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Darrell and her friends grow together as they share their school days. There are new students to induct, sporting matches to be won, tempers to control and tricks to play on teachers. This work presents stories about life at boarding school as readers follow the girls' lives through 6 years at Malory Towers....

Title : First Term at Malory Towers
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First Term at Malory Towers Reviews

  • Mark Lawrence
    2019-04-20 15:52

    My mother was 3 years old when this book came out in 1946. Her copy was on my shelf as a child and after reading 20 or so Famous Five books I reluctantly picked it up, trusting Blyton to make even a girls' school interesting. I have vague memories of thinking it was OK.I got my daughter Celyn the books on CD and she adores them. She has listened to them dozens of times.The basic formula is posh girls being mean to each other at boarding school.This book combined with The Worst Witch will give you the foundation of Harry Potter.The girls take a train to Malory Towers at the start of term, making friends and enemies on the way. They're sorted into four houses then sent to sleep in one of four towers.High jinx include pranking French teachers (with unconvincing accents), spiders in desks, duckings/semi-drownings, malicious damage to property and all the other things that provide suitable fresh blood for the British upper classes.There's also a line in practical jokes on the teachers, involving implausible joke-shop purchases and Blyton's enduring failure to understand the limitations of magnets.Much of it seems rather heartless, but then I guess that's a fair representation of many interactions between school children.I can't deny that elements of my book Red Sister draw on the Malory Towers vibe. I have in the past described it as "Malory Towers with knives", though really of course the similarities are fleeting at best. Join my 3-emails-a-year newsletter #prizes..

  • CLM
    2019-04-10 21:33

    I know I am not the only one whose love of boarding school stories began with this series! I embraced Darrell and Sally and their adventures at Malory Towers, despite their anti-American bias, and longed for midnight feasts, adventures in field hockey, uniforms, and tuck boxes. In fact, my sister and I used to play "boarding school," (we also played "orphans," which my mother found very amusing) wearing black skirts, white shirts and black velvet ties around our necks. My mother had Blyton's Adventure series growing up, but the school stories were less common in the US. I think we found the first Malory Towers and St. Clare's books in Toronto.

  • Bill Kupersmith
    2019-03-26 23:55

    As I am trying to write a story set @ a school, I turn to the classics to reacquaint myself with the artistic & moral values inherent in the genre. First Term @ Malory Towers is a spare book & a quick read (tho’ I read it slowly in bits & pieces) but it contains all the essentials. Darrell is a new girl in the first form (like 7th grade in America). She makes new friends, finds out some of her own flaws - a hot temper & a tendency to slack off on her schoolwork - confronts Gwendoline, a mean girl, & rescues a weaker girl from a false friend & from her own fears. We learn deception & trickery are praiseworthy when used for good; in this case to help the timid Mary-Lou discover her inner strengths. She uses her newly found courage to extricate Darrell from Gwendoline’s wicked scheme. A slight story, but teaching excellent lessons.The new girls are received by the headmistress, who tells them: ‘One day you will leave school & go out into the world as young women. You should take with you eager minds, kind hearts, & the will to help. You should take with you a good understanding of many things & a willingness to accept responsibility & a willingness to show yourselves as women to be loved & trusted. All these things you will be able to learn @ Malory Towers - if you will. I do not count as our successes those who have won scholarships & passed exams, tho’ these are good things to do. I count as our successes those who learn to be good-hearted & kind, sensible & trustable, good sound women the world can lean on. Our failures are those who do not learn thee things in the years they are here.’The head understands that the school really exists to provide a formation as well as an education (‘scholarships & pass[ing] exams’), to provide each student with a special kind of character - ‘good-hearted & kind, sensible & trustable’. This is such a refreshing alternative to current obsessions with ‘league-tables’ & ‘A-level results’: social cachet & what make of motor car the mums @ the school-gate drive as well as the Guardianistas’ obsession with the diversity & multiculturalism only a state school can offer.Finally, as the girls wonder whether the horrible Gwendoline is redeemable, Katherine (‘the head of the dormy’) remarks: ‘It depends on how long she stays @ Malory towers. It’s funny how the longer you stay here the decenter you get. That’s what my aunt told me. She came here too, & she told me all kinds of stories about awful girls who got all right!’ I own three more books in the series to find out whether Gwendoline gets all right but it may be a while before I find out. In the meantime, I’ll endeavour to be ‘good-hearted & kind, sensible & trustable’ too.

