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Hitler's Lost Sub - U869

U-869 found off the coast of New Jersey. Did Hitler use her to escape to Argentina?

In 1991, a fisherman's net snagged on a massive object on the seafloor 60 miles off the coast of New Jersey. Professional diver John Chatterton went down to investigate and discovered an intact German U-boat from World War II, complete with unexploded torpedoes and the remains of its crew. Astonishingly, neither the American or British authorities, nor even the German government itself, had any record of a U-boat having sunk there.

Chatterton and his diving partner Richie Kohler set out to establish the submarine's identity. After six years of work, which included the tragic loss of three divers, they finally did so. The boat is U-869, a submarine previously thought lost off the coast of Morocco.

Proof of U-869's identity came with the recovery of this rusted box of spare parts, which supplied the U-boat's number and manufacturer.

n 1999, after a version of the NOVA film aired in Germany, a 78-year-old man came forward and announced that he had survived U-869. Check out  radioman Herbert Guschewski's amazing story here.


Courtesy of NOVA

Read how U-869 ended up on the other side of the world when she was thought to have been lost off the coast of Morocco in Gary Compton's new book, The Fourth Reich - the Return of the SS.