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'This wonderfully romantic and funny novel manages to fulfill all the best fantasies, including a gorgeous, humanitarian hero and a camper van!' Katie FfordeWhen Carrie's fiancé Huw suddenly calls off their wedding, and she finds out he's marrying another woman, she's devastated. Desperate to get away, Carrie jumps at her best friend Rowena's suggestion of a road trip in'This wonderfully romantic and funny novel manages to fulfill all the best fantasies, including a gorgeous, humanitarian hero and a camper van!' Katie FfordeWhen Carrie's fiancé Huw suddenly calls off their wedding, and she finds out he's marrying another woman, she's devastated. Desperate to get away, Carrie jumps at her best friend Rowena's suggestion of a road trip in her VW camper van. But when Rowena has to pull out and Matt Landor, an old friend of Huw's, ends up filling the breach, she's not so sure. Will fate take the pair on an altogether different journey?...

Title : It Should Have Been Me
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It Should Have Been Me Reviews

  • Kolleen
    2019-04-22 11:05

    Lesson learned from this book: stop buying free or cheap books on Kindle, because they will more than likely suck! After deciding that Amazon's books are pretty pricey, I've been trying to find books I that I may like in the free or discounted sections. Alas, the only two books I have found this way have not been very good. Get it together, Amazon!Anyways, this is a story about Carrie who is dumped by her boyfriend of ten years when he cheats and finds another bride. She loses it and tries to destroy his wedding, running into Matt, an old college douche bag, in the meantime. Up until this point, the book is pretty good. Once Carrie and Matt set off in the camper for their road trip, the book gets pretty shitty. Not only is it predictable, which I could handle, but it isn't even any fun along the way. I didn't like any of the characters, I felt that most of the plotlines were too contrived, and it was just a chore trying to finish it. Bleh. And one more thing, what's with the title change? Either way the book still sucked!

  • Pamela
    2019-04-11 13:48

    I don't know how to explain this book except that it definitely has a "Beginning" - Carrie's fiancee cheats on her; "Middle" - Carrie tries to find herself by having one-night stands; and "End" - Carrie finally realizes she loves Matt. Yes, all books have these elements; however, I've never come across one that is so evident. Considering this book's plot is about Carrie and Matt getting to know each other and falling in love, the book skirts around and around, zig-zagging all over the place before finally coming home to deal with the romantic angle. There's nothing new or interesting about this book. I didn't even like Carrie or Matt. Thought Matt to be cold and Carrie to be absolutely stupid. I say skip it altogether.

  • Jennifer Ellision
    2019-03-31 12:03

    Posted to Almost Grown-up:Romantic comedy and chick-lit used to be my genres of choice, so I’m not sure exactly how I let it become so long since reading my last one. I’m not about to hop off the Young Adult train, but Carrie Goes Off the Map was a nice change from the usual.Carrie is all set to get married to her fiance, Huw. He, unfortunately, has different ideas and dumps her on the night of his stag party. Months later, Carrie hears that Huw has rebounded quite easily and is getting married– that very day. So she hatches a plan for a getaway on a camper trip, though Huw’s old friend Matt wasn’t who she originally planned to bring along.Phillipa Ashley has a terrifically funny voice. I found myself giggling out loud at Carrie, her antics, and her nicknames for people and at Matt’s behavior– there’s one scene when he’s shouting at the television in particular that stood out in my mind.Also, confession time? I have a total weakness for romances where a character is obviously trying to fight off an attraction to another and Carrie Goes Off the Map fits the bill in that respect. Matt’s a pretty stand-up guy: a sexy doctor (rawr), but he saw Carrie in one of her worst moments and she seems to determined to hate him. I loved when she finally gave up on that. Yes, romantic comedies can be a bit predictable, but who doesn’t enjoy the ride of a romance?I really liked how both Carrie and Matt don’t want to jump into a relationship to start off. Okay, I suppose really I liked that Carrie didn’t jump into one. Matt’s a little bit more of a “wild stallion” (and yes, I am as much in disbelief that I tried to pull off using that term as you are.). Carrie just got out of a really serious relationship, and she understandably explores some options first.Overall rating: 4/5. Overall, a romance that left me grinning with the added bonus of Brits. I’ll be happy to explore more by Phillipa Ashley in the future.

