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Flowers in the Attic; Petals on the Wind Reviews

  • Giselle (Book Nerd Canada)
    2019-04-28 01:13

    Just finished "Flowers in the Attic." The best I can describe this book is like a watching a car crash. You know you shouldn't watch, but you can't tear your eyes away. This book is vivid, descriptive, wrong, innocent, at times evil, but most of all it's dark. It's a dark mystery that sucks you in and doesn't let go. The incestuous relationship is troubling, and I have to ignore those parts because for me, I feel like it's just wrong. But in the characters' eyes, they're all right. It's love and you can't help who you fall for, even if it's your own flesh and blood. This book takes the phrase "keeping it all in the family" quite literally.

  • Amber
    2019-04-23 02:56

    WARNING:This review is going to be a variaty of things, mainly long, ranty....and long and ranty. Please, please bear with me.I would first like to start out by saying it would be a whole lot easier to rate this book with a half star system, rather than what Goodreads has avaliable. This book was probably more towards the 4.5 star specrum rather than the 5. But whatever, I'm making the best out of what I have. I'm not really going to seperate this review into different sections based on the books, but rather this is going to be a random collection of thoughts. DURRING THE READING PROCESS:Well, I was browsing Barnes and Noble, and I found this area that said: OLD CLASSICS. And I saw this book! It had weird wilted flowers on the front, which I guess makes sense concidering the title, and it was LONG. And I'm drawn to thick books. This one was thick. So I was like, "Oh! This one looks fun!" So I picked it up and checked out and went along my merry little way.Then I kinda put this one off. And read others first, and then I picked this up.Well, I was really really freaking confused. My confusion started when the Mom's all, "Hey! Guess what! You know your father died-which sucks. But screw him! We're going to live with my parents who once dissowned me and I'm going to be rich....oh. And you'll get things too." Miss? Your husband just died. Do you know how to mope around and cry?So there are twins who are like 4 or 5 at this point, Cory and Carrie, and then an older sister named Cathy is is I believe 12, and then an Older brother named Chis(Christopher, after the father) who is like...14.So obviously, I had lots of questions! I originaly had no idea what this book was about, so I asked my mother.No help.I then proceeded to ask my English teacher.She didn't really know either, cause she hadn't read it, but she knew it was a movie(I didn't) and she said to keep her posted.So I read. And used to sticky notes to mark points of interest for my review, make comments, or ask myself questions.I used 30 sticky notes! My 7th grade english teacher would be so proud of me.(*cough* when I was in your class, I totally didn't fake sticky notes....*cough*)So these kids are taken to their evil Grandmother's house. And there are two beds in the room they will be sleeping in for, "just one night."The kids know the mother has been disowned, and so do you. But no one knows why.Then, as the twins get in one bed and the older siblings in the other, the Grandma lets a remark slip."'Your two older children cannot sleep in one bed!'"The mother then fires back with something along the lines of, "Mom quit being a pervert. Chis and Cathy are innocent."( was a lot more old fashioned than that, but still)And then the Grandma is all, "'Innocent? That's exactly what your father and I presumed about you and your half-uncle!'"So here I am, sitting here thinking, INCEST INCEST INCEST, and not really knowing what to think. Maybe she did marry her half-uncle!Or maybe she had an affair with her half uncle!Or maybe I was just thinking like a perv.So the next day, "the Grandmother," comes back with a list of rules.STICKY NOTE #7: THE Grandmother? Why on Earth do they call her the Grandmother? WTHeck?I thought these rules were quite hilarious. These Grandparents are apparently obsessed with sin, and catching sin, and not commiting sin, and sayign that "No one is perfect in the perfect eyes of God!"My favorite rule? Six!"'Six: you are never to be idle. You will devote five hours each day to studying, and use the remainder of your time to develop your abilities in some meaningful way. If you have any skills, abilities, or talents, you will seek to improve them, and if you have no abilities, talents, or skills, you will read the Bible; and if you cannot read, then you will stare at the Bible. and try to absorb through the purity of your thoughts the meaning of the Lord and his ways.'"The rules mainly came down to:-Obey God or ELSE-You will never be pefrect, you are devil's spawn-Do not have sex with your siblingsSo again, incest is becoming a really really big possibility here.And then you discover that, on page 85, THIS CHICK MARRIED HER HALF-UNCLE AND HAD FOUR KIDS!This couple went to extreme lengths for love. The Half-Uncle? They had to deny his education to Yale because it had his real name on it, and they had to change their last names inorder to pretty much elope illegally.INCEST!So it finally came out!Then you discover, oh no! the kids will have to stay stuck in this little bedroom and the attic for a lot longer than a few days. And the mom says she's going to become a monster in order to get the inheritance.STICKY NOTE #4: Are you gonna brainwash the mom? What the heck!!??And then you think:STICKY NOTE #7: what would the kids actually call "the Grandparents?" Grandparents, or half uncle/aunt?!?!So as days drag into weeks, then months, and eventually years, you discover the mother is a biotch.Not gonna lie. The twins are whinny, the narrarator Cathy is too negative, and Chris is too positive. And he loves his mother too much when he really shouldn't.And lots of interesting stuff happens!They sunbathe together. Naked. In front of a window because there isn't any sunlight. (And because of this lack of, "sunshine and love!", the twins grow abnormally) I thought this was paticularly weird...and once the little twin girl asked the older brother why he had a penis and she didn't. That. Was. So. Awkward.The mom tells a story about how she broke a doll's arm from trying to take off his coat, and she got whipped for breaking it...and for wanting to see what was underneath the doll's clothes.And then, I guess because the older siblings were growing and developing and there was no one for them that were around their age but each other, they started to fall in love.I know. I know. I thought the EXACT same thing.And it just gets weirder!Cathy was....admiring front of a mirror, and Chis just sat there and watched!WTHECK?!?! And she was like, "Um.....this is awkward. Go away."And he was just all like, "how did you get so beautiful Cathy?" blah blah blah. And so eventrually, they are in the attic after going to steal from the mom (they are trying to form an escape since it's been like 3 years already...) and Chris is all, "I'm going to make you mine, Cathy, tonight!" And he kisses her and she sorta fights it....but not really and you're sitting there thinking, "Oh, oh he's not gonna do it. He's not.."And he does.And it describes it.Innocence. Robbed.It was like rape. But it wasn't.....because she did fight it but she didn't really. It's complicated. But still. That's wrong.And she's like, "Oh dear God we've sinned we've sinned and there could be a monster baby with three arms and 4 legs or something!"(which lead me to research incest babies....and most of the time they're born with mutations, these kids were unbelievably lucky when they were born....probably because they weren't that closely related)And he's just kinda......shocked I guess.Yeah, I would be too if I just had sex with my freaking brother!There was a rumor of an abortion.........but I don't know if she really was gonna have a baby or not.And then I knew something was up when the little boy got sick. I knew! Turns out, the doughnuts they had been eating were covered in arsenic, and that killed the little boy, and later took someone else victim.And the grandfather has been dead and the mom didn't let them out because there was a clause in his will that if there was any evidence she had kids then she would have to pay every cent of the inheiritance back! And she got remarried...and she can't have kids with Bart, either, or the same consequence applies.Anyway, they(the kids) then escape, and in Petals on the Wind they find Dr. Paul, who becomes their legal guardian. And she falls in love with him too, and the brother is in love with her, and he HAS SEX WITH HER TOO.And his wife like practically drowned and killed her son cause she didn't like sex and Paul forced her too to get a son once they were married....and she was in an insane asylum and........she ends up dying and it's complicated and I'm just like, "Wow! This gave me a better view on how to audition for Medea in the play..." And then she gets in with this ballet company, cause she's a ballerina and Chris is a doctor, and Carrie is just short, and this hot ballet guy falls for her too!I don't see why every guy has to fall in love with Cathy. Sure, she's beautiful, I guess, and she can dance, and whatever, but what about being smart?!?! Cathy pretty much becomes a manipulative slut.But anyway, she ends up almost marrying Paul, but decided to marry Jullian instead, and he is totally abusive, and when he dies she has his baby, "Jory," and to get revenge on her mother, she hooks up with Bart, her mother's husband and has HIS baby too!!! Bart! And in the end, her abnormally short little sister Carrie dies the same way her twin did, by eating doughnuts covered in arsenic. Her boyfriend asks her to marry him, but he's gonna be a minister, and she's convinced she doesn't deserve to live....that she is unholy and devil's spawn like the grandmother said. She was so loud as a child....but so quiet and stuff as an adult. It was sad. I think I was the msot like Carrie as a character. I could name off people I knew that were like each character, but I think I saw myself in Carrie.Then there was the grammar. There were lots of little knit-picky grammatical mistakes, the exclaimation usage was a bit odd, and they spelled Ketchup, "Catsup!" What the heck?!?!Anyway, the brother is like, "let us sin", which struck me as odd-not that this whole book hasn't-and he wants them to get married and live remotely as husband and wife rather than brother and sister.And so that happens, cause the kids don't remember that Chris is the uncle.........nongev rpongctvc3ipoun3iuvncThat's what I have to say about this book. Ack.QUOTES FROM THIS BOOK:Here are some quotes that just stuck out to me because....well, do I *have* to have a reason for everything?(:"Love, it was such an encompassing word, different from sex and ten times more compelling."-page 441"'The Bible says there's a time for everything,' whispered Chris so as not to awaken the twins, 'a time to be born, a time to plant, a time to harvest, a time to die, and so on, and this is our time to sacrifice. Later on will come our time to live and enjoy.'"-page 151SIDE NOTES BEFORE WE GO:This book liked the word, "Bosom," and Cathy, "damned her mother to an everlasting hell," every few seconds and blamed her for everything. Cathy? It's your fault too you little tease-slut-heart-playing-manipulative-freak.This book leaves me with two questions:Number 1!In the 60's and 70's, did people throw around the word "rape?"And....Are all men in the world sex-hungry pigs?

