, yet all of his plans keep twisting up on themselves. And Celimus is hardly idle: though he hasn't begun to suspect Wyl's true identity, he has no problem identifying Wyl's current identities are dead set against him.Wyl might not need to wait for Celimus: he's got enough of an enemy in himself. Unused to being a woman, as well as unused to being in someone else's body, he keeps tripping himself up and landing in a lot of trouble. Wyl's reactions to being a woman provide most of the humor in the early part of the novel, and his gift along with its impossible dilemma step up the tension.On the downside, certain events feel rather contrived, particularly near the end. A lot of explanation is given in a rather summary fashion, without regard as to how well the conversation would naturally flow there. The incessant repetition of the idea that no more brave sons would have to die felt forced; there were other, good reasons for the marriage, such as trade and a mutual enemy, that everyone mostly ignores. Additionally, there was one major plot thread that will hopefully pick up again in the next book, but felt dropped here.Overall it's a good followup to the first book, though not one to read on its own as that would spoil the surprise. Unfortunately most of the major issues come up in the last part of the book, so I'm hoping the last book improves. I rate this book Neutral.

  • Mily Lou
    2019-05-02 14:10

    BLOOD MEMORY BOOK TWO BY: FIONA MCINTOSHI love the Fiona Mcintosh books. This book is about a man and a queen. The main character of the book is named Wyl. He falls in love with a queen. He realizes that he is no match for her, because she is a queen and he is not. Not only that, but he is not the most attractive man in the world. To make the story short, Wyl dies and then takes a body of another man. He does not know how he ended up in another mans body. He realizes that a few years before a girl called Myrren gave him a gift. The reason for this gift is because Wly was the only one who cared about her when she was imprisoned for witch craft and later killed. The gift was that he is able to change to a body that is not his own. Wly ended up becoming a man named Roman, a very attractive man. He now has the courage to speak to the queen, the queen falls for Wly/ Roman. But as they live there love life, Wly who is now Roman dies or is he actual died????. He then notices that he is not died, but Myrrens gift spears him from death once again. But sadly the queen does not know about Myrren's gift; that was casted upon Wly or shall i say Roman. He believes that the queen will be afraid of him and not believe him. So he does not say a word. The queen grieves for Roman death and remembers about her one true love. A few months later she is forced to marry a king that she hates. Not only that but Roman finds out that she will marry a king by the name of Celimus who is also Romans worst enemy.

  • Aaron
    2019-05-11 09:54

    Too bad I have this thing about finishing series...Very average fantasy novel - too be honest I'm kind of skimming my way through this one after reading the first book. Kind of annoying all the body switching that goes on - you'd think the best fighter in the land would be able to do a better job of defending himself and keeping himself alive. Although, it is kind of humorous to watch Celimus try to keep up with all of his unwitting double crossing of Wyl. Wyl (in the guise of the woman assassin) was also pretty stupid when he left Celimus in the middle of the night instead of waiting for morning - didn't he know that would obviously raise suspicions when everyone was clueless beforehand?

  • Amelia
    2019-05-21 11:07

    As usual McIntosh's writing is superb, however unlike her Trinity series by the second book (this book) in The Quickening you can kind of tell where the story is going. No spoilers, however there is really only one avenue for the story to take for it to end well for the characters. That's not to say it isn't worth reading because the story itself is a magnificent bold tale that root for the underdog as he faces multiple adversaries, with a truly evil, and powerful nemesis to round out the story. Plus love. It is my recommendation that when you read Blood and Memory to have Bridge of Souls close at hand and read through both together as one giant book, for one it continues better this way and for another you'll want to read it right away (it's addictive).

  • Leslea
    2019-05-18 11:53

    Book #2 of The Quickening Series. Picked up right where Myrren's Gift left off which was great. Once again fantastic writing and loved being so invested in the characters. Could hardly bear to put it down, I just wanted to keep reading to find out what Wyl and his friends were going to do next. The only down side was that I thought there was just a tad too much violence and unnecessary killing and torture. I know it is set in the dark ages where that kinda stuff went on but when you love certain characters (and her writing makes you fall in love with them!) it is just awful when they fall into Celimus's hands and you then get a blow by blow (excuse the pun!) description of their suffering. Still, I loved the book and am still madly in love with Wyl.

  • Annemieke
    2019-05-17 13:19

    Read this book if you: + like a book full of action / betrayal / intrigues / honesty / loyalty+ interested in middle/old ages, knights, kings and queens+ never know where the story is heading too+ when you think you know what's going to happen, half of the time it is going to happen and half of the time you think: "huh, what just happened???"Don't read this book if you:- don't like magic / paranormal subjects- don't like series (it's the second book that prepares for the third and last book)Even the 'disadvantages' are minor. The book can stand by itself and the magic theme is present but not overwhelming. Where would your loyalty lie in this book??????