  • Catherine Ford
    2019-03-30 16:47

    These books may be short but they are so sweet and innocent; I really enjoyed reading this book.

  • Susan
    2019-03-20 17:56

    با وجودی که تو نوجوانی خواندمش که با 99 درصد کتابها ارتباط برقرار می کردم و دنبال چیزی به نام "منطق"در کتابها نبودم،باز هم برایم اعصاب خردکن بود.اصولا دنیای دخترمدرسه ای ها را دوست ندارم.آدم هایی که-عموما-لوس و بی منطق اند و البته، همیشه خودشان را بی نهایت جذاب و پرجنب و جوش تصور می کنند.این کتاب هم پر از دخترهای اینجوری است.دخترهای "مثلا" باهوش و خوشگلی که یک سال تحصیلی"پرهیجان"را می گذرانند.خودم دانش آموز بودم که خواندمش ولی چی بوده که همان موقع هم برایم نفرت انگیز و اغراق آمیز بود!فقط یک دختر لوس موطلایی بود که هیچ دوستی نداشت و همه اش دردسر درست می کرد فقط از آن خوشم می آید چون لااقل مابه ازای بیرونی داشت!معلم های فهیم و خوش اخلاق و مدیرهایی که دانش آموزها را از جانشان هم بیشتر دوست دارند و درس های آسان و خلاصه همه چیز دلچسب و خوب.آیا این چیزی است که ما از مدرسه هایمان به یاد داریم؟و اگر در واقعیت اینطور نیست،علت خلق این همه کتاب و داستان با توصیفات دروغین از مدرسه چیست؟ آیا نویسنده ها مدرسه نرفتند یا این سیاستی است برای علاقمند کردن بچه ها به مدرسه؟کلا داستان من و انید بلایتون داستان قشنگی نیست!اصلا از شخصیتهای اغراق شده اش خوشم نمی آید.

  • Lisa Vegan
    2019-03-29 20:33

    I was fortunate to find out about this series (this is the first book in a 6 book series) because of one Goodreads friend, and thanks to another Goodreads friend was able to purchase the six book series for less than the cost of mailing. I’m really happy to have them. It’s going to take some discipline on my part to wait to read the next five until I’ve read some other books further up in my queue.I guess the plot was formulaic and the girls were all a “type” but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It felt like a short vacation back to childhood and it was a really fun read. I would have adored this book when I was a child. I certainly was not as cheerful as the main heroine but did enjoy reading about those cheerful girls, and there are girls with all sorts of personalities and all sorts of strengths and weaknesses who make up the cast of characters and they’re interesting to get to know. As an adult I saw almost everything coming but I didn’t mind one bit.I admit I did feel sympathy for the “bad” girl, more than I probably would have had I read these first as a child.The book is very British and somewhat old fashioned (it was first published in 1946) but I think it can be easily enjoyed today with those caveats kept in mind.

  • Faye
    2019-04-20 20:52

    Storyline First Term at Malory Towersis the first book in the Malory Towers series. Darrell is going to her new boarding school, and is very excited, but nervous, too! But when she gets to the train station and finds out that a girl called Alicia is looking after her,she feels that she has a friend, already! But can Darrell keep a lid on her temper?CommentThis is a really good book! It's very enjoyable, and also makes you want to read on-- it is full of suspicion! For example, I would thinkI will just read to the end of this chapter, but then I will stop for now, but I would find myself reading much more chapters because of how good it is!RatingI rated this book four stars because of how gripping and exciting it is, but also because of how it fills you with suspense! You wonder at the end of each chapterwhat is going to happen next? , so you find yourself whizzing through the book! Age GroupI think that the best age group for this book is 7+, as I think that it would be very nice to read for the older children. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!My Favourite CharacterI think that my favourite character is Mary-Lou, who is the youngest in the year. She might be very scared of most things in the world (even earwigs and water!), but inside, she is a very kind and generous person, who can learn to shine.Suggestion to the AuthorAll I can say to the author is her work was amazing, and she is very much appreciated by children and other authors, including me! Faye xx