  • Mayra
    2019-05-18 02:04

    I am reading these two for the second time, and I'm not as freaked out as I was the first time I read it. I found it a little unrealistic that they stayed trapped in the attic forever, but then I also thought that if I were one of them I would be too terrified of the grandmother. I don't hate their evil grandmother as much as I hate their mother, who was a bitch. It's like, slowly she stops caring about her children, and she thinks that they're fine living in the same room for three fricking years with a bunch of toys to keep them company. I was so sad about the twins, who were at first so lively and then just became silent and depressed. I have read all the books in this series, and they are incredibly perverted and disturbing. In Petals on the Wind, I found that I really did NOT like Cathy at all. I'd liked her a little in Flowers in the Attic, but in the second book she just seemed like an overly imaginative slut. I can't for the life of me see why she feels the need to sexually repay Paul for helping her and her siblings, and the part I especially hate is when she says, "You don't have to love me. Just use me when you need me." That's just really dreadful, and at that point I felt like I just didn't know her, and didn't sympathize with her anymore. She was only fifteen at that point! It's weird when she starts sleeping with him when she's, like, seventeen, and he's in his FORTIES.

  • Paige (Illegal in 3 Countries)
    2019-05-15 00:01

    3.5 stars.NOW I've read the entire book/both books in this omnibus. Still trash, kinda excusing pedophilia, but goddamn, I love vengeful Cathy.I love how deeply trash the story is and how seeing the Lifetime version of the story long beforehand enriched my experience. Now I appreciate the film 10000000x more! But yeah, so trash and so gooooood and there's a quote that made me go FUCK YEAH. However, the dialogue is atrocious at times and that rape scene that's instantly written off as not actually being rape = NOOOOOOOOOO. Still, I recognize how utterly 80s this is even thought the novel is set in the 50s and everything has aged surprisingly well!Now say it with me! EAT IT. EAT THE COOKIE.(view spoiler)[From the infamous 1987 film version (hide spoiler)]

