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In 1964, a fiery car crash claimed the lives of Audrey Rose Hoover and her mother. Eleven years later, Elliot Hoover, her father, believes he has found Audrey's reincarnated soul in the body of 10-year-old Ivy Templeton. When Ivy dies in a terrible hypnotic reenactment of Audrey's death throes, the Templeton's are devastated and Elliot disappears. However, the question remIn 1964, a fiery car crash claimed the lives of Audrey Rose Hoover and her mother. Eleven years later, Elliot Hoover, her father, believes he has found Audrey's reincarnated soul in the body of 10-year-old Ivy Templeton. When Ivy dies in a terrible hypnotic reenactment of Audrey's death throes, the Templeton's are devastated and Elliot disappears. However, the question remains: If Audrey Rose returned as Ivy Templeton, who died in 1975-then, where is she now? Janice Templeton is determined to find the answer....

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for love of audrey rose Reviews

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2019-05-22 01:15

    Really not as good as the first novel in the Audrey Rose series, but it still has some stuff to offer. The writing is excellent for the most part and the characters are memorable.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-29 05:48

    It's really more like 2.5 stars and NOWHERE near the book Audrey Rose was for the masses nevertheless neither is it a waste of time as interesting info and theories abound within this tome. I feel like I traveled to India at one point in the book so well fleshed out was the scene.It ends on a somewhat bittersweet but happier note overall than Audrey Rose. If you loved Audrey Rose; it's worth a read. Also just fun to be back in the 60s/70s since I was born in the 70s and so much has changed no matter that much stays the same.

  • Zombieslayer/Alienhunter {Don't do school, and stay in drugs}
    2019-05-07 02:12

    Zombieslayer/Alienhunter's 31 Days Of Hallo-reads #3The best thing about this book? It didn't take me quite ten days to read.The worst? I spent a perfectly good Saturday morning that could've been spent with cartoons and/budget horror movies finishing it.Oh the RAGE you poor souls will have to witness. It's been, like, FIVE DAYS since I finished this smoldering garbage, and looking at the cover makes me want to punch a stop sign.Y'all gonna have to bear with me here. This is gonna take some work. Shape up or ship out. You were warned....Well then. -review-Our story begins, in newspaper articles, in 1975.Ivy Templeton, a pretty, creative, fun-loving little girl, has just died.Her devastated father, Bill, throws himself into alcohol and mindless wandering until he suffers a nervous breakdown. Meanwhile her mother, Janice, leans on friends, family...And the man who stalked Ivy until her death.Elliot Hoover, whose daughter Audrey Rose was killed in a fiery car crash just moments before Ivy Templeton was born, lost everything. He was a broken man.Fallen into despair and needing, more than anything, a belief, Hoover gave himself to the study and practice of Hindusim.While the practice steadied his life, and did give him peace, Hoover tragically learned of the Hindu belief in reincarnation.Janice Templeton would normally never believe in such a thing. But, Ivy did suffer night terrors in the weeks leading up to her suspicious death. She screamed for her father, though Bill was no comfort, and that it was 'HOT'.The only thing that soothed these nightmares was Elliot Hoover's voice.Elliot Hoover's voice calling her Audrey Rose.But Ivy's death, while taking her from her parents, took her from Hoover all over again.He disappeared. To India, to holy places of serenity and silence.But Hoover may be the key to saving Bill, when, in his fractured mental state, he starts to study the Hindu religion for himself.Bill believes in reincarnation.And he's found Ivy.Spanning years of travel and hectic life, Janice Templeton and Elliot Hoover are connected in cosmic senses by loss, rebirth, and the soul of one little girl."I become the fire of life which is in all things that breathe, In union with the breath that flows in and flows out as I burn."In case you were wondering, no. That ^^ is NOT from For Love Of Audrey Rose. It's a quote from Krishna, several of which punctuate the four sections of this suck-ass book. Why would I do that, do you ask? I always use quotes, even from my 1-stars.Boils and ghouls, I hate to be this way, but there is not ONE quote I'd use from this waste of a tree. This is the first book I've ever truly thought I could burn. And I've actually seen copies of the MF-ing Turner Diaries.I mean, seriously, anyone, s'mores? Hobo stew? Target practice? I'm up for anything.... I mean. Don't burn books, kids.Unless you're cold and it's this book.But I guess don't burn books. Flick your fucking Bic, manIt was the story of parents trying to put their lives back together after the tragic death of a child, only to have it turned ass over teakettle over and over again by the fleeting hope that said child might still be alive, somehow, somewhere.I'm surprised I can make it sound THAT coherent, because the plot was anything but. It's filled with prose the color of Raisin Bran, characters as dimensional as the average brick, and descriptions like nutrition labels. In short, go watch paint dry.I found out this was a sequel shortly after I started it here on GR. It's not listed as such, but it is. I have no desire to find out who, what, where, how and sometimes why this trash came about. Frank De Felitta can't write.I spent probably a dollar on this thing and I still feel ripped off. In ever so eloquent closing, dearest review-reader, before we part ways,

  • Dolly
    2019-05-10 08:57

    The sequel to "Audrey Rose." I read this book immediately after reading the first book, but it wasn't as memorable or as haunting as the first.