  • Olivia
    2019-04-12 15:39

    this is the series i practically grew up with...klo anak2 jaman sekarang mulai dengan harry potter, i started my avid reading habit dengan buku2 tulisan ms. blyton... dan malory towers adalah yang terbaik!!!buku inilah yang pertama kali bikin aku bermimpi... waktu itu sih mimpinya pengen sekolah di sekolah asrama... mimpi yang ga' tercapai karena apparently - according to my parents - sekolah berasrama di indonesia ga' seperti di inggris (ya iyalaaaaah)...lalu buku ini juga yang pertama kali memperkenalkan aku pada konsep "sahabat", that walopun bisa saja ada banyak teman yang cocok dan akrab dengan kita, "sahabat" paling banyak hanya bisa sejumlah jari sebelah tangan (not that the books said it explicitly, but only as i wanted to believe hehehehe)... akibatnya? bisa di tebak, i grew up quite unsociable hhhohohohohoh (not that i mind), partly karna "salah nangkep" isi buku ini, setangahnya lagi karna sangking kutu bukunya aku emang jadi ga' gaul...

  • Kenza
    2019-03-28 17:02

    i loveee these books :) i love the way that old books were written- as in, how enid blyton wrote them. i love the old covers/editions, they make it seem so much more old-timey. but the new covers are so cute. i'll say the same about the rest of the series. i was REALLY upset when i finished reading the series, and i was really skeptical about reading pamela cox's new ones- i didnt want to- but i tried New Term at Malory Towers and i enjoyed it immensely! since she fit the style of writing to enid blyton's, its ALMOST as if it was one of the originals. i still want to read Summer Term and i think its Winter Term (?). i like these better than the st claires books, however i've only read a couple of them and i will try to get my hands on the rest soon. its practically impossible to find these books in america, which IS a shame!

