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Title : Bending the notes: poems
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ISBN : 9781599481531
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 108 Pages
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Bending the notes: poems Reviews

  • Alarie
    2019-01-02 01:14

    Hostovsky is getting better over time, which should be the aim of all writers. Nevertheless, I found it delightful to read this, his first poetry collection (2008). The biggest surprise was reading “At the Optometrist” the night before visiting mine. I’ve always had poor vision and get a bit nervous about these visits, even though I've known my doctor for decades. Hostovsky let me know I needed to lighten up. He describes the visit:“…It reminds me of childhood – what childhood ought to be:questions concerning your favorites,painless and gentle, someone tying your shoewhile you sit in a chair thinking of otherthings….”I took the poem to my doctor the next day, and he enjoyed it too, saying he would reassure nervous patients they were not being judged, that there was no right answer, and that his own concern was improving how they see. Here’s a link if you’d like to see the entire poem “Pocket Comb,” Hostovsky writes…The magic of childhoodis not knowing where you end and the worldbegins; is carrying pieces of the world around in your pocketlike charms – a dead beetle, a harmonica, deciduousteeth, a complementary black comb. The magic beans get planted in the most unlikely places…”He describes this wonder in the first poem, when his young son finds a coconut at the grocery store,“…and came runningholding it outin his small handsasking me whatit was and could wekeep it it only cost 99 centshairy and brownhard as a rockand something swishingaround insideand what on earthand where on earthand this was happinessthis little ballof interest beatinginside his chest…”Hostovsky has grown up, deals with the fears and responsibility of adulthood, but has kept his sense of wonder and magic. Reading his poems rekindles them in us.