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Gary Compton's the Fourth Reich

The Final Solution...

The world has no defence against the Fourth Reich, the CIA, MI5 and most of the worlds security services pool their resources in an effort to stop them.

The Fourth Reich - a 21st century reality...

Heinrich Himmler

Coming soon, a terrible insight into the mind of Himmler, who was probably the most ruthless Nazi


Herman Goering

Goering, a man who lived the high life and loved beautiful art. So much so he tried to steal


Adolph Eichmann

Massad got Eichmann in the end but why didn't they capture more of the elite Nazis?



We are giving away 20 books of Gary Compton's the Fourth Reich - the Return of the SS. You will also receive a handwritten note on how this book was created and some of the ups and downs during its writing.

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