  • Blodeuedd Finland
    2019-04-18 11:04

    do love the English, all those words I do not hear that often when I read so many American novels. But here I get them all and I bloody love it.Carrie is dumped by her fiancé (who I thought was an utter ass, but later I did change my mind. He was just a man after all.) Poor Carrie is hurt and angry and I like her, and I like her even more when she has a little revenge. Her new leading man is Matt, but things move slowly along and that is a good thing. I really like how it works out in the end. Nothing fast and furious here. As for Matt, oh, he is a doctor out in the jungle, and to top it off, he is hot. Sometimes I liked him, sometimes I wondered about the woman he was seeing. But all in all i liked him and I thought these two should hook up.Much of the book is about the roadtrip. Carrie needs to get over Huw, Matt has his own issues why he is in England. So there will be sun, sand, kisses, arguing between them and realizations.Conclusion:I liked this one because it was sweet, but it was not too sweet since Carrie made her fair share of mistakes. It's life. Cute, happy and a page-turner.

  • Signe Hansen
    2019-04-24 15:48

    Can I just state the obvious? This book was filled with clichés, lame sexual undertones and.. Basically it's everything you think a chick-flick will be, but.. It's also.. Really really awesome..I loved it..Maybe it's just because of my own pathetic love-life or something, but I seriously couldn't put it down.. Even though I knew how it would end all along, I just.. Adored it.. So.If you're a girl, or.. A really gay boy, you should read this.

  • ~Leslie~
    2019-04-03 13:05

    First time reading this author and it was sort of good and sort of not. Very readable, but the characters were pretty slutty. I didn't get that part at all.

  • Ruth
    2019-04-19 14:45

    Light and easy chick lit read on beach holiday so four stars for its genre.

  • Katie Marriott
    2019-03-25 10:00

    Quick easy read but a bit too predictable and cheesy...or perhaps I was just in a grumpy mood. I enjoyed it by the end in any case and would recommend to romance fans.

  • Danielle
    2019-04-04 12:58

    Life was set, planned and charted for Carrie Brownhill. The love of her life, Huw, and her were set to be married but only four weeks before their wedding date he calls it off to suddenly be married to someone completely different only a few months later. Shocked and confused Carrie decides the perfect solution is a caravan trip with her best friend Rowena, but that falls through as well. Faced with the option of sulking around for the next month or taking along the handsome yet annoying Matt Landor she opts for the adventure of a lifetime and ends up with more than she bargains for. What results is a road trip neither Carrie nor Matt will ever forget.Sometimes you simply need a good solidly funny book with great characters and a little romance. Carrie Goes Off the Map was exactly that for me. Having recently suffered from a bit of a reading slump I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read Phillipa Ahsley’s latest. I’ve had a number of her books sitting on my shelves now for a while, but haven’t had the time to pick them up and now I feel like I’ve done myself a disservice. Phillipa knows how to write! Her characters were so easy to relate to and the story had moments that gave me those little butterflies because of the sheer happiness in the scene. I loved it! Even now, days after reading it, I’m still grinning at how things all turned out.First of all, Carrie. Oh my, Carrie Brownhill is quite the character. Admittedly there were times, many times, during reading the book that I wanted to reach out and scream at her. Oddly enough it wasn’t so much in her “moping” period just after having lost her fiance, because for me that was perfectly understandable and it also didn’t seem to go on for a long time. What made me frustrated with her was her lack of ability to see what was right in front of her, Matt. His character was perfect. Not that he was this unrealistic perfect guy that couldn’t truly exist, but that he was very honest and real. Now, I do have to say that by the end of the book I can see why there were so many times that Carrie just didn’t get things and I’m happy she didn’t because the book would have been much shorter and more boring had she just “figured it all out” to begin with. And let me say…the ending is perfect!Also, this is the perfect road trip book! If you’re not one for road trips you may even end up liking this one because they don’t spend all of their time on the road. Much of the time is spent at different beach locations along the English countryside and for someone who’s never visited, it was incredibly easy to imagine. With at least two or three stop offs on their trip there were a wide enough variety of characters that you didn’t get bored of Carrie and Matt squabbling off and on, but you also had enough angst of wanting to see them finally get together. Overall it was just the right balance of travel, characters and interaction.Carrie Goes Off the Map by Phillipa Ashley is the perfect read for Chick Lit fans. Filled with characters that make you laugh, cringe and even get excited about it simply is a fantastic read! Carrie’s journey with Matt Landor begins as something she absolutely loathes and by the end turns into a relationship that has readers hoping will end amazingly. And it absolutely does! This was a book that got me out of a reading slump and back into a grove primarily because the writing was so good. Carrie Goes Off the Map is a hilarious and heartwarming road trip that readers won’t soon forget!Originally reviewed and copyrighted at my site Chick Lit Reviews and News.