  • John Bruni
    2019-04-25 07:56

    Ever wonder what happens to the characters of a book after you've finished reading it? This book is the sequel to AUDREY ROSE, and for about the first half, it seems to not be so much a story, but rather a lengthy epilogue to the first. Honestly, I don't think AUDREY ROSE needed a sequel, but the more I read, the more I found myself lost in the world of Hoover, Janice, and Bill yet again. This time around, Bill has lost his mind, and Janice and Hoover are trying to help bring him back to normalcy. There isn't a lot of horror in this one, at least not until the very end. De Felitta also pulls a neat little trick in the final pages that is almost impossible to second guess. It's a beautiful novel and a lot of fun.

  • Heidi Perez
    2019-05-10 01:12

    I enjoyed the book "Audrey Rose", but I didn't know there was a sequel until I saw it on my daughter's bookshelf. It was a great read and an awesome opportunity to get to know the characters on a more intimate level. I thought the book was a keeper!

  • Shawna
    2019-05-20 04:49

    I was very disappointed in this book. I really enjoyed the first one. I didn't care for this one at all.

  • Richard Rider
    2019-05-16 01:01

    I have nothing bad to say about this book. It is amazing.Obviously I KNOW it's shit: the writing is appalling, the plot is ludicrous, the dialogue is unrealistic, it's a totally unnecessary sequel to something that was just about decent as it was, etc, etc... I don't care. It's fantastic, and I can give several hundred examples why.Mild spoilers!(view spoiler)["I should have killed you," Bill said softly. "That first night I saw you!""Put down that mask, Bill."Bill's eyes suddenly bulged. The veins in his neck strained, and he threw himself forward with all his might. Dr. Gleicher gaped, fell, and ran toward the door. He opened it and threw himself into the corridor. Behind him, the stone mask smashed into the doorjamb, showering painted splinters in an arc over him."YOU BASTARD! YOU KILLED HER!"Janice grabbed her purse and, in that instant, saw all the shadows reverse. Bill had caught his foot on a second lamp and had sent it crashing ahead of him. She fled, slamming the door behind her."YOU AND YOUR CASTRATED GOONS! YOU KILLED HER!"Janice locked the door from the outside. There were violent sounds inside as Bill went into a frenzy, smashing ceramics, hurling ashtrays through stained-glass windows, and heaving the desk off its legs, into the front door."IVY!!!"Bill's cry came in a long, drawn-out bellow. It was a cry of deep and obliterating pain, loneliness and confusion. (hide spoiler)]I'm baffled by the number of one-star ratings. This is GOLD. Paging John T. Fuller - if you've not read this, you really should. :D I just picked it up randomly while I was waiting for the shower to be free, I'd forgotten how brilliant it is!

  • Kat Dietrich
    2019-05-17 03:04

    For Love of Audrey Rose by Frank De Felitta is the follow up to the story of Ivy Templeton and her parents Bill and Janice. It is also the story of Eliott Hoover, who was sure that Ivy was the reincarnation of his own daughter Audrey Rose.After the horrific death of Ivy, Bill has lost his mind. Janice is now wondering about Ivy -- could she have been reincarnated again? She needs answers. She is travelling to India. Hoover has disappeared from their lives, but when Janice finds him, agrees to help Bill.I did not enjoy this one as much as the first, as it seems like an after-thought. That being said, it did carry the characters on in a realistic way.

  • Kathryn
    2019-05-10 04:51

    I didn't love the first Audrey Rose book, but I liked the story and the concept. Watching the movie afterward helped me appreciate the story more. This sequel, unfortunately, missed the mark for me. It started out strongly with the conflict between Ivy's parents arguing the question of whether Audrey Rose/Ivy has reincarnated. Following that quest, though, the story muddles through a lengthy search for Audrey Rose's father and a left turn involving another child thrown in to confuse the story. Overall, it was a mess for me.

  • Nigel S.
    2019-05-24 08:54

    In the first part the crazy dad wanders around New York, in the second part his wife wanders around India, and in the third part the other guy shows them both up by wandering around Florida, Kansas City, Wheeling, and Pittsburgh. F------ vagrants- why doesn't anybody DO anything?More here:

  • Heather
    2019-05-11 00:46

    Read this soo many years ago but it just popped into my head for some reason.From what I recall it took me forever to finish and was a tad bit scary to me (hey I was like 12 when I read this). I do remember I cried at a part.

  • Amy
    2019-05-09 09:14

    I read this when I was 12 or 13, after reading Audrey Rose. I liked the first one better. I remember being so, so sad for Ivy & Audrey for dying so young. I want to re-read these as an adult to see what my impression would be now.

  • Kate
    2019-05-23 06:03

    I'm not sure why I decided to read this sequel when the first book wasn't that great, but what can I say? I'm thorough.

  • Niece
    2019-05-23 08:08

    Sequel to Audrey Rose...enjoyed!