  • Aida
    2019-04-03 22:54

    favorite childhood book

  • Wirotomo Nofamilyname
    2019-04-07 17:53

    Dibaca dalam rangka baca bareng sesama orang lanjut usia yang merupakan anggota GRI dan pencinta Malory Towers ("MT") :-)seperti yang lain, saya agak kaget dengan istilah kuno yg dulu memang familiar tp agak jarang terdengar sekarang: cawu, sepur 7, dsb.dan saya agak kaget begitu menyadari bhw di buku ini, Gwendoline sayang, memang digambarkan cantik dgn rambut keemasannya. pikiran saya kok mbayangkannya berwajah buruk rupa dan gembrot. Ah umur.... :-) ceritanya? mmmm okelah terutama karena memang cerita ini ditujukan untuk anak-anak. Banyak (buat saya: terlalu banyak :-)) petuah yang disampaikan. tapi saya cukup kagum dengan kemampuan Enid Blyton untuk menyampaikan petuah dalam rangkaian cerita yang nyambung (tdk seperti diada-adakan), misal: mengenai pura-pura tulinya Alicia (yg berbuntut pada ketidakpercayaan para guru saat dia benar-benar tuli sesaat), ketakutan Darrell saat dia menyangka dialah penyebab sakitnya Sally (yang menyebabkan dia sadar betapa tidak enaknya memiliki rasa takut, apalagi jika diejek, seperti dialami Mary Lou), dsb.sedang ketergangguan saya (sebagai orang dewasa tentu saja) dalam membaca buku ini terutama disebabkan pada:1. Buku ini diterbitkan setahun setelah berakhirnya Perang Dunia II, tapi sepertinya tidak ada "luka" akibat perang besar ini. apakah pemulihan demikian cepat dilakukan? hmmm2. Semua murid baru di MT sepertinya psychic, dengan melihat wajah guru dan teman barunya, langsung bisa menebak semua sifat orang tersebut. Oh Ms. Potts pasti begini. Oh Ms. Grayling pasti begini. Oh Alicia pasti begini. Saya, sewaktu pertama kali bertemu mmm Echa atau Mute misalnya, tidak tahu bahwa mereka ini pengunyah sejati, pekerja keras, dsb. Saya tahunya setelah lama berinteraksi dengan mereka. So it's just me or they are really psychic???3. Sepakat dengan Harun di review lain tentang buku ini, tokoh Darrell kurang tepat untuk dijadikan sebagai tokoh utama. Yang dapat ditonjolkan hanya kecenderungan sifat pemarahnya. Kecuali jika POV nya memang hanya dia, dan tidak berganti-ganti seperti di buku ini, mungkin pertimbangan penggunaan Darrell sebagai tokoh utama baru masuk akal. Karena dia adalah tokoh yang paling biasa di buku ini. hehehe.Tapi in-overall saya suka cerita di buku ini, menyenangkan untuk dibaca, Enid Blyton cukup ahli dalam memasukkan petuah di sana sini, dan gambaran visual tentang gedung MT begitu memukau, mantap. Sip lah.Sebagai tambahan, walaupun saya sangat menyukai cerita MT ini, saya tidak akan memasukkan anak perempuan saya ke MT. Kebanyakan gurunya (atau semuanya?) dipanggil Ms. atau Mamzelle, padahal dari deskripsinya sepertinya telah berumur. Apa yg bisa diajarkan oleh mereka yang belum pernah memiliki anak dan suami, kepada anak2 kita nanti. Mungkin nanti anak kita akan canggung dengan lawan jenisnya, atau ah saya tidak berani membayangkan. hahaha. ini cuma sedikit hal yang terbersit setelah membaca buku ini. jangan ditanggapi serius. ;-)Gituu....

  • Shinjini
    2019-03-21 21:37

    I’m on an Enid Blyton binge for some time now. It started with The Famous Five series and now I've given the five a break and shifted to Malory Towers, one of the two boarding school series written by her. Malory Towers is a series of six novels based on a fictional boarding school of the same name, located in Cornish.The first book in the series introduces us to the protagonist, Darrell Rivers. In the beginning, the reader comes to know of Darrell’s expectations from her time in Malory Towers. She hopes to be a good student and wishes to make out of the school as a well-bred woman with a wonderful life ahead of her. In the very beginning, she is unsure and hesitant towards making friends but as the days progress she wonders how she ever felt that way as within a week or two, she completely forgets that she was supposed to be a new girl. She is the youngest in her form but that surely doesn't mean she is behind the older ones in studies. This series is more about her journey through her teen years and how she comes of age to become an independent woman.What I love about this book is how many girls in the book have to overcome some drawback of their own. For Darrell, it is her violent temper, for Sally Hope, it is her jealousy for her little sister. Mary-Lou has to overcome her fear of water when she has to save something she loves dearly. The book also proves the proverb, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. When Darrell is accused for something she did not do, it is her true friends who stand up for her and defend her. Doesn't that happen in real life as well? No matter how many people we have on our Facebook friend list or in our contacts, we can only have a few close friends that we trust and will go to the ends of the earth for. That’s friendship for you. Only a few people understand you well enough to love you even at your worst. Darrell found out who those friends were when she was at her lowest. And that’s how a friendship was made for life.Malory Towers is a book of lessons if you pay close attention. You can learn many things from it. And if not, you can always read this book for some nostalgic memories of your school life.