    2019-04-18 15:51

    [Full review on Alexa Loves Books]After reading so many paranormal and dystopian books, I wanted something a bit more fun to read. When I saw the cover for the novel, I was instantly intrigued. And then my blogger friend Jana reviewed the book here and I decided I wanted to read it too.I got exactly what I wanted - Carrie Goes Off the Map, a light, heartwarming and very fun read. You really cannot go wrong with a road trip, a hot guy (who's a doctor to boot) and a girl who's trying to figure out what she wants her life to be. Phillipa Ashley writes a splendid little novel that is quick to read and quite enjoyable besides.The CharactersCarrie Brownhill is, in a word, me. All exaggerations and shenanigans aside, the reason why I loved this novel so much is because I'm a lot like her. She's loyal and talented, with a tendency towards drama (think: this-is-the-end-of-the-world-and-my-life) balanced by a pragmatic nature. It is her determination and her courage that gets her through.The horrible turn of events in her life leaves Carrie at a point of confusion. She had an idea of what her life was going to be like and had always relied on that; when she got dumped, suddenly everything changed! What I liked was that, in her mind, she was hesitant about the whole "embracing a new life" but we see her transformation as the story goes on.Matt Landor, on the other hand, is charming. Despite his "damaged" personality and his slightly cynical nature, I couldn't help but feel a fluttering in my stomach just thinking about him. I mean, he's a doctor AND he works in tribal areas where doctors are really needed AND he's always willing to do what it takes to help people out. There really is no reason NOT to love him.There are some wonderful secondary characters in the novel including Rowena (Carrie's best friend), Nelson (Rowena's sort-of boyfriend) and Lola.The StoryIt's really a fun story about how one little event can change everything - your outlook, your personality, your choices. I like how the whole road trip aspect of the novel tied in with the journey Carrie takes in discovering who she is, what she wants and what she's going to do about it. It's like a coming-of-age novel, only for an older audience.And of course, we can't forget to talk about the romance that's happening! I thought that Carrie and Matt were such a cute pairing. I laughed at their conversations, sighed when they were nice to each other and squealed with joy when something good happened between them! It is fairly apparent where the story is headed, but there are lots of things that happen before it gets there so it's still something you need to read anyway.The Writing StyleI love the fact that this book was so easy to read - the scenes flowed effortlessly into and out of one another, and the character development was on par. Despite having a very good conclusion about what would happen (and it did!), Phillipa Ashley managed to make the journey towards the end interesting, funny and heartwarming.Personally, I say you should...... definitely read this novel if you're looking for a cute, light love story, with a dash of self-discovery and a road trip tossed in. I think that this would actually make a great beach read, but it did help to lift the dreary weather blues away too.

  • Ezza Syuhada
    2019-04-22 09:43

    I chose this book because I just wanted something light to read and doesn't have a lot of page count to rev me up from my reading slump so I didn't have much expectations for this book and it was good actually because it allowed me to just enjoy the book. Surprisingly I really did enjoy the book, I couldn't put it down but now thinking in retrospect I am not too sure why I initially thought the book was great (think: 4-5 stars great) in the first place.The book was very predictable and was filled with a lot of romance tropes but then again it is from Little Black Dress publishing company so I am not surprised. I couldn't relate to the main characters because whilst I was reading it at the back of my mind I am thinking like 'wow they sure sleep around a lot... is this normal for Brits?'.Honestly, I do not have any idea how to write my review because all I feel was that it was an enjoyable book and that is it. I didn't relate to the main characters, some plot points which were supposed to make me empathize to them just made me feel like they were an over dramatic child or on the flip side not dramatic enough, it was full of the usual romance tropes so I already knew the ending from a mile away but I knew this anyway.The one thing that did stand out for me for which I did like was how Carrie took a year off before getting together with Matt this is because I am a firm believer of that after a break-up you should under any circumstances have some time for yourself before you get into any type of relationship be it man or woman to really figure out what you want from life. So, when she eventually did become an item with Matt we all know this is what she truly wants and she isn't doing this because she is lonely or is hurting or whatever (I don't know man I have been out of this dating game for close to 7 years now).And thus that is my review in a nutshell.

