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Gary Compton's the Fourth Reich - Hitler's suicide.

Hitler's Suicide...

The many faces of Adolph Hitler. (See more here) It is documented that Goebbels engaged six body doubles for the Fuhrer.

Voice and movement instructions were given to the doppelgangers. They were trained to mimic  Hitler's soft conversational voice and distinctive walk.

Plastic surgery was undertaken and their  faces and dental work were altered. German efficiency even went as far as breaking their spines in the same place where Hitler had been injured in the First World War.

Nothing was left to chance.

But the one thing that none of these doppelgangers could ever hope to duplicate, was Hitler's hypnotic, charismatic public speaking style. His ability to sway a crowd had never been matched or equalled. The doubles would be good for public appearances, parties, or maybe meetings or briefings where Hitler was not expected to have that much interaction with his underlings

Did Hitler have plastic surgery to change his look? Once he realised the war was lost he had extensive work to help him disappear. A 1997 report by Sean David Morton revealed that a female Nazi Intelligence Officer offered her services to the United States Government.

Magda Zeitfeld worked in Berchtesgaaden. She'd became a double agent when, under very mysterious circumstances, her father and brother were murdered.

Her father, a pioneer in plastic surgery had the biggest clinic in Berlin. He was financed by the Nazis due to their obsession with physical perfection. He was doing a landmark business.

Specializing in implanted facial prosthetics, he used highly advanced silicates to build up weak jaws and noses to fit the German fashion of chiselled strength. Late in 1943, three top Nazis were brought to his clinic under a veil of security.

 Her father and brother under orders from the SS,  drastically altered the appearance of each of the three men. Two weeks after the "Mystery Nazis" left her family's clinic, and sufficient time had passed to be sure there was no need to go back for follow up treatment, the hospital was raided and the entire staff, including both Magda's father and brother, were brutally murdered.

The clinic. all its files and records were destroyed when the clinic was torched by the SS. The SS division that Magda  had worked for carried out the atrocity.  According to Morton's report, Martin Bormann and Adolf Hitler were two of the three men and the Fuhrer would escape from Berlin disguised as a priest.

That Hitler did undergo some sort of cosmetic surgery was independently confirmed in a well-known 1942 Time magazine article about the Nazi leader. His plastic surgery was also referred to by United Press Central European manager Frederick C. Oechsner, and in the Office of Strategic Services' Hitler Source Book.

Journalists broke the story when they noticed a strange change in Adolf Hitler's physical appearance, especially his nose. The SS quickly released a statement stating that Hitler had his fat nose streamlined by a plastic surgeon. That did not, however, explain why the originally thin, straight nose of Corporal Hitler gave way to the large, exaggerated nostrils of the Fuhrer.

The Fourth Reich - a 21st century reality...

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