  • Yellowoasis
    2019-04-15 15:32

    I read this book because I heard a fabulous recording of a talk about Enid Blyton from Seven Stories. It’s interesting to me how Blyton has been rehabilitated in the world of children’s literature. Indeed, when I ordered this book up from the stacks of Auckland Public Library the librarian smiled wryly and said, when I was a new librarian, these books weren’t allowed. Plus ça change. I loved Malory Towers as a youngster. So I was a bit dubious about reading the book after all these decades. I loved it, of course. Yes, the first bit is a bit tedious as Blyton explains all the basics of Malory Towers life, but the characters are great. Darrell Rivers is a wonderful heroine – flawed, likeable, brave (actually, very masculine in many respects, she could easily be Dick or Julian). PS is it just me or is there something quite odd about calling your female protagonist Darrell Rivers when your second husband’s name is Darrell Waters? Gwendoline is the girl we love to hate, obviously. In spite of my cynicism, I was drawn in to the simple plot. Let’s face it, the situations Blyton presents are no different to those in modern life, be it at school or at the office. We all have rivals and moments of personal insight when we learn something about ourselves. And the messages she preaches – being true to yourself, being honourable, working hard – are very much in vogue today. I know they went out of fashion for a couple of decades, but I’m all in favour of bringing them back! Especially for young women. So, next stop is Switzerland and the Chalet School. It will be interesting to see how it compares.

  • Nikki
    2019-04-01 21:37

    As with a few other books I've reviewed before, I'm rating this with the feelings I had for it at the time, not by any means an objective judgement on it as an adult! I used to devour Enid Blyton's work, despite being aware of the at times icky implications (racism, Anglo-centrism, sexism, classism, etc). There was something about it, something nostalgic. It was a midnight feast in its own way.Anyway, Darryl was probably my favourite of all Blyton's schoolgirls. I don't remember much about it now, to be honest -- I remember her violent temper, and the way all the girls have things they must overcome and so on, but I don't remember specifics. I can't remember if they were particularly prone to playing pranks in this series, or if that was mostly in others...

  • Clare
    2019-04-17 18:57

    I listened to this as an audio book. First term at Mallory Towers was about a girl called Darryl who was about to start Malory Towers. Darryl has a hot temper but she is kind hearted and loyal to her friends. Meet Darryl, Sally and Mary-Loo for a walk down memory lane.

  • katie
    2019-03-24 20:35

    Should I be embarrassed to admit I loved this at 26 just as much as I did at ten? Because I did. And I'm not. :)

  • Kopf vor dem Herzen
    2019-04-12 21:51

    Knapp 30 Jahre später und ich liebe die Bücher immer noch! :-) Ein wunderbarer Ausgleich, zu all den schlimmen Dingen, die um uns herum passieren...

  • Karen
    2019-04-16 16:57

    I liked Malory Towers more than I had expected - enough to buy the whole set for my daughter, who recommended it to me in the first place.I didn't grow up reading Enid Blyton stories, and so tend to be a bit sceptical about the quality of her work. Luckily, First Term at Malory Towers left me pleasantly surprised. I liked how its main characters all had personality flaws, which made them more believable and age-appropriate (it seemed perfectly believable for 12-13 year olds to still be a bit self-centred and lack empathy and consideration for others) - the exception being Gwendoline, the villain, who was more one-dimensional. I liked how its school setting did not rely on quaint traditions or jargon to show what a jolly place it was; and I liked how it had a clear moral attitude yet was not didactic. The good admirable adults in the story, e.g. Darrell's parents and the Headmistress of Malory Towers, all mention making the most of your opportunities, and giving back to your community, yet there is no ultra-virtuous character, no preachiness. There is also a good amount of action and excitement for a first book in a series, with its scene-setting obligations. And surprisingly, it doesn't seem dated! Overall an enjoyable book, and I will add the sequels to my TO Read pile.