  • Laura
    2019-03-25 15:40

    Carrie Goes Off the Map is a very enjoyable road trip novel through England. Carrie is two weeks away from marrying her long-time boyfriend Huw, when he drops a bombshell; he is breaking up with her. Carrie had put aside her own dreams of becoming an actress for Huw and had spent the years since graduating from college helping Huw run his family dairy farm. Suddenly, without a purpose in life, Carrie moves in with her friend Rowena and tries to determine what her next move will be. Rowena tries to cheer Carrie up by planning a European road trip in a vintage VW camper named Dolly. Unfortunately, Rowena is unable to go at the last minute and has found a new companion for Carrie, the handsome Dr. Matt Landor.Matt is back from his work in Tuman after an unfortunate accident. Commanded to take four months off to rest and get himself back together, he is not sure what he is going to do with his time off. Matt was friends with Huw back at the University, and after meeting Carrie again at a bad moment (it’s a classic moment in the book, I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t read it yet!) he is officially intrigued. Together they go on a tour of Southern England and learn how to move on with life. And also learn more about each other.I really enjoyed this book. At one point, a barber cuts Matt’s hair and says that he looks like a modern Mr. Darcy. There were indeed elements of that classic story in this book with Carrie and Matt meeting again after so many years and having a misunderstanding that sets the two at odds at first. Carrie was much more against Matt than he is against her. Their delightful friction kept me entranced throughout the book.I also loved the description of the road trip in the campervan. It sounded like a lot of fun. Phillipa Ashley wrote a great guest post for this blog describing her travels in a campervan as part of the research process for this novel. The post is intriguing ( also really liked an odd thing too, that Huw was a dairy farmer. The descriptions of the mega farm and life on the farm reminded me a lot of life around Wisconsin, aka Dairyland USA. It made me realize that things really are not that different between the United States and England. It was funny that Huw was considered quite a catch as he was a rich farmer, which is the same as some of the farmers in my county who are millionaires. Family farms are not the same as they used to be anywhere anymore it seems.Overall, I found Carrie Goes Off the Map to be a delightful book with great characters, romance, and a wonderful journey. Phillipa Ashley has become one of my new favorite contemporary romance authors.This review was originally posted at:

  • SOS Aloha
    2019-04-04 16:01

    As a card carrying Anglophile, I relish stories from British authors, both historical and contemporary. CARRIE GOES OFF THE MAP is a fun "road trip" story that begins with outrageous laughs and ends with heartwarming cheer. Phillipa Ashley offers an older heroine in Carrie, who thought life was safe with her college ("uni") boyfriend, Huw. They have lived together and worked together on his family farm for 10 years. When Huw calls off the wedding days for the blessed event, Carrie finds herself at a loss of a fiancé, home, and job. She retreats both physically and emotionally. I could relate to Carrie's pain and dilemma. Carrie’s emotions are further tested by Huw’s quick wedding to someone else, leading to a very funny revenge scene that proves to be embarrassing (but one that readers will congratulate Carrie for doing).Carrie’s friend, Rowena, suggests a road trip ala “Animal House”:Boon: "This is ridiculous."Pinto: "What are we gonna do?" Boon and Otter: "Road trip."Yet Rowena backs out when her dream job - a small role on a daytime drama - requires her immediate relocation to London. Rowena recruits a "uni" acquaintance, Matt, to take her place on the road trip. Matt is adrift during mandatory leave as a charity doctor in remote locations. Carrie and Matt share this one trait - a certain detachment from real life - but they clash as road companions. Carrie expected to travel Europe; Matt's expired passport limits them to England. Their personality conflicts leads to many laugh out loud moments as they travel to the next best destination - Devon.Devon allows Carrie to throw back her ring where Huw proposed. It turned into a symbolic "release" for both Carrie and Matt as they encounter the surf culture, take new lovers, and come to terms with who they are. Only after the road trip is over and Matt has returned to the South Pacific do they realize that they have fallen for the other. Phillipa Ashley delivers a predictable ending but one that is satisfying. Along the way, Ashley treats the reader to an “endless summer” where Carrie and Matt seek to be free spirits but find that they are grounded by the other.I appreciated the glimpse into British culture, including the sacred rituals that make the Brits so lovable to American audiences. Some Americans may not understand the slang language throughout the book. Yet any reader will understand, and sympathize with, the raw emotions that Carrie, Rowena, Matt, and even Huw experience. Although the book spans almost two years, it is a fast read that I could not put down. Recommended read for a lazy afternoon.