  • Deepthought
    2019-04-26 04:12

    Firstly, these books are understood when read in series. They are extremely rich in symbolism and are riddled with subtextual meaning . The Dollanganger series is a mixture of all the other genres, with the correct proportions of each to give you the perfect storyThere is so much to these books that it would take me an entire book to explain each and every thing, Although these books may appear to be "simple as you think they are more complex than you can imagine." This book is an extraordinary example of implicit or subtextual meaning.*Book 1 - Flowers in the AtticThe first book "Flowers in the Attic" uses fairytale- like tones to give the illusion of innocence but beneath the surface is the undercurrent of a shadowed truth. . I remember the line from V for Vengeance "Artists use a lie to tell the truth". Virginia Andrews certainly did, in the series, using her prime narrator.Every one pretty much read the books and they know of the story and it controversy.It is told in the naif narrative view by Cathy. Everyone knows that too, of course!So this is more a symbolic and subtextual analysis rather than a review. In fact this is more Chris's story.Besides the obvious understanding of the attic(1) being a place where stuff no longer needed is stored, the attic can represent :-(2) The Dollanganger (Foxworth) family history and legacy(3) The "way" of humanity. Way meaning its history and pattern. The family actually mentioned (4).The subconscious mind maybe many of you have heard of the saying "The Attic of my mind" where things are recorded and stored and never forgotten.(5) Using the biblical view can also represent a higher place (heaven) or the Garden of Eden". The philosophical view ties these two together. (6). The universe or the universal view - macroscopic where the book needs to be understood in all its different levels of symbolism - the ineffable.Knowing that, any one reading it further should a). Gain a better understanding of Cathy and Chris (draw a character analysis because knowing these two characters unlock the secrets to the subsequent mystery).Favoured child vs the envious childThe realist vs the idealist"Chris coloured all his animals realistically, I decorated mine with polka dots .." Cathy (Flowers in the Attic). As you can gauge, Chris's interpretation of the story would be more realistic and to this series that is extremely important.b). Pay attention to their family history. -Lost Colony-Civil War-winslow demise and the rise of the Foxworths-the portraits-clothes-furniture-Doppelganger and it's meaningc). Nature-the wind-the colours green (most importantly), red, purple, white, black, yellow, blue- the sun- the rain- the moon- the leaves- the seasons-flowers and trees-mountainsd). PerspectiveKnowing this lays down the foundation to understanding the subsequent books.**Book 2 - Petals on the WindThe second book, my word, is the second book the trick in this whole seriesMany read it and say it is just a soap opera but the trick :- Cathy changes from naif (innocent) to the Unreliable (Mad) narrator. Yes, she is unaware that she subconsciously kills - spanish moss love that clings and clings until it kills. Malcolm's killer (bad) genes. Pay attention to the green blanket, towel, grass, garden and yes of course the wind.Pay lots of attention to the Flowers in the Attic passage"Then Cory spoke up. As always, he was the one to ask the mostdifficult questions to answer. "Where has all the grass gone?""God took the grass to heaven." And thusly, Carrie saved me fromanswering."For Daddy. Daddy likes to mow the lawn.""Cathy's to Chris (Flowers in the Attic) "The Wind - dead souls whispering"I've got another goodie-whispering winds like dead souls trying totell us something."Bob Dylan wasn't kidding when he stated that the answer my friend is blowing in the Wind.Love that clung and killed ... Cathy the Killera). Julian's DeathJulian couldn't feel her hand on his chest. If Julian was paralysed, he couldn't move his hand.Remember this (Petals on the Wind)..."Chris made the call to Madame Marisha for I was deathly afraid he'd pass away any moment and I might miss the only chance to tell him I love him. And if that happened I would be cursed and haunted all my life." She doesn't get a chance to tell Bart she loves him, that's why she doesn't have his picture in Seeds of Yesterday although we know that's she had pictures from the Greenglenna paper of him toasting her mother in her scrapbook of revenge, she doesn't ever keep a photo of Bart. Further evidence . Julian's room "I stood in the dim, greenish light from the lamp covered by a GREEN towel."... (Petals on the Wind)Pay attention to this.."The two of them pulled Cory from my arms and wrapped him in a GREEN BLANKET." (Flowers in the Attic) The colour of her dad's cadillac is GREEN."The body of Bart Winslow was found on the on the floor of the library with the skeletal grandmother still clutched in his arms - both suffocated by the smoke and not the flames. I stumbled over to fold down the GREEN BLANKET and stared into his face to convince myself death had come into my life" (Petals on the Wind)b). Bart's DeathNow onto Bart ... and the burning of Foxworth Hall .. Cathy (Petals on the Wind)"I looked at the dormer windows of the attic and saw the fallen slat from one of the black shutters had been replaced. There wasn't a scorch mark anywhere or signs of fire. The HOUSE HADN'T BURNED!. GOD HADN'T SENT AN ERRAND BREEZE TO BLOW THE CANDLE FLAME UNTIL IT CAUGHT A DANGLING PAPER FLOWER ON FIRE. GOD WASN'T GOING TO PUNISH OUR MOTHER OR THE GRANDMOTHER, NOT FOR ANYTHING!" Sounds familiar ???? Cathy was the one who went to the attic with a lit candle. Before coming down to avenge her mother. Corrinne couldn't have set the fire merely because it was mere minutes between the time she left the library to the time they discover Foxworth hall (which is large and would take some time to burn).Corinne did however sent him back into the house. You should question why did Bart go back into the house ?!!! And his peculiar demise where he couldn't get out. I must also stress here, that there are clues in the book to state that Bart Winslow knew who Cathy was from the beginning. Her letters to Corinne- he had them. He knew of Malcolm's affair with Alicia. "And one great big secret I've never heard before is that Malcolm Neal Foxworth, the good, pious, saintly gentleman, had a love affair after he had heart trouble. Now before his heart trouble, I happen to know he had at least one, possibly, but no more." Oh! He knew more than 1. 1 had shot an arrow into the sky, not knowing it would hit a bulls-eye!" (Petals on the Wind) He also knew who Cathy was when she kissed him in Flowers in the attic. That's why he constantly mentions that kiss to Corinne, to tell her that her children have found a way out. You can find that in the book. c). Paul's DeathPaul's Death in the chapter named "Reaping the harvest". Cathy is called by Paul who tells her his impotent and suggests that she should go to her brother. Directly after that chat she writes "And so like Momma, we'd written our scripts too, Chris and I. And maybe ours is no better than hers". That suggests that they are engaged in a sexual relationship between them. And a year later, they are at the river when Cathy tells Chris she had sex with Paul. If she was sleeping with Chris, why did she sleep with Paul? The answer is Paul lived on like the grandfather preventing them from living solely as husband and wife. She married Paul, to inherit the Sheffield name so she can pose as Mrs. Christopher Sheffield and to give her illegitimate son, Bart the cover of having a father and to inherit his money so they can find a secluded place to live. Pay attention to Paul's story about Julia and how she could have drowned herself in shallow water. We can understand her holding Scotty down but how did she manage to drown ?Remember Catherine, you'll learn from "If there be thorns" doesn't like men who smoke like her grandfather did. Bart, Julian and Paul smoked.d). Carrie's deathAt Carrie's funeral "And the poison on her doughnuts hadn't been just a trace, but heavily laced.. Pure arsenic"If it was heavily laced when she consumed them, Carrie would have died within hours. As with Mickey who was given a dose accordingly with body weight he died after several hours. Equate that with a person and a heavily laced dose and the same "Mickey effect" would arise. But from what evidence we see, Carrie has been steadily dosed over a long period of time. Hair falling out, feeling ill and going pale. It takes her many days before she eventually dies. Remember that when Cathy and Paul host a dinner party for Alex and Carrie, the same night the following happens :- after Chris calls her when she is bed with Paul, she runs to Carrie's room."And yes just like Cory, I could hear the wind blowing and howling like a wolf searching for me, wanting to blow me away too, just had it blown Cory and made him only into dry dust. Quickly I ran to Carrie's room, wanting to protect her. For it seemed to me, in my nightmarish state, it was more likely that the wind would take her before it got me .. "I can't express even how important this statement. In her nightmarish state she (subconsciously) poisons her own sister. That's why Carrie never explicitly states she took arsenic and she is never confronted and nor does she verbally state she committed suicide.Remember Catherine thinks she is Corinne sometimes and then she hates herself.Once you understand that Cathy is a killer, you start to understand Chris, why he couldn't abandon Corinne, why he had to become a doctor and why it had to be his sister."Oh, golly! I was greatly disturbed, kind of numb feeling inside. So many accidents. Two brothers dead and daddy ,too, all from accidents. My bleak look met with Chris. He wasn't smiling." Cathy (Flowers in the attic) "Out of the four Dresden Dolls only two were left. And one would do nothing. He had taken an oath to preserve life and keep alive even those who don't deserve to live "The defective family gene that lead them to become killers, Chris binds himself to an oath that forbids him to become a killer.Chris plucked it out and held it, just staring down at a dead mapleleaf as if his very life depended on reading its secret for knowing howto blow in the wind. No arms, no legs, no wings ... but it could flywhen dead. (Flowers in the Attic). He figured out the secret.The Thomas hood poemO'er the earth there comes a bloom, — Sunny light for sullen gloom,Warm perfume for vapours cold, — I smell the Rose above the mould:"Literary devices using the narrative techniques. The character that is the key to unlocking the mystery is the other protagonist, Chris. He is also the prime protagonist. Cathy repeats the murdering family legacy whilst Chris is the change in the pattern. Throughout our history there will be suffering, death, destruction and despair but there will come one person who will change that, save and unite humankind and show them the way - kind of like Neo in The Matrix, John Connor in Terminator, Mallory Ringess in Neverness or Paul Atreides in Dune. ( Andrews was big into science fiction and her very first novel was sci -fi Gods of Green Mountain). That's why this story begins with Cathy and Chris, and not other people in their family. Andrews chose this because of that change in the pattern - Chris and his relevance to his family and humanity.Andrews goes to great length to show how two people with different ideals suffering the same fate reacting differently. She is building us up for what shapes the human experience. One pins his hopes on reaching his goal of becoming a doctor (which he ultimately does), he doesn't go forth with great expectations and isn't idealistic, the other wants a mountain full to make up for what she has lost and when her dreams don't materialise, it fuels her plans for revenge."Before you begin on the journey of revenge, dig two graves. Proverb." One grave is reserved for the one seeking revenge.It is essential to keep this in mind :-"She said you kept the embryo, one with two heads. I've seen that thing in your office in a bottle. Paul, how could you keep it? Why didn't you have it buried? A monster baby! It isn't fair-it isn't-why, why?"" Cathy to Paul (Petals on the Wind)Why did Paul keep the deformed embryo ? Does it make sense ? Or does this shed some light ? "And every time he swatted a fly, or killed a spider, Paul, Chris would long to have John Cuff microscope. And once he said he wanted to be the Mouseman of the Attic, and discover for himself why mice die so young." "Do mice die young?" asked Paul seriously. "How did you know they were young? Did you capture baby ones, and mark them in some way?" Chris and I met eyes. Yeah, we'd lived in another world back when we were young and imprisoned, so that we could look at the mice who came to steal....." Cathy to Paul - Chris's graduation - (Petals on the Wind)Remember the embryo would serve Chris more than Paul.This story unearths the human clay. It is a story of human suffering, betrayal and most of all hope. The rest of this can be found on the Dollanganger boxed set review.