  • Miranti
    2019-04-02 18:35

    my first encounter with Malory Towers the series. I read my sister's book, then i fell in love with the characters..Darrel, the smart but sometimes can be hot-tempered. Usually, the series were written from her perspective.Sally, the wise and mature oneMary-Lou, the sweet and kind girlGwendoline, the spoilled one (oops)Alicia, the class-clown and the queen of tricksBetty, Alicia's partner-in-crimeIrene, music is her middle nameBelinda, the creative one, very good at drawingsFelicity, Darrel's little sisterMiss Potts, the class-teacherMiss Grayling, the headmistressMam'zelle Dupont, the funny French teacherMam'zelle Rougier, the unfriendly French teacherand then...I decided to bought the rest of the series.

  • Alison
    2019-04-11 20:37

    I've borrowed this book from my niece, who is an avid reader and has read this series countless times. I last read them when I was about 10 - nevertheless the characters came flooding back once I started reading. I love the way that none of the girls are perfect and Gwendoline, the most irritating girl, gets her comeuppance! There's a lot of emphasis on girls achieving a lot and having high expectations of themselves and taking responsibility for their decisions - all to be encouraged. I expected it to seem more old-fashioned than it did.I enjoyed going back to my childhood and will be reading the others - when I can prise them away from my niece! My 4 stars is on the basis of a 10 year old reading it (although Zoe would probably give it 5!)

  • Kirsti
    2019-04-11 21:32

    I discovered Malory Towers long after Enid Blyton had first tempted me into her child like worlds. I adored Famous Five and Secret seven, but somehow never came across this series. I loved it! I think I was about sixteen when I read my first Malory Towers book, but I wasn't too old to not enjoy the story. I'd wanted to go to an Enid Blyton type school for a long time, due to the St Clare's books, but I think this series is a cut even above those delights. Darrel has a major fault; her wicked temper. I love reading her transformation over the years she at school, along with Sally and Mary-Lou. A great series for children, and one you can still enjoy as an adult!

  • Ana
    2019-03-23 23:00

    Adorei. Gosto imenso de livros que se passam em colégios internos e estou a ver que vou adorar esta série.

  • Xyra
    2019-04-13 20:55

    I found this at a bookstore in London during my first trip overseas and fell in love. The next time I was in England I bought what the store had on the shelf, but have holes in my collection.What can happen to a girl when she heads off to boarding school? A lot. A good story and fun read. The rest in the series are just as good.

  • Sandra Bašić
    2019-04-18 20:34

    Enid's Famous Five will always remain in my heart but I also enjoyed in this one.

  • Aida Fajriyatin
    2019-03-21 15:58

    Just read first chapter. It's good enough.

  • Eline
    2019-04-18 22:01

    Manmanman, dat was echt weer heerlijk.Moet wel zeggen dat er een aantal dingen nogal anders zijn dan ik me herinner. Wat ik vroeger zag als grappige opmerkingen, zie ik nu als gemeen en soms zelfs hatelijk. Er worden dingen gezegd die niet kunnen, en ik vind het heel interessant om hier met een iets volwassener POV naar te kijken. Maar dit blijven fijne boeken, haha

  • Emma Hamilton
    2019-04-19 15:43

    Love this book- great read as a child.