  • Debbie
    2019-04-20 13:41

    I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of this book and having never read the author before I didn't know what to expect but after reading the blurb on the back I couldn't wait to start reading it.Carrie has been with her farmer fiance Huw for 10 years and then just 2 weeks before the wedding Huw suddenly announces he doesn't want to marry Carrie, no hint anything was wrong just bang sorry I can't marry you. Well Carrie goes from being close to her wedding day to rock bottom and no really understanding as to why Huw has changed his mind. She moves in with her friend Rowena and she tries to put herself back together and realises that she's going to have to go and see Huw about her share of the farm and the financial arrangement because of all the time and money she put into helping him run the farm whilst they were together. Rowena finds something out through a friend which makes her worry about Carrie so she decides to suggest a month long girl's road trip in her boyfriend's beloved VW camper, but life rarely runs smoothly and so just as they're due to go off on their trip Rowena is offered her dream job of acting in a TV series and is torn between taking the job and going on the road trip. Here enters a man who has troubles of his own, a Humanitarian doctor whose been sent home by his boss saying he needs to take a break and Rowena decides to ask Dr Matt Landor if he will go with Carrie on the road trip as she knows Carrie needs to get away from the village and he agrees but can't imagine with a month in a camper van is going to be like, poor Carrie is expecting a continental road trip but at the ferry Tom turns off and admits he doesn't have a passport his has just expired so instead they just get a map and drive around for a month.Sparks fly between them, there is unrequited love for Matt from an old friend and he doesn't want to hurt Natasha, they meet some very funny people along the way and as the time goes on they finally start to open up to each other and what started off as a 2 people at logger heads with each other and wishing they had never agreed to go on this trip start communicating, what will happen between them will they keep hitting off each other and arguing or will they find common ground? You'll need to read it because I hate spoilers but I will say I can't wait to read more of Phillipa's books.

  • Cocktails and Books
    2019-04-21 15:06

    Many contemporary romance and chick-lit books read just like a romantic comedy. Two lonely or scorned people meet, they spend a lot of time together, they argue or some kind of misunderstanding happens and they refuse to speak to one another… only to find their way back to each other, a happily ever after in their very near future, leaving a smile on your face. Carrie Goes Off the Map gives you just that. Carrie is left two weeks before her wedding (after a 10 year relationship!) because her fiancé cheated on her. Her best friend takes her in and decides she needs something to get her mind off of it, so she arranges a European vacation for the two of them in a vintage VW van. But when her friend, Rowena, is given a job opportunity, she has to find a stand in for the vacation. That stand in is her friend, Matt. Matt has his own problems and needs the distraction as well. The two of them spend time together, nagging, arguing, and essentially developing hidden feelings for one another. When their time gets intense, they go their separate ways. It’s years later, when they run in to each other, that the two finally realize and act on their feelings for one another, a la Pride and Prejudice.I adored the characters in the book. The chemistry between Matt and Carrie was awesome. During their trip, their moments were hilarious yet touching. You just knew they HAD to end up together. I also enjoyed Rowena. She was light-hearted and fun, and clearly has her friend’s best interests at heart. I loved the idea of the road trip. How much fun would that be?! Their trip was a big highlight of the story, as it was entertaining and was what brought the characters to each other.Overall, I enjoyed this sweet romance, and am looking forward to reading more from this very talented author.Reviewed by Marie for Cocktails and Books

  • Mary (BookHounds)
    2019-04-21 08:46

    SOURCE: PUBLISHERMY THOUGHTSABSOLUTELY LOVED ITCarrie is asked by her best friend, Rowena, what she would ever do if she caught her fiance cheating on her. Never thinking that Huw would ever do such a thing, she makes up clever ideas about what she might do. Neither one could even imagine that he could ever cheat on her, but right before the big church wedding, he calls it off after a ten year relationship. Rowena rescues Carrie from their shared home and decides they need a road trip to get the bad taste out of her mouth. Everything is set to go until Rowena lands a role on a soap opera but quickly finds a replacement so that Carrie can get her mind off the horrible breakup and have a month on the road.The replacement Rowena finds for herself is Matt. A dashing doctor that has been working in a doctor without borders type of organization in a tropical island. Matt has a horror that he is trying to forget himself. He was involved in an accident and is sent home by his boss to recuperate. Carrie meets Matt again at her ex's wedding where she intends to disrupt it but he convinces her otherwise. They do end up on the trip where each of them grow to like each other. After several false starts and mixed signals between the two of them, some which are incredible funny and terribly sweet.I love Phillipa Ashley's writing style and her romances are so wonderfully put together, you find yourself taken away to another place with them. Carrie is so believable and down to earth that you want to try and make her feel better after her horrible relationship. You just know that Matt with his damaged background and playboy ways will come around to find Carrie "the one". I so enjoy these romances since they really have a perfect balance of humor with interesting characters and dialog. Now, I am patiently waiting for Ashley to write me another story.

