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Gary Compton's the Fourth Reich - the Thule Society.

The Thule Society...

Adolf Hitler joined a secret society called the Thule Society in 1919 and this marked the beginning of a plan for World War Two. This secretive group of occultists believed in a German Messiah” who would come to this earth and redeem Germany after its defeat in World War I.

During his time he was inducted into the Black Arts and these beliefs took him to the very top of political power and lead him to control the German Government

The sun played a prime role within the Thule Society... the Aryans believed it to be sacred which was in contrast to the moon which was revered by the Semitic peoples.

The Fuhrer believed the Jewish people, with their black hair and swarthy complexions to be the dark side of the human race. In contrast the blond and blue-eyed Aryans constituted the light side of humanity. ... Hitler undertook to extirpate from the material world its impure elements.

The Thule Society also practiced Satan worship and all the inner sanctum of the Thule Society were Satanists who practiced Black Magic.

The membership of the society was made up of judges, police-chiefs, barristers, lawyers, university professors and lecturers, aristocratic families, leading industrialists, surgeons, physicians, scientists, as well as a host of rich and influential bourgeois. The working classes were excluded.

The Nazi Party was filled with members from the Thule Society, the original Committee and the forty members of the New German Workers' Party were all members and participants of the most powerful occult society in Germany.

Dietrich Eckart: "a dedicated Satanist and one of the founders of both groups, the Nazi Party and the Thule Society. Eckart practised the rituals of Black Magic and was the central figure in a powerful and wide-spread circle of occultists—the Thule Society.

Eckart claimed to be the initiator of Hitler into the secrets of Satan worship. He is quoted as saying on his deathbed: "Follow Hitler. He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune! I have initiated him into the 'Secret Doctrine;' opened his centres in vision and given him the means to communicate with the Powers. Do not mourn for me: I shall have influenced history more than any German."

Hitler was a meek man friends said when they were in his company at events or dinner parties he was quiet and soft spoken and yet when making speeches at rallies, his oratory and manor was that of a man who'd been possessed by the "Powers."

Occultists, by definition believed in a life after death and by giving themselves to Satan, they became channels for his evil work. These days how many murderers have said that voices in their heads made them do it. If an evil spirit is powerful enough, it can possess a person and push out their soul leaving the malevolent entity in control of the persons actions and thoughts..


The Fourth Reich - a 21st century reality...

Heinrich Himmler

Dietrich Eckhart claimed that Hitler would dance but it is he that would call the tune.


Herman Goering

Goering, a man who lived the high life and loved beautiful art. So much so he tried to steal


Adolph Eichmann

Mossad got Eichmann in the end but why didn't they capture more of the elite Nazis?



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