  • Caroline (Words & Whispers)
    2019-05-01 05:49

    Let me start off by saying this: these books are definitely dark and definitely not for everyone. The story starts with the Dollanganger family, happy and content. Then, on his birthday, their father is in a car accident and dies. The mother feels the need to go to her father, who had many years before disowned her. With a promise and a quick departure, the children are forced into an attic with sparse sunlight and little food from a grandmother who calls them Devil's spawn. Enough with the summary, I know, I know. Well, this book is one of my favorites. It is dark and incestuous and doesn't shy away from anything nasty or unheard of. Cathy is the pessimist, and the narrator. She whined a bit, (not that I wouldn't have been bitching about having a witch for a mother and a dead father alone) but she was my favorite character. Her undeniable cynicism saved them several times over, and I couldn't help but feel the way she felt. Chris, though I had to love him, was a little too much of an optimist, and I found his faith in their mother (and his slight sexual inclination towards her) to be annoying and too hopeful. I cried multiple times at Cory and Carrie's sufferings, and the end of the book nearly made me stop, so full of it emotions was it. The story was horrific, and though I've heard reviewers say that their situation is nearly ideal, I found it troublesome that so little was done to escape at times. It seemed to me that had already accepted their fate, at least until the very end. The mother was despicable in every way, and the grandmother... Well, I wanted to kick that bitch's ass more than a few times. That was the other main problem: How hard would it have been to knock her out and run outside? I mean, was the old lady really that strong? But oh well, it made for a better story this way, and I love the book, from start to finish.Stars: 5. Recommendation: Well, that's difficult. If the premise doesn't totally intrigue you and you're iffy about the idea, it's probably not for you. But otherwise, by all means, read it!--Given my obsession with the first novel in the Dollanganger series, you'd think I'd be in love with all of them. But honestly, Petals on the Wind didn't quite live up to expectations. Maybe I set the bar too high, but this book seemed a tiny bit forced and a little bit unrealistic. Not that the first book was all that real-sounding, but still. Cathy's failed attempts at love seemed way too crazy, and her abusive relationship with Julian seemed flat-out ridiculous at times. I understood why he did what he did, but still, Andrews seemed intent on ruining everyone's lives, even secondary characters. But the plot moved quickly and flowed well, making up for many of its flaws. Chris' undying lust (love?) for Cathy could be disgusting if I really wanted to think about it, but I didn't, and so he seemed sweeter and less incestuous. I think the incest was so burned into their blood it caused some unfortunate events, and that made me more pitying than grossed-out. Since Cory's death, Carrie had become depressed, and even though I cried when her story was concluded, I saw it coming, not because it was predictable, but because it was the right ending, no matter how sad. The children's fates are all horrible in their own ways, and Cory and Carrie's are the worst. The ending was fitting, though the trail of lost loves Cathy leaves was a tad overdone in my opinion. Overall, I couldn't wait for the next one (I read these books a few months ago) and I'm still as captivated as I was when I went into the series.5 stars, a recommendation to fans of the first book. Again, don't pick up these books looking for a regular romance novel. Their dark and creepy at times, to say the least.