  • Lydia Laceby
    2019-03-26 07:57

    Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesCarrie Goes Off The Map is a lighter novel, with a few heavier bits tossed in, and I really enjoyed Carrie and Matt’s cross country trek on this bumpy romantic ride.Carrie is a few short weeks away from walking down the aisle when her fiancé calls it off. Shocked and dismayed, Carrie shacks up with her best friend Rowena and finally agrees to her scheme to get out of town on a European road trip involving an ancient VW Camper Van. But at the last minute Rowena lands a job, leaving Carrie in what she thinks is in a lurch until she realizes that her friend has not left her to cancel her plans or to travel alone at all. Instead, she has invited Matt, an old acquaintance from school, to accompany her instead. Growing increasingly determined to start over and experience life which she realizes she’s ignored, Carrie also grows bound and determined to ignore the sexy male inhabiting her physical and emotional space in the tiny space they’re sharing. Every character in this novel stood out and I especially loved Rowena. She bashed Carrie’s ex-fiancé with finesse when required, listened empathetically when Carrie needed her ear and nudged her forward just when she needed to. She was the perfect best friend and I would love to have her in my corner. Matt was the perfect dreamy doctor. His tense relationship with his brother came through wonderfully as did the tension with Carrie. There was nothing not to love about his character either. I really enjoyed watching Carrie pick herself up and become determined to move on instead of mope around and I especially loved the scene where she first encounters Matt again. This was a perfect romantic adventure and fans of British Chick Lit will not be disappointed.I would definitely read more from Philippa Ashley!

  • Rosy
    2019-04-24 14:07

    Phillipa Ashley's fourth and latest novel is a chip off the old block: her fans everywhere will love it. `It Should Have Been Me' tells the story of Carrie, battered and bruised by the breakdown of her ten year relationship with solid farmer fiancé Huw, to whom she had been about to be married. Her friend Rowena - fellow stalwart of the local am dram - decides that what she needs is a bracing girls-only road trip in a vintage VW camper van (known to the initiated as a `splitty' after the unusual split windscreen), in search of sun, sand and (if it happens to turn out that way) uncomplicated sex. Things take a surprising turn when Rowena is offered a chance-of-a-lifetime acting job in London, and persuades the sexy Matt Landor to stand in as Carrie's travelling companion. In a way, the result of this month of enforced close proximity is never in doubt - and yet the path by which we reach the typically sweet ending is never predictable for a moment. The story unfolds with all the usual, wonderful Ashley ingredients: tensions and misunderstandings aplenty, a wealth of quirky and individual supporting characters (including a clan of hippy surfers) and a great many laughs as well as poignant moments - all of it set against the backdrop of the beautiful west country coastline. The central romance is carefully crafted for a slow, believable build. Humanitarian doctor Matt, with his own troubled past, cuts a powerfully magnetic figure, and Carrie is a typical Ashley heroine: sensitive and vulnerable but also tough and sassy - a woman who can take down a floral display with a jet of hosed water as soon as look at you. `It Should have Been Me' is a great romp, a page-turner from start to finish. But it is also tender and sweet - I defy you to finish it without a smile on your face and a lump in your throat.

  • Becky R.
    2019-03-31 14:10

    Phillipa Ashley has a fun, lively style to her writing that keeps the tempo moving in her stories, and her characters progressing. I'm always struck by writers who can get me to care about the main character quickly, and I always seem to feel that way with Ashley's heroines. In this case, Carrie could be any woman who has been dumped by her man/fiance. However, her situation seems compounded by feelings of all the time she lost and for being played a fool. It's not as if the relationship fizzled out and they both knew it wasn't right, it was like being jilted and left the outsider and the unwanted. All you have to do is add a main male lead character who is charismatic, attractive, aloof, and a Mr. Darcy comparison, and you have a real recipe for sure romance. Whatever it is about a woman who has been scorned and left aside that draws a man in, I'll never quite understand, but we all seem to love it. I can't say that I know of anyone who has done that in real life (gotten together on the back of a nasty split, although I know they exist), but there is something appealing about having that resolution. This story isn't an easy get together though. Much of the story is spent traveling the countryside, as Carrie and her handsome doctor, Matt, take a road trip to forget their woes. As any road trip is bound to do, the two get into their quarrels and eat their fair share of gas station fare. With that comes short tempers, but also a number of conversations brought on by fatigue and heightened emotions. As with Phillipa Ashley's novels, I really enjoyed this newest one. Carrie's story is one that many women will recognize and see themselves in from start to finish (or at least wish to).