  • Lire-une-passion
    2019-05-13 13:53

    ATTENTION SPOILERS DU PREMIER TOME !!!"En somme, même si j'ai mis du temps à lire ce second tome, j'en ressors très satisfaite, triste, écœurée, en colère contre certains personnages. J'ai aussi été surprise du revirement de certains (surtout un personnage côtoyant de près Celimus, pour ne pas citer son nom) et ai été ravie d'en retrouver d'autres, bien qu'ils soient touchés au plus profond d'eux-mêmes. Je suis curieuse de lire le tome 3 qui m'attend sagement dans ma PAL (merci Binomette ), mais je vais attendre un peu et digérer les révélations qui ont été faites ici !"Chronique complète:

  • Christel Mirassou
    2019-05-09 10:50

    Un deuxième tome dans la lignée du premier, alors qu'on aurait pu craindre une petite baisse de régime comme bien souvent dans les sagas. Mise à part une certaine obsession de l'auteur pour le viol, vu que la plus part des protagonistes féminins se font violer, ce qui a tendance à vous laisser avec un certain malaise, l'intrigue est toujours aussi prenante. Notre cher bon Wyl a toujours autant la poisse voire même plus si c'est possible!! Même si l'on se doute de la fin, vu le tournant pris au dernier chapitre, j'ai hâte de savoir comment Fiona McIntosh a fait pour nous y amener.

  • Neill Smith
    2019-05-03 12:13

    In Book Two of The Quickening Wyl has learned from Romen’s death that Myrren’s gift is continuing and he is now in the body of Romen’s assassin. He still must protect his sister, Ylena, from Celimus and rescue Lothryn from Cailech and as he moves to do so he discovers new strengths and new knowledge in his new body. Celimus is still moving forward in his suit of Valentyna in order to control Briavel but complications arise when Wyl finds Myrren’s father and comes to understand the intertwining of the magic behind the curse and the political maneuvering between the lands.

  • Monica Hall
    2019-05-07 09:17

    Do not bother to read this book, if you haven't read the first. There's too many plot twist, and to many characters to remember. Thankfully, I read this in order. I think what catches you off guard is from the first book's title you think it's about one character, or perhaps two... In this book, you're completely turned dizzy in terms of how the story changes, and how the subplots, become "the" main plot. Courageous undertaking... Again...Do not bother picking up this book, without book one.

  • Nora
    2019-05-19 14:08

    Well, this book has turned me off Fiona McIntosh as a writer. I enjoyed its predecesssor somewhat, but in this book the main character completely lacks credibility. He's supposed to be an experienced soldier, a general no less, and completely lacks self-preservation skills so he gets repeatedly ambushed, murdered, raped and kidnapped by any gang of thugs that he meets. Very poor.

  • Brandon Golburg
    2019-05-01 08:49

    This is the second in a trilogy of first novels by Fiona McIntosh. While it is clear that the author is still working out some kinks in her writing style, the books are still engaging and well done. McIntosh works within very established High Fantasy principles while still managing to surprise the reader from time to time.

  • Audeline
    2019-05-11 10:55

    On est emporté du début à la fin! Chaque chapitre nous apporte son lot de suspens, d'intrigues et nous pousse à aller jusque au suivant afin d'en savoir plus. Une découverte en entraînant une autre, on se retrouve à passer des nuits blanches à tourner les pages frénétiquement. Un bon épisode, qui ne fait que nous mettre en appétit pour le dernier volume!

  • Deathburst
    2019-05-13 06:52

    Un scénario bateau et des personnages un brin clichés, sauvés par une écriture agréable. Dans la lignée du tome 1, mais les personnages s'enferment dans leurs automatismes et le scénario se répète. Je ne recommanderai pas la série dans son ensemble, et ce tome-ci est bien le moins intéressant des 3.

  • Amanda Shuttleworth
    2019-05-03 12:01

    This is turning out to be a great trilogy. I never would have guessed me becoming a fantasy AND medieval fan. It is a good read and I would definitely say the Characters are well developed and intriguing !

  • Trae
    2019-04-26 08:19

    It's unfortunate that this paperback fell apart while I was reading it. As such, I've recycled it. Even so, the story itself remains intriguing - if now, even more so - and I'm looking forward to reading the third installment in this trilogy.

  • T J
    2019-05-06 13:57

    The continuing story of Wyl Thirsk has it more twist and turns than a roller coaster. His fate has been set by magic and it will take all his courage to see it through to the end. This is an Epic fantasy at it's best and I for one am looking forward to what the next book brings.

  • Anhelle
    2019-04-29 06:54

    Amazing page-turner. It isn't written in the best literary style, but it's easy to read it. I fell in love with the characters and even if you can somehow imagine the ending in the first book, the plot is good enough narrated to entertain the reader.