  • Rebecka (is hilarious, shut up)
    2019-05-23 07:09

    Actual rating: 2,5So boring and painful it was traumatizing. DNF.The first book, "Flowers in the Attic", was everything I hoped it would be; creepy, addictive and more than a little disturbing. The sequel, however, went over to the wrong side of Crazy-Town.It was so painfully depressing that I would put the book down for WEEKS until I had recovered enough to continue. I would then open the book and start reading only to find myself, a couple of pages later, just staring at the page without reading. I think it's a defense mechanism my brain's using to spare me pain.Now it's been over a year since I started it and I think it's time to admit that I just can't finish this.Continuing might seriously damage my mentality.

  • Vania
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  • Marva Whitaker
    2019-05-13 02:10

    Okay. Stumbled upon the Lifetime movie version of Flowers in the Attic a few weeks ago, and found myself thinking - that didn't happen in the book, did it? Looked it up online only to find the Lifetime movie was pretty true to the story, then I noticed most copies of the book as pictured online looked a lot thicker than what I remembered the book I read looking like. Anyway - I think I got a condensed version the first time around. And only now that I've read the full version, I get why it was so risqué. It's not a bad idea for a story. It was the stuff of horror. The only thing that's in the way of it being great is that the narrator is kind of whiny and not particularly bright. While I think Andrews did a good job getting into the head of a girl at that age who's been treated that way, at the heart of things, even if the character hadn't been dealt those cards, she would be an unlikeable protagonist. The villains of the piece are stunningly evil, but the protagonist is so whiny and she takes so long to evolve from a passive character to an active one, that you can't really feel sorry for her at all. Halfway through the first book, all I could think was - "Leave the attic or don't. Just stop whining about it." The second book is mostly about her taking control of her life and finally making active choices. -Of course, this ends up being an epic fail. This character sucks at life basically, and by the time they're finally out of the attic, there's not even anything really interesting about them. I did wonder what would happen to the villains of the first book and whether there would be revenge, but the eventual revenge was silly and short-lived. -Not exactly worth reading the entire book for. Overall, if not for the unlikeable protagonist and her siblings, this could have been a really interesting couple books. The story was compelling. But as it was, I spent of lot of time annoyed and frustrated that they were all so stupid.

  • Shelley
    2019-04-27 07:12

    Had read these several years ago but decided to revisit them. I still enjoyed them and am going to work my way through the series. Yes it is a little trite and longwinded in places but it is a fictional novel, not a classical piece of literature. Sometimes I have to put the heavy serious books down and hit something a little lighter and less realistic. I mean, come on, do you really believe ANY kid would stay locked in the attic over 3 years when they could have climbed down numerous times and taken off, money or no money. Kids today would not hesitate to climb down that bedsheet ladder and head for the nearest phone to call DHR. :) At least, mine

  • Karen Desjardin
    2019-05-15 04:00

    When I read this book I just felt as though I was so much apart of this heart wrenching story,there were even moments when I cried especially when little Cory got sick and his Big brother tried to save him.Even by slicing his own arm to give him blood.The saddest part was not knowing what there mother's intentions were to be...and that was to slowly but surely try to kill her own children,lil Cory would be her 1st victim...totally heartfelt and heartbreaking,this book and the whole series can be read over and over again...gotta love V.C.Andrews

  • Jocelyn
    2019-05-13 02:53

    This is one of the first "adult" books I ever read. Probably pretty inappropriate for a 10year old, but at least I was reading something. I have re-read this series a couple of times since then and can't say I ever get tired of it. It certainly belongs in the horror section at the bookstore: Incest galore. Murdering mothers. Sociopathic sons. This is the only VC Andrews series actually written by Virginia and is certainly the best and creepiest.

  • Kat
    2019-05-08 05:04

    this series really depresses me, the tone of it simply sucks all the joy from my mind. I finish reading a chapter and I feel like ive been holding my breath -- not ina good way. +1 for emotional connectivitytoo dark for me though.

  • Hailey Jensen
    2019-05-19 06:49

    These books are pretty fucked up, that's all there really is to say. Four kids put into a horrible situation that fucks them up, I'd suggest not to read unless you have a dark, /dark/ mind.