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-03-24 13:58

    Originally posted at: http://longandshortreviews.blogspot.c...Carrie thinks she's got it all figured out. An upcoming wedding, a well planned out life. And then the unthinkable happens. Her fiancé decides that they aren't working anymore and ends it, just like that. The breakup came out of nowhere. There were no signs or hints that it was coming. It's time for Carrie to pull herself together and move on.In this funny, lighthearted romance, Carrie takes an adventurous path to self discovery. Starting over isn't easy, but this woman is winging it quite well....for the most part. There was that little incident that led her to meeting Matt Landor for the first time. First impressions are everything, and she didn't make the best one.In many instances, Matt and Carrie get on one another's nerves. A road trip forces the two to bond a little more. Who knew what that would eventually lead to? Their stubborn pride could cost the two real love if they aren't careful. Carrie Goes Off The Map is enjoyable, enlightening, and fun. The author creates believable characters that the reader will love or or dislike, depending on their role in the story. The path to happily ever after for Carrie and Matt takes readers on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, memorable moments, and along the way will meet some charismatic characters that leave their mark in this well crafted novel. Set in various places, including some of Europe, the pacing flows smoothly from one thing to the next.If you enjoy a contemporary novel that has the high potential to leave a smile on your face after the last page is read, then don't miss out on a chance to read this story. Hurry and get yourself a copy.

  • Jennifer Estep
    2019-04-02 12:08

    Carrie Goes Off the Map by Phillipa Ashley is a contemporary romance.Carrie Brownhill is hurt and angry when her fiance abruptly ends their relationship. Even worse is when she finds out that he's marrying another woman just a few months later. Carrie decides to go on a trip through the English countryside to clear her head and finds herself traveling with Matt Landor, a doctor who's trying to come to terms with an accident that he was involved in. Carrie and Matt don't exactly get along at first, but they eventually find themselves admiring and getting close to one another. But their trip has to come to an end sometime, and neither one knows what to do about their future ...I thought this sounded like an interesting read, and there were some things I enjoyed about it, including the characters and the overall voice. Plus, it's set in England, and I always think it's interesting to see the differences in the language and more between various countries.However, the book, the characters, and the situations are pretty run of the mill. You know as soon as Carrie gets dumped that her ex is seeing someone else and that Carrie will find out about it in the worst way possible, which she does. Also, you know that she and Matt will fall for each other as the road trip goes along. Plus, the ending felt a bit hurried to me. I would have liked to have seen more of Carrie and Matt working out their problems together.Overall, this one didn't quite work for me, but if you enjoy books set in England, you might want to check it out.

  • Leah
    2019-04-02 12:02

    Complete and utter chick lit. I'm not a big reader of chick lit, but I do enjoy it every now and then and I did enjoy this book. It was very predictable, but it also contained a few surprises here and there.Set in modern day England, Carrie Brownhill is a local theater actress engaged to her longtime boyfriend Huw. Unfortunately, Huw has other ideas. To get Carrie's mind off her breakup and the despicable thing Huw does, her best friend, Rowena, plans a road trip in her sort-of boyfriend's VW camper van named Dolly. At the last minute Rowena has to back out and invites another man, a good friend of Huw's, to take her place.This story is about how Carrie handles the breakup of her engagement and deals with traveling with one of his good friends. It's a cute story involving friendship, relationship, betrayal, and fun. It's a road trip adventure.It contains a few cuss words, but they are few and far between. It's not a dirty romance. There is talk of sex and only one time is it really mentioned, but I sort of glanced over it, so I don't know how detailed it got. In this aspect, it wasn't bad.

  • Amber Ford
    2019-04-24 15:56

    Well, this one wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t all that great either. The story premise was good and it’s what hooked me into buying the book. But the story came up short in my opinion. This is the story of Carrie, who in the beginning of the story is just about to become a married woman in just a few weeks time. It is also the story of Matt, a doctor who’s works for a medical charity and has been out working in a remote location and a recent mishap has sent him back home. The two end up going on a road trip together in small VW bus. This story focuses on these two characters as they come to grips with what life has thrown at them; as well trying to convey to the reader a developing relationship between them. This is where the story falls short. On one page Carrie is happily doing her own thing; hanging with Spike; Matt with Lola. Next thing you know, they’ve fallen for each other. There wasn’t much to happen in between that would have caused this to happen. It’s so, so.