  • Marchel
    2019-04-07 17:35

    Duluuu... baca buku ini tanpa pernah tahu siapa itu Enid Blyton.Waktu kuliah, buku ini 1 set beserta St. Clare 1 set sengaja diungsikan ke Bandung untuk teman bacaan di kala bosan. Sebuah keputusan yang sangat kusesalin hingga sekarang, karena semuanya tertinggal di sana. T____TSekarang waktu kerja, kaget tak tersangka-sangka ternyata banyak juga yg suka n punya buku ini. Alhasil, sengaja kupinjam dan kubaca ulang.Malory Towers, adalah sekolah asrama khusus gadis-gadis berusia 12-18 tahun (menghitung dari banyaknya kelas yg harus ditempuh seorang murid hingga lulus). Terletak di daerah Cornwall, menurut Enid Blyton, pengarangnya sendiri.Bercerita tentang tokoh utamanya, Darrel Rivers, seorang anak yg "biasa". Dalam artian, kalo belajar ya seperti rata-rata umumnya pelajar, ada pelajaran yg disukai ada yang tidak disukai. Suka pada guru tertentu, sebisa mungkin menghindari guru yang tidak disukai, dan segan pada kepala sekolah (dan juga kepada kepala asrama, karena ini sekolah asrama ^_^). Dan suka iseng mengerjai guru tertentu, walau di Indonesia jarang ada kelakuan begini. Bisa dianggap anak yang bermasalah kalau ada yang seperti itu.>.<Di Malory Towers, Darrel bertemu Alicia Johns, Betty Hill, Gwendoline "Dear" Mary Lacey, Irene, Emily Lake, Jean MacDonald, Mary-Lou, Katherine, Sally Hope, Violet yang semuanya menjadi teman satu asrama di Menara Utara. (Kecuali Betty, sahabat Alicia ini di Menara Barat).Katherine, sang ketua kelas dan ketua kamar. Dipilih seperti itu, karena dia yang paling tua di antara yang lain.Alicia, cerdas namun lidahnya kelewat tajam walau juga berani mengaku salah saat dia sudah terlanjur menuduh Darrel yg bersalah pada peristiwa hancurnya pulpen Mary-Lou. Selalu yang mencetuskan ide keisengan teman-temannya mengerjai guru, terutama Mam'zelle Dupont yang gendut n kocak walau pemarah (kadang gw pikir ini kombinasi sifat yg aneh >.<)Betty, sahabat Alicia, dan pendukung utama keusilan Alicia mengerjai guru-gurunya.Gwendoline Mary Lacey, alias Gwendoline Mary Lacey Tersayang pujaan ibu kekasih ayah, julukan yang diberikan Alicia. Cantik, namun manja, pesolek, benci berenang, benci kegiatan olah raga, licik dan suka iri pada orang lain. Pernah membenamkan Mary-Lou di kolam saat berenang, dan akibatnya Darrel tak bisa menahan diri dan menampar pahanya. "Begitu keras, hingga terdengar ke menara sekolah", kata Emily kepada orang tua Darrel saat hari pertengahan semester.Irene, si jenius kelas. Sangat gampang menerima pelajaran, namun suka lupa pada hal-hal kecil dan sederhana. Seperti salah masuk ruang kesenian, mengira ada pelajaran melukis. Irene setengah jam berada di situ asyik mengerjakan suatu soal matematika, tanpa pernah menyadari kenapa anak-anak yang lain tidak datang. Huehehehehehe, parah amat ya si Irene.Mary-Lou si kecil, si penakut. Takut pada air, takut pada laba-laba, takut pada kegelapan. Ketakutan pada laba-labanya ini, pernah menggemparkan kelas saat Gwen menaruh laba-laba besar di laci mejanya. Huahahaha..Tapi dia pernah nyebur ke kolam, lengkap dengan seragamnya, dan berenang untuk menyelamatkan Darrel yang pura-pura kram saat berenang. Bravo, Mary-Lou !Sally Hope, awalnya dia dikenal sebagai gadis pemurung dan penyendiri. Akhirnya diketahui dia seperti itu karena dia merasa diasingkan oleh orang tuanya karena ibunya melahirkan seorang adik untuknya. Aduh, bodohnya Sally! Tapi terkadang perasaan kita seperti itu, iri pada saudara kita saat terlihat memiliki perhatian lebih dari orang tua kita.Oh satu lagi. Di serial ini banyak kata-kata dalam bahasa Perancis. Lumayan, setidaknya membantu belajar bahasa Perancis untuk percakapan...