  • Charmaine Lim
    2019-05-18 08:12

    I have never read something like this before, and I am quite determined never to read something like this again.April Brooks, a booktuber, talked about how much she loved the series and how great it was, so I decided to pick it up. I already knew that it revolved around a family and I was aware of what would happen between Cathy and Chris, but I wanted to see how V.C. Andrews brought it all across. I wanted to see her argument, her point of view, her take on things. I want to see how she would execute the story. And I was sorely disappointed and disgusted.***PREPARE FOR A MASSIVE RANT***I hate Cathy. I hate Chris. I hate everyone except the twins. Everyone is so horrid. No one has any redeeming qualities about them. I hate the story. Frankly, I read the second book because it was part of the bind-up and I wanted to see if it could maybe redeem the first book. It didn't(view spoiler)[ HOW IN THE FRICKIN HELL IS INCEST OKAY?? SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW IT IS OKAY AND HOW NO ONE BATTED AN EYE AT ALL.(hide spoiler)] I don't agree with what the characters did. I don't agree with any of it, and they continuously annoyed me. Their mom was the biggest b*tch I've ever read about, and her children weren't any better.I think I can afford to go a little in depth to the plot and characters, so as to explain exactly how I feel. PLOT **WARNING: SPOILER FOR SECOND BOOK**The Dollenganger is basically perfect. Perfect family, perfect house, perfect blonde hair and blue eyes. The American dream. The ideal measure of beauty. Which all crashes when Mr. Dollenganger dies in a car crash on his birthday. Leaving his family without much money, Mrs. Dollenganger brings her children to her parents' house and leaves them in the attic, telling them that it'll only be a few days before they can come out and enjoy the riches of their grandfather's wealth.But we all know that that's not what happens. No, Corrine (the mother) leaves her children in the attic while she galavants around with her father's money and all the men she pleases. No regard for her children, whom she drowns with gifts in the meantime.While she's doing all that, her children are left in an attic, with no other human contact and the expectation to turn out normally. So what happens? Of course, Cathy and Chris, the two oldest, fall into incestuous love and expect no repercussions. Yes, Cathy is the one who keeps pushing Chris away, telling him that it's wrong, but what happens eventually? She's totally fine with it.In the second book, the Dollenganger children have escaped and madd their way to Florida. A kind doctor takes them in and they live happy lives. Cathy continues to gain Chris' attention, while also flaunting her body to the doctor, who is about 2 and a half decades older than her. She begins a ballet career and life of sleeping with any man she pleases, Chris becomes a doctor who lusts for his sister, and Carrie feels neglected and unaccomplished next to her older siblings (view spoiler)[ and also depressed because of Cory's death(hide spoiler)] CHARACTERSCathy I didn't like her. Even from the beginning, she repulsed me. Her attitude is terrible and only became worse as she got older. She has this "I deserve whatever I want because I am the picture of ideal American beauty and all men will love, fear, and lust for me" attitude that was apparent when she was a child. In fact, I think she mentions that at the age of 12, she had already "fallen in love" 7 times with 7 different boys.When her dad dies and all that, she becomes pessimistic and terrible. Only changing a bit when it becomes clear that she and Chris are to take care of Cory and Carrie while they're locked in the attic. She becomes a mother figure and is a decent role model for awhile. But her ambition, her desires, the attitude that I mentioned before, and her narcissism eventually over-rules every, if any, good thing about her.Self-absorbed and obsessed with the most materialistic things, Cathy is a picture of narcissism at its finest. She has paragraphs where she talks about her beautiful her long, wavy, blonde hair is, how her eyes are gorgeous, and even though she's locked in an attic, how beautiful her figure is. I think there are even paragraphs where she goes on and on about how her breasts are and how she wishes that they'll be bigger, thus making her sexier and more appealing to males. Mind you, she's like 13. And this is set in the 1960s.As the book goes on, Cathy makes less effort to hide her body from Chris, and even flirts with him (view spoiler)[ Eventually, she gets raped by Chris, but I think she was okay with that and they had sex again later(hide spoiler)] But she occasionally becomes good and pushes him away.In the second book, Cathy is basically a slut. Seducing any guy she wants and hellbent on revenge against her mother. She becomes a gorgeous ballerina, has sex with the doctor who took them in, marries another ballet dancer and has his child, goes back to the doctor, and once in awhile, makes out with Chris. That's the gist of the second book.In love with his sister. Rapes Cathy out of jealousy. Becomes doctor. Remains in love with his sister. Doesn't see a problem with his incestuous acts and feelings. Basically Chris' life. Cory Sweet little Cory. Twin to the more determined and loud Carrie. Musically talented in every way possible, but his life is ruined by the fact that his mother locks him in the attic (view spoiler)[ and eventually poisons and kills him with arsenic(hide spoiler)]. Carrie The more outspoken, determined twin, Carrie is very much like her mother. But she is also sweet and kind and everything that a child her age should be. Unfortunately, she grows up in the shadow of Cathy and Chris (view spoiler)[ and also loses her twin, Cory, to arsenic poisoning at the hands of their mother(hide spoiler)] and never really feels like she belongs anywhere (view spoiler)[ thus leading to her eventual suicide, among many other reasons(hide spoiler)]Now, why did I focus on Cathy more than the other siblings? She's the protagonist. Everything is told from her POV and she is one of the most terrible characters I have ever read about. Basically a gigantic slut, she's willing to do anything to show her mom that she is "more beautiful, better, more loved by men, and not the little doll she once was" or something like that.To wrap this up, this series is frickin' messed up

  • Lori
    2019-05-13 00:47

    I’ve watched the films. So I really enjoyed the books. They didn’t wow me, but they are a very good read. Especially if you’ve seen the films, I’d even say the books were better (as the case usually is with film vs book!).

  • Missy Ivey
    2019-04-23 01:13

    Books I read many years ago, about 1983, while in high school. At the time, I thought they were great, strange and dirty little novels. I remember these novels really drawing me in. These books were hard for me to put down and I read each one in about a day or two.

  • Madison
    2019-05-09 01:08

    The book I have decided to read was a mistake. Flowers in the Attic/Petals on the Wind by V.C Andrews was a complicated novel. The beginning grabbed with me a deadly event but the book then failed to keep me interested. I kept thinking it would get better since I have heard great things from my mom about the book but it just didn't. The abuse in the book by the grandmother and the abandonment by their mother did keep me reading on but after the incidents were done I found myself bored. Honestly the novel was just boring and seemed to repeat incidents over again. For example the grandmother caught the children doing a "sin" so they got punished in an awful way. The next few months or more the same thing happened and I got to the point where I knew what was going to happen next. I like my stories to be a mystery, or make me feel dumb and let the book take its own path. Flowers in the Attic/Petals on the Wind also has religion mentioned in it quite a bit. I am not religious at all so a lot of the terms or religion in the novel I didn't understand. The diction in the book was poor. There were some large vocabulary words that I had to look up but nothing that grabbed me in and got me impressed. In most novels I read it's nice to have vocabulary I know and can relate to in how it's used in the story. The novel failed my desire for good diction. Flowers in the Attic/Petals on the Wind takes place in a much older time than now I'm predicting. The mother grew up in a lovely home and as daddy's little girl. She recieved everything from him. Her strict and religious mother adored her as well because she simply never did anything wrong. The opinion on their daughter changed with one mistake. She fell in love with her cousin. In both her parent's eyes this was a sin and not allowed so they gave their daughter a choice to stay with them and continue to be the perfect daughter or to be banned from their home and to be on her own. She took a chance with love and lived with her cousin and started a family. They had four beautiful children Chris, Cathy, Carrie, and Cory. In a sudden accident the father was dead and the family was left alone. The mother had no job because she depended on her husband for the money. The only way in the childrens mother's eyes was to bring her them all to her parent's home where she will hide her kids in the attic to never be seen or heard. This was fine to the children at the time because the mother told them they would only be there for a few days or until her their grandfather died which was supposed to be soon. Little did they know they would be spending years and years up there dealing with abuse from their grandmother, never seeing their mother, and missing out on normal things kids do. What the kids dealt with was pure torture but all the mother did was continue with her life and remarry. Will the four kids the attic ever get out of there and start their own life or will they continue living unknown in a dark place called the attic.