  • Pamela
    2019-03-30 10:42

    A typical easy British novel with the expected ending. Not surprising, not compelling, but a good, light read if you need something to pass the time. Carrie gets dumped by her long-time fiancee Huw, only to find out he's marrying someone else. She's about to attempt to destroy the wedding when she runs into Matt, an old friend of Huw's from uni. He talks her out of destruction and later shows up again when Carrie's friend, Rowena, is unable to go on their trip through Europe in a camper van. Of course, Carrie is upset that she has to go with Matt, and even more upset once she learns they have to stay in England since Matt's passport has expired. And of course, in the end, she realizes she was in love with Matt all along. Hmmm... do you think they'll end up together? And do you think Huw will end up happy with his new wife? Tough to predict the ending, huh? :)

  • Dawn
    2019-03-30 15:45

    Carrie's fiance of boyfriend of many, many years has unexpectly called off their engagement and now she finds herself stuck in her small town and her ex marrying shortly after their breakup. It is time to leave town with her bestie and see the world.....What was suppose to be Carrie's exotic trip through Europe with her best friend, ends up being a local exursion in a VW van/camper named Dolly. The reason the trip became local instead of a wonderful exotic trip is due to her new travel companion Matt Landor and his teeny tiny issue with an expired passport. We travel with Carrie and Matt who each have their own issues and learn to let things go and hopefully find a new future or path in life.

  • donna
    2019-04-12 12:55

    When Carrie's fiance suddenly breaks off their engagement, her whole world is turned upside down. Luckily, her best friend Rowena has her back and plans a trip for them to drive around Europe in a VW camper van. But when Rowena has to cancel at the last minute, she finds a sexy replacement - a doctor on leave from his charity work. Much like Elizabeth Bennet and her Mr. Darcy, Carrie and her doctor's relationship gets off to a rocky start with plenty of bickering and misunderstandings, but you cheer them on from the very beginning.Really, if your fiance broke up with you weeks before your wedding, what could be better than traveling around coastal England with a sexy doctor? This book is a wonderful escape for lovers of British chick lit.

  • Laura de Leon
    2019-04-19 08:07

    This book was billed as Romance, but it read like Chick Lit to me, and I found it very enjoyable as such.It delivers on the premise of a crazy cross-country trip, with a fun main character and a sexy leading guy.Of course, Carrie is on as much of a mental journey as a physical one. I can't say she goes particularly deep on her path to discovery, but it isn't that kind of book. It's the kind where she (and Matt) sleep with other people while not making all that much effort to figure out where they are going, and it's all OK. They'll still get to their destination.This is a fun, light way to pass some time. Enjoy it for what it is.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-01 10:47

    I haven't heard of Phillipa Ashley before, but after this book I wouldn't mind reading more of her stuff. I had read it a few years ago but forgot most of the book, so rereading it was interesting. I remembered bits and pieces but very few plot points, which was nice for a reread. I do wonder if it was because I didn't think much of it the first time. It was a bit predictable, but I liked the route it took to get there. I do feel like the first 3/4s of the book was really enjoyable and then the last half was a bit rushed. I wish she would've taken a bit longer to hash out some details. But overall, it was a fun rom-com and I wouldn't mind reading more of her work!

  • Tanya
    2019-03-29 16:02

    I really hate to say this ...but I'm so dissapointed In this book! My first ever little black dress book that I have been dissapointed in. I can't believe I actually finished it but I was so hoping for something! Which never delivered. There is no connection what so ever in these characters. The book was all over the place. The two main characters basically screw everyone and anything and never is there any sort of connection between the two and then all the sudden they sleep together. I actually turned back thinking I missed a few chapters. And then they say the love word... What ???? So confused. I wish I could take back the time I spent reading this and picked up another book.

  • Leah
    2019-04-10 07:47

    I hurt my arm this week and was in lots of pain. Fortunately, I had a copy of It Should Have Been Me close by. I forgot much of my pain when I got into this very delightful book. Although it has the traditional romance plot, Ashley always adds more. In each of her novels I've learned something--about "adventure tours" and the people who plan them, about emergency response teams in the Lake District, and now about classic VW vans. She also perfectly captures setting--in this case Cornwall. But it was the hero of this novel who really captured my interest. She describes him so carefully and completely that it's almost as if she had included illustrations.