  • LH Johnson
    2019-04-06 21:44

    And so my Blyton marathon reaches another great classic, her series of school stories set at the deliciously described Malory Towers. It's a school set nebulously on the Cornish coast somewhere, but the detail is what makes this school sing. Turrets. Towers. A swimming pool that's crisp and refreshing on the hottest of days. A central court with a sunken theatre, roses, and Arcadia found. It's Darrell Rivers' first term and, as is the way with the school story, we follow her on her journey into acclimatising into her brave new world. It is an acclimatisation full of pitfalls, of temper, and of high-jinks and of friendship, surprisingly, enduringly formed. It is lovely. Malory Towers is so, so good. Blyton can write, she writes with what I can only describe as a ferocious readability. There's not much artifice here, no narrative dodging or sleight of hand. This is story, handed out wholesale, and it's great. Blyton can write and she can give story, and she will give you story whether you want it or not. There's something quite brilliant about her when she gets like this. It's unafraid, unabashed, unrelenting storytelling that's equally terrifying and equally addictive. It's worth nothing that, in the edition I read, the slapping incident between one pupil and another now involves shaking, though the attempted drowning beforehand remains curiously intact and unedited. I'm struck, really, about the tone of editing here. I don't know if there's a right or wrong decision to this incident, but I'm conscious really of how I read the original incident when I was a child. It was so dramatic to me, so gobsmackingly awe-inducing, precisely because of the slapping. And whilst I'm so very conscious of that, I'm equally conscious of the necessity to understand the needs of current readers and different sensibilities. A quandary. What would you do with the relevant incident? I'm not sure it's a call I can easily make. But enough of editing and of nerdly niggles, and back to this wonderful book. It's epochal, really, because it does what it does with such genuine aplomb. There's almost too much to enjoy. Everything and everyone feels rooted, real. This is storytelling, pure and simple, and because Blyton is so determined to make this work, she does. There's such latent power in literature like this.

  • Harun Harahap
    2019-03-31 21:41

    ‪Reka Kejadian, jika ada persamaan nama dan karakter tokoh, itu memang disengaja Malam itu, setelah menghadiri sebuah peluncuran buku di kawasan Kemang,saya, ayu, mute dan buzenk pergi ke Blok M Square untuk menjelajahi lantai bawah pusat perbelanjaan itu dalam rangka mencari buku yang menarik hati untuk dibeli. Karena saya tidak mendapatkan sebuah buku yang saya inginkan, maka kita beranjak menuju Gramedia Melawai. Saat berputar mengelilingi lantai penuh harta karun itu, tibalah saya dan mute berhadpan pada kumpulan buku karya dari Enid Blyton berjudul Malory Towers. Mute menjelaskan bahwa buku itu adalah buku favoritnya yang ia baca di masa kanak-kananknya. Dengan spontan setalah melihat  sampul depan yang sangat perempuan sekali dan terkesan centil, saya bilang “ih jijay banget sih bacaan lo..” Tak disangka dan tak dinyana, sejak detik itu, Mute menaruh dendam kepada saya. Dendamnya pun akhirnya terlampiaskan dengan memberikan buku ini kepada saya saat Diskusi Pelarangan Buku. Entah mengapa ia memberikan buku itu pada hari itu, memangnya Malory Towers salah satu buku yang dilarang oleh pemerintah? Akhirnya, kemarin Minggu sehabis shalat Maghrib saya mulai membuka lembar demi lembar dari buku ini. Hingga shlat isya pun harus ditunda untuk menyelsaikan buku ini. Kesimpulan saya buku ini cukup menarik. Tidak ada yang salah dengan buku ini. Buku ini tidak pantas untuk dilarang. *memang siapa yang melarang?*. Saya tidak suka dengan tokoh utama, Darrel. Terlalu standard dan tenggelam diantara tokoh lain yang berkarakter lebih kuat. Saya menyukai sosok Alicia dengan kejutekan dan keisengan yang luar biasa. Kehidupan asrama perempuan yang penuh dengan warna. Belajar untuk saling menganl dan menerima karakter orang lain. Terima KAsih Mute, saya selesaikan buku ini special untuk kado ulang tahunmu. Selamat ulang tahun, sayang. Aku mengamini setiap doa yang kau panjatkan pada Nya. Semoga persahabatan kita terus erat seperti persahabatan Betty dan Alicia ataupun Darel dan Sally. Love U Full n hugs, Mute.. Sahabatmu,Harun Harahap  *NB:Kado aslinya menyusul ya sayang…*