  • Dani
    2019-04-29 07:45

    Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews is a dark, twisted story about the Dollanganger family. Chris, Cathy, Cory, and Carrie lost their father in a tragic car accident and their mother reconnected with her father after many years of his disowning her. She takes the children to Foxworth Hall to get back into her father's good graces and be put back into his will. They are locked into the attic, where they are told they will only be there for a day or two, but in reality turns into years of being locked up there. Chris and Cathy in those years become Carrie and Cory's Mom and Dad. Cathy, while being whiny about their predicament, was the one who saw through their mother's lies and deceptions about the whole situation. Don't get me wrong, she was at first as naive as the rest of them, believing her mother's lies and the things that their mother did, but she saw through their mother's fakeness first. While the relationship between Chris and Cathy was incestous and wrong; they were each others support system and in those years they were all that they had. They really developed those thoughts and feelings of love for each other. Corinne and Olivia were really the ones to blame because if they hadn't been locked up like animals and had to care for the twins, this would have never happened. Overall this novel was like watching a car crash, you can't help but not put it down. I give this book five stars. This book is not for everyone but if you love a great dark, twisted novel, this is the book for you.Petals on the Wind:The second installment in the Dollanganger series opens up just after Chris, Cathy, and Carrie escape Foxworth Hall. On their way to Florida, they meet a wonderful woman named Henny, who helps them with Carrie, by taking them to Dr. Paul. He helps Carrie back to health after being poisoned with arsenic, from their mother. Dr. Paul takes in Chris, Cathy, and Carrie and makes them feel as if they are his own children. Cathy ends up romantically involved with Dr. Paul and starts a relationship with him. Chris is still in love with Cathy and also a man named Julien ends up falling in love with her. Cathy is so hell-bent on revenge though, she spends most of her time trying to ruin her mother's and grandmother's lives like they had ruined theirs. Cathy gets even more determined after Carrie committed suicide because of the things her grandmother said and the things her mother did. Cathy does get her revenge on her mother by starting an affair with her husband, Bart. Overall, this book was not as good as the first. I would only give this three stars.

  • Raquel Armendariz
    2019-04-25 04:00

    I love this book for it's original dark plot line that differs from what any author I ever read has written. It keeps me wanting more, and that is a good thing! I applaud the work of V.C Andrews she did for this book. I can't wait to read the whole saga. Right so, the start off of this story was normal, and good -- not boring, but not as enthralling. However, as the story climaxed it was pure amazement of what is written. I was left with suspense and hatred! V.C explained the characters so well! Though, I do admit, I hated Cathy at times -- as she is the narrator, and is told from first person. So, she wasn't always such a reliable source. But yes, I quickly grew a relation ship with the characters. And when you read only the dialogue you could tell who was who and I loved that. As I have said before, I grew relationships with the characters; I had ones I loved and hated. I loved Christopher, and Cory, and you could see how one grew from the beginning to end. But, I hated how many lovers Cathy had -- it pissed me off. She fell in love with everyone too quickly. I totally despise the relationship she between Paul. But yet, somehow her love for Chris seemed so natural, so I liked it much better. I didn't mind J-- what's his name? Ah, Julian... & much to say, I was astonished by her last one with Bart. There's many deaths here, and I actually was on the verge of tears when the mouse, Mickey, died. Some were even shocking too, like Carries. I felt so sad when Cory died, for he was one of my favorites. I think the book ended quite well, to leave you hanging, but if you don't want to read more, it ended well.My, oh my, this book was one of the biggest I ever read. 869 pages, jeez. I read them in a term of five day; and I've already ordered for the next one. This is a book you'll love if you have the same taste as me... because I honestly did love it.It's that kind of book who has romance, twisted plot, good relationships, and much more, it's almost hard to explain. P.S To read this book you must, or might want to have a open mind for it does have a plot different then anything else I've ever read. Good job, V.C Andrews!Oh and don't be scared of how big it is, it's quite enjoyable, and makes you laugh at times. :D

  • Veronica
    2019-05-15 05:15

    Flowers in the Attic has been around for a long time. I've straightened enough bookshelves to see it at least 3-5 times a week for 4 years. As such, I decided it was time to give it a try when I found a bargain version of a collection of the first two books.If you haven't read Flowers in the Attic, you should probably stop reading this. Let me say first off, it's not really the plot that had me disgusted enough to stop reading this book.Quick summary: awesome dad dies, mom takes kids to parents' home & locks them in attic so grandad doesn't know, lies to kids, is a horrible mother, etc.My biggest problems were Cathy, mom, & grandma. First, Cathy is startlingly naive. She grew up in a loving home, not knowing hardship or the word no. She gets angry when her brother refuses to see the negative in their mother, but honestly she blocks it herself for most of the first book. Mom & grandma are special kinds of awful, leaving four children locked in the same room for years.I will say this, V.C. Andrews knew how to write hateful characters. I disliked almost all the main characters though, so probably not what she was going for.The main issue here is that Mother and Father were not-so-distantly related, got married and had children. Grandma warns Cathy & Chris against it, but seriously who are you going to look at when you're stuck in an attic with just your siblings? Call it fate if you must, but there aren't many options. So when Cathy & Chris "discover" each other, it doesn't feel like a surprise or even gross. It's expected. Not one of my problems with the book (although it could have been foreshadowed a little less).The writing. How do I describe the writing? One of the things I hate the most is when an author decides that the audience is less intelligent. No. I'm sorry but no. Better writing could have greatly improved this book, but it seems like the editor was more focused on the "shocking" plot.After hearing so much & seeing this book so often, I was disappointed with what I read. Unfortunately, I stopped reading the second book after just a few chapters.

  • Angela
    2019-04-27 06:10

    It was about time I picked up this one—the one that, when I mentioned to others that I planned to read it, either gushed over it or gave me a look of horror.Flowers in the AtticIt's just as bad as I expected. I mean, in a cringe-worthy way. I mistakenly read certain sections whilst consuming dinner, and then vowed to never read during mealtime again. It was a bit predictable, though the deal with the grandfather at the end did catch me by surprise. (Trying not to write spoilers here...) It's disturbing, heartbreaking, and you hope to God people like this don't exist outside the literary world. I had a hard time with the characterization at times, though. Christopher completely changed between sections with little explanation as to why (is puberty supposed to be a reason?), and despite all the hatred toward the grandmother we don't know her at all. Though I suppose that happens when a character rarely speaks to the narrator.Petals on the WindIf you cut out a big chunk of the middle, I could put this on the level of the first novel. I enjoyed reading the beginning of their new lives, and I got sucked into the end which was, essentially, another "beginning." But all the talk of revenge and plotting and sex got really old, really fast. We get it, Cathy, you want revenge on your mother. And in that situation, I lean more toward Cathy's perspective than Christopher's "forgive & forget" attitude. But it was like, get it over with already.Throughout all 880 pages, I became increasingly annoyed with the writing. It's drab, and repetitive, and the exclamation points! Every important action had to have an exclamation point! Andrews is a better storyteller than writer. I'll give her that—I mean, it had to be compelling, otherwise there wouldn't have been more than one occasion I almost missed my train stop whilst reading. But if I had to read one more phrase with an exclamation point, I would have clawed at my own skin!

  • Ahnoong
    2019-04-23 06:52

    I liked it.

  • Michelle Arrow
    2019-05-13 06:52

    When I bought this, I barely scanned through the summary and just bought it right away. I've heard that V.C. Andrews was a legendary classic teen novel writer, so I decided to give her a try.For an author's debut novels, this was written spectacularly. I was very pleased with how it ended up- one word in my mind stayed with me throughout the novel- addicting. This book got me so addicted, I didn't want to put it down and I was stuck reading it late into the night. The first one was the one that caused the rest of the books to unfold. The whole main story happened in the first book, and the second revolved from there.I hated Cathy's mother, she was such a bitchy person. She didn't care about them at all, she just wanted fortune and romance. The children were probably an accident. Marrying your half-uncle? What was that? I guess that's where Cathy got that... scandalous personality from. I hated Cathy so much. In the first book, she was okay, and an okay storyteller/narrator. But in the second, oh my. She basically ruined it, even though I liked the second book better than the first. Cathy was so... fictional. She never had friends because she was too busy running after men... who weren't even her age. She didn't know what she wanted, she went off cheating on different men, and they all still adored her, like how could that happen in reality? How did she have any friends? I'm sorry, but she didn't deserve to live, her younger sister and her younger brother did, and they were left dying. Come on, kissing your older brother? Ugh, I was so frustrated with that chaos it kept me up half of the night.Although most of the characters were a mess, V.C. Andrews did a stunning job with this one. The idea and concept weren't scary... just thrilling in a way. I'd really like to see where the series would head next.

  • Lauren
    2019-05-18 02:02

    OVERALL: 3 starsFlowers in the Attic (Dollanganger #1) - 3 starsThis book got a little overwhelming for me. I wanted to read it before I watched the TV movie but it was a lot to take in. Super psychological.Petals on the Wind (Dollanganger #2) - 3 starsI continued on with the series because I wanted to see the second TV movie and I always like reading something before watching it or I'll never go back and actually read the story. This continued on the same intense psychological track. Readers be prepared, this gets intense.

  • Kathryn Howard
    2019-05-07 05:56

    V.C. Andrews did an interesting job writing about four siblings who were forced to live with each other when they were put in an attic and forced to live there for many years. It was interesting to see how their personalities changed from the beginning where they lived in the suburbs with a mother and father and lived happy lives, to living in the attic of a mansion where the oldest sibling's sexuality blossom into an inappropriate affair that eventually leads to much more. In a world where the children see their mother living her life as if she never even had children, while they sit in the attic growing sick and tired of listening to a woman who obviously wishes they never existed. All the while, creating romance out of a disgusting relationship. As Cathy and Christopher act as the parents to the youngest twins, they act as parents in every way. Going as far as to take their relationship to the next level. V.C. Andrews attempts to make their relationship seem romantic, and really proves that the apple really doesn't fall too far from the tree. With Chris worshiping his mother, he finds solace in Cathy who, might I add, looks every bit like her mother. Since he is obviously in love with his mother in the most unnatural way, he sees Cathy who is like their mother in every way and finds a way to get the mother through her. So, in short, this is a novel about romance turned creepy.

  • Esther
    2019-05-05 03:58

    This book is 2 books in one (868 pages) for those of you, who are a little confused about the two tittles. I picked up this book because of its cover ,but bought it because of the synopsis. Flowers in the Attic/Petals on the wind is not just another book with a pretty cover.This book actually has a great story to tell.My Summary of the book ish:This book is about a family that used to be very close to perfect until the dad dies. The mom has to find a way to support herself and her children, so she reached out to her parents. Her parents asked her to come and live with them, even though they hated her for marrying her half uncle. Ones they get to her parents mansion, Corrine is forced to put her four kids in the attic. This whole book is written in Carrie's perspective( one of the four kids).We see how they are being treated by grandparents, who hates them and how their mom slowly forgot about them.I love the first part of the book( it was a quick read for me).I would have given it 5 stars but since it is 2 books in one, I had to rate them as a whole. The second part of the book was very long and boring for me. There where days, where I wanted to put the book down and not finish the other part of the book( the second book) but I did.Overall its a good but and things get slowly interesting towards the end of the second book( for the second part of the story)Worth reading**

  • Emma
    2019-05-02 02:46

    FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC is about four children Chris Carrie Cory and Cathy. There father recently died and there mother is left to provide for her four children, but she doesn't have any money or a job. She was raised to become a house wife so she doesn't have any special skills or anything for her to be able to work. Therefore when the family is kicked out of there house they are forced to move in with their mothers mother. Little did they know that their (view spoiler)[mother married her half Uncle, (hide spoiler)] their mother was thrown out of her house and disowned. So when they came back to live with their grandparents who thought they were the devils spawn they were expected to live in an attic until the day their grandfather dies.I really liked this book. It was a very amusing book a little hard to read because of how their grandmother treats them, and what she thinks about them. This book is realistic or historical fiction because of when the book was set and how. I would probably recommend this book to people 8th grade and older because of the maturity of the book. I would also recomend it to people who enjoy reading books about hard times in peoples lives. if you have read A STOLEN LIFE by Jaycee Dugard you probobly would like this book.

  • Alex Lee
    2019-05-10 01:55

    I originally read this because a friend told me it was worth reading, as she read it when she was in middle school. As a template for feminine interaction it is definitely subversive but it bespeaks of a world in which women use men to get at other women. Additionally, women only have full agency when they have a man around to take care of them or promote them. Despite Cathy's ability to dance, she only reaches success when she has a male partner. Even when she breaks out and gets her own studio, she still needs the help of a man. Its darkness is less about what is or is not sinful as a matter of society, but more on personal revenge, which consumes Cathy until the end, when she is not sure she can live without it.There much melodrama in this series, in which character attitudes flip around themselves and contradict one another just a few pages later. This series is definitely scandalous, to the point at which we see that the choice is to live in the past or live in the future; although "Petals on the Wind" attempts to have both, eventually...Despite the melodrama, or perhaps because of it, I found this to be a page turner. Easy to read, but surprisingly subversive, if it is to a young adult's book... I am surprised at how it pushes the envelope.

  • Ally Robertson
    2019-05-09 04:05

    I've read Flowers in the attic by V.C. Andrews a long time ago, and decided to reread it. I also seen the movie, and enjoy that better. So this review will be more like the movie than the book."Flowers In The Attic." was a wonderful book and movie. There are a few main characters, including Cathy, Chris, Corrin, Cory and Carrie. All names that start with C's for some odd reason. In effect to tragic events, Corrin and her four children have to move in with her parents, in which her mother disapproved of her marriage with her husband, her half brother. She believed that her children were a sin and so was she. So to keep the children away from the Corrin's sick father, the mother told the children that they had to stay in the attic. For years they grew up there, things were boring and dull in the attic. And being around no one else but themselves, Cathy and her brother Chris matured and somehow ended up falling in love. Which in later series ended up causing many problems. More saddening events and plot twists take place, Cathy, Chris as well as Carrie manage to escape the attic. This book I would only recommend to mature, and open audiences. Since it does contain some risky content that sometimes immature people take the wrong way or think